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I saw Legend doing this, and I thought it was a good idea. I found that poetry is a good way to say stuff, so...
Also, feel free to comment, I don't mind what you think about it.

You say that you trust me
But how can I know.
you say you love me
But it never shows.
you know nothing at all
of how I feel
'cos I hide it in smiles
and all that false zeal

I'm fed up and sick
of my freedom destroyed
I cant trust you with how I feel
'cos you will just say
That it's nothing, and that it isn't a big deal

Why can't you see and take notice.
You don' even know I'm here.
I try hard to please you
and do as you say
But still don't tell you my fear.

We were a family once
with music and joy and fun.
But now they all left
there's a hole in my heart
and now nothing can be done.

So say to me that you're proud.
That no-one you know can do that
but see past the skill, to the mind within
and see all the damage you've done

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The Corruption
She makes my skin itch
Crawling and writhing
Splitting, dividing
Cracking and scaring
I itch from her fangs in my skin.
The snake oil sucked in
By thirsty pores
That drain and dry out
And beg me for more
Rinse and repeat
On these still-open sores
Flakes of existence
Drift idly down
From the gnawing and raging
That burns unending
My claws sink in deeper
To hunt sweet release
But beyond these bones
Lies nothing but blood
And marrow and sin
As the sweet voice sings clearer
And lures me in
Dermis erupting
In exquisite pain
And a deep gnawing hunger
To burrow again
To mar this smooth surface
With a balm or burn
To calm the desire
Till the instinct returns
She makes my skin itch
I am never free of her for long

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So gentle is this blooming
Of feeling long forsaken
The butterfly flaps its gentle wings
The first small step is taken

A hurricane is on the verge
An old familiar storm
That sends my thoughts to swirling
Yet makes my heart grow warm

A thousand tiny wisdoms
Guide the words I write
To not come off as overbearing,
Not over-step, not too contrite

A dance we make together,
Tentative, we explore
The past and dreams of future
I dare not hope for more

It seems I am unable
To move with half a heart
It may be the finale
But I hope it's just the start.

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So here we are, at the end of our rope
We waited, so patient but run low on hope
You've pushed us too far, demanded too much
When we ask for support, you break every crutch.
Why make us beg for each human right?
Does our suffering bring some twisted delight?
Do you get some sickening pleasure
As you travel for your leisure
Whilst we starve, hard as we try
As we freeze and as we die?
What else explains such lack of aid,
When the hardest hit are the lowest paid?
When our country has fallen to so sorry a state
I'm failing to see what makes us so "Great"
You ignored our earlier protestations
There are still kids starving in the 6th richest nation
Whilst fat cats sat on 10 figure salaries
Have never been forced to count their calories.
We are all so tired of thankless work,
making value for some rich jerk,
Whilst you force our belts to tighten
'Til we're too broke to turn a light on.
Our greatest defenders are the unions of trade,
You pretenders wish their legacy would fade.
Who makes the value that drives up your shares?
Who's asking fair wages as you push up fares?
Who toils 12 hours to keep bodies working?
70 hour weeks that you say are shirking?
You call us lazy, stupid, uncouth,
You blame the working, the poor, and the youth.
We work every hour that our gods send,
We watch every penny to try meet our ends.
As prices inch higher, budgets stretched thinner,
We cut out luxuries like breakfast and dinner.
Our leaders swanned off to Mallorca and Greece,
On return, being asked how to slow the increase:
From a man whose words are rarely true;
"We've really done all that we can do"
This time we are calling your bluff,
We will not accept your callous rebuff.
We sheltered, you played,
You're content, we're afraid,
And that fear now drives this growing display
Of community action, mass strikes and Don't Pay.
Together we'll stand to help those through the rough.
This is our limit. Enough Is Enough.

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Once upon a time, there lay
a simple shell of wood and stone
a hermit crab, all small and new
fell deep within and called it home

An ill wind rose to rock the beach
upon which the shell was laid all neat
though worry filled that tiny home
a bird came along with voice so sweet

The heron, bold and strong and sure
promised the crab was safe from harm
against the rising wind and tide
that there was no need for alarm

Protection given for a tiny cost,
that the crab should work all day and night
to feed the heron 'til satisfied,
Who'd defend the shell from every plight

The deal was struck, the bargain sealed
and Hermit Crab began to toil
to sow and raise and reap delights
raised up sweet from the sandy soil

But the heron, it had other plans
to take and take and leave alone
and when its hunger pangs did wane
it abandoned that house of wood and stone

The wind rose high upon that shore
and the simple shell was torn and sundered
Till nothing but the crab remained
as overhead the lightning thundered

The shell discarded, ripped away
made that hermit crab decide
to pack up all its worldly goods
and find a brand new place to hide

It searched by rock and river mouth
by grass and logs of ash and oak
it found a shell with holes and cracks
large and old and nettle-choked

The hermit crab, used to working hard
began to cut and clean and scrape
until the holes with clay were filled
The shell was slowly taking shape

but even one who worked so long
could never build a house alone
A spider helped to mend the cracks
with silken threads, all neatly sewn

a brand new bed with pillows soft
table, chairs and more besides
a woodlouse carved with greatest care
to liven up the bare insides

lantern bugs then volunteered
to bring a glow to light the gloom
and in the ceiling softly lay
and brightened up the single room

with friends to aid that troubled crab
with light and gifts and fun galore
The hermit crab lay safe at last
and knew it could not wish for more

and when a rat, with teeth so sharp
did wander in with eyes so bright
the hermit crab, with lessons learned
Snapped hard to make it turn tail with fright

And so the crab, with all its friends
now dwells in the dell where the new shell lies
and should rough winds rise up once more
they'll find safety together, with contented sighs.

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Aw. It said that this thread got updated and I got my hopes up.

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First of all, very flattering that you were excited about an update, thank you
Also, yeah I've noticed it's been marking the thread as updated when I haven't posted anything new, very odd. I'm assuming you've seen the hermit crab one already then?

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I did see it. Very much reminded me of the poems I'd write as a kid. And my small obsession with fables.

I assume it's someone spamming about "20 free* ways to enlarge the size of your essay writing service by 7.5 cm (with this ONE BLUE PILL) for 4 HOURS Hairy pakistani escorts to keep your caravan safe alhamdulillah."
And getting nipped in the bud by the admodnestrators.

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I did not wish for romance
When notes first intertwined
your quick wit and your kindness
And voice softly refined
What a friend I found before me
To groan at puns galore
To share in sweets and chocolates
And warm hugs at the door
Then as the time unfolded
You sang a gentle song
Of secret deep affections
To which I played along
Our every note of romance
In harmony is made
A special kind of music
That never seems to fade
Let's play a tune together
About life's greatest joys
Let's chase away the monsters
With the comfort of our noise
Butterflies and hurricanes
Make percussion to our beat
I'm thankful for the wingflaps
That lead us both to meet

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