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Everyone has their own theories, weither it be about the world's expiration date, questioning science and religion, or general goofiness. Your theory can be about literally anything, yes anything.

So come one, come all, create your own theories and present them here.

Gantic's Reign of Terror

Hello ArmorGamers, its time you learned something about Gantic, something evil. Of course for those of you who are saying, "But how can that be?" Well I'll explain to you on how it can be. I'm sure you've all seen these before:
(x'.'x) Copy and paste bunny
(''_(''To help him gain world domination.

But what you actually didn't know about them is that bunny, right there, is actually Gantic. In fact he's already been gaining an army all over the internet. It seems I wasn't the first one to know of the bunny's evil. Danwar123 actually already noticed the evil of the bunnies. He just didn't know who their leader was.

Still don't believe me? Then why is Gantic so quiet? Because he's plotting a sinister plan which involves the AMW. Infact a part of his plan is already in motion, I'm sure you've seen Gantic's threads known as mental poop. But what you didn't know about mental poop, is that Gantic is actually trying to get ideas from YOUR creations. Think about it, why else would he call it "Mental poop"? He's getting mental ideas from your poop! He's planning on... (what exactly was on this thread again... oh right!) giant cookies falling from the sky!

Another thing... Gantic has this on his profile:

What most people need to realize is that
not everyone is the same and that's okay.

Most of you would think that it has to do with people's race, age, looks, thoughts, etc. But what he's doing is giving us a hidden hint, that he is not the Gantic everyone knows. He is an evil rabbit that craves anarchy, death, and giant cookies falling from the sky, and we are the only ones who can stop him.

And that my friends(and others), is my theory on Gantic.
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