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As you are probably aware, the British Exit from the EU is a reality. With a scenario that is going to take place during the next 2 years, politicians, analysts and pretty much everyone else talks about a nightmare.

First of all, David Cameron is now resigning. Despite his earlier statement, in which he swore not to resign, regardless of the result of the referendum, his resignation is now more or less a fact.

The British pound is already at the lowest point since 1985 in comparison to the USD and the yen

The 'hole' left in the EU due to the British exit now has to be covered by the other member nations of the EU. I do not know about the direct repercussions in other countries but, Greece may have to offer an amount increased by 150 million Euros per year.

Additionally, Scotland and Northern Ireland are now re-examining the situation, considering leaving the UK. I do not know about the Welsh though.

Politicians in France and Italy also ask for this referendum to occur in their countries as well.

The leaders of the EU are meeting to assess the damage and put emergency plans in motion but all in all, the results of this are considered to be dire for all other member nations in the EU

What are your thoughts on this?

(P.S. Also, anyone who follows British politics more closely may officially consider themselves encouraged to drop by this thread and post his/her opinion I'd like to hear your thoughts on this more than anyone)

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