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Well this thread is branched off of the Mudkip drawing thread. This will be the same accept for a new rule.

All pictures must be made using MS art.

The pictures must be appropriate (I will accept constipated Pikachus )

The pictures must of course be of the pokemon stated.

There will be a designed date for all entries. No prizes unless a md wants to. The real prize is knowing that you own at drawing pokemon!

Well, I will go first,
EVERYONE, draw a Pikachu! The start date is now, and the end date is July 10th.

The first contest will be judged by me, and I will chosee the winner. The winner then chooses a new pokemon, and he/she is now the judge. If the winner declines, the judging and assigning duties will go to the runner-up chosen by the prior judge.

So now! Go draw some Pikachus!

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