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'Knighthood': What is a 'Knight'? And what does 'Knighthood' mean?

'Knighthood' and the title 'Knight' is bestowed upon a user that has shown exemplary deeds and outstanding behavior as a member of the Armor Games Community. This exclusive title is only granted to those users that have earned a special place among the citizens of the Kingdom.

How do I become a Knight?

Care about the community and other users and catch the eye of moderators or admins, they are the ones who choose who is Knighted. Don't ask to be Knighted, that's a good way not to be Knighted.

What can Knights do?

-They have access to a Knight-only Forum.
-They have access to Knight-only armatars
-Special forum coloring and badge.
-Knight Gilding

I'll add more to this sticky if there are further Questions.

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