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22 2029
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Hello, Everyone!This is an area Where you can recommend any Game! Users can Post a Game recommendation or Visit Frequently To view the Game names and Play! The game can have any rating, Just Post it's Name!Some of The Best Games on This site are -

1.Kingdom Rush Series
-One of The Best Tower Defense Games in The world, as said By Gamers.
2.Zombotron 2
-A good flash zombie Game.
3.Gemcraft Series
-One of the Good ol' TD games.
- Remarkable Job By the talented game developer Krin.
5.Sonny 2
A good Zombie Game.

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My recommendations:

1. Kingdom Rush
- Yes! For me it's the best Tower Defense I've ever played.
2. Burrito Bison
- Smash candies, lots of it, in an attempt to escape - Hours and hours of fun

- to be updated -

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1. how to raise a dragon
2. code red

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Well, I have faved 253 games in AG, but I'll list a few of them here, in alphabetical order, and how much I'd rate them from 0 to 10:

1) 400 Years - A very simple (but cool) game. 8.5/10

2) Age of War (1 and 2) - These are some of AG's very classic ones! 9/10

3) Antichromatic - A very, very hard platform game, almost as hard as Give Up 2. 7.8/10

4) Cactus McCoy (1 and 2) - This game is very nice, and I had A LOT of fun when I was beating them to 100% 9.2/10

5) Diamond Hollow (I and II) - It seems these games aren't very known in AG, but they ARE worth it! 9.3/10

6) Epic Battle Fantasy (all the four games, but mostly III and IV) - In my opinion, they are the best RPGs EVER! (and also, the music is insanely good) 9.6/10

7) GemCraft (ALL of them, but mostly Labyrinth and Chasing Shadows) - These games are very well-made tower defenses, and I'd say that upgrading gems rather than towers is very original. 9.7/10

8) I Saw Her Standing There (this, and both of its sequels) - Quite simple and rather easy and short, but they are very nice 9/10

9) Into Space (all the 3 games) - These arcade games are quite good! 9.1/10

10) Kingdom Rush (both games) - Well, these tower defense games are just awesome. There is a reason why they were the highest rated games in AG for so many years. 9.6/10

11) Obliterate Everything (both) - A strategy game about war in space. 8.9/10

12) Raze (all the 3 games) - I'm usually not into Shooting games, but I still liked this one; It's worth it. 9/10

13) SHIFT (all the games) - This is a classic puzzle/platform game. Very awesome ones! 9.1/10

So, for now that's it

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1. Con artists : The Last Stand Union City. Ok, a lot of us know about con artists and really like their games so theirs no reason you wouldn't like that game unless your a hater :P
2. : Hey of course everyone should like the io family... shouldn't we?
3.Super Mech's : this fun addicting game is based on robots and fighting. Kinda like Terminator 2 : Judgement day where the terminator is fighting that other robot lol.
4. Forgotten : Hill Puppeteer : This cool puzzle horror game is one of my favorites, well because it's horror and puzzle.
And last but not least
5. Flight : A story based on a girl who throws an airplane and many people receive the plane. Then you get to throw it.

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This is my top 5 list from Least to Greatest games :
1.Don't Escape 2 : One of the best story RPG that's free on this website, especially with all of the achievements for a harder version of playing it.
2.Treadmillasaurus Rex : a fun arcade game that you can play with a friend to challenge each other with high scores.
3.The Day: With the creepy environment, card game, and because it's a pixel game I highly recommend to play it (It would be 4 but it's sorta short)
4.Lone Wolf: An arcade, sniper game with grate graphics this is a game you wanna play whenever you want (especially with the achievements and story line)
5.The Last Stand: Union City : My favorite Game for sure because of the adventure RPG and it's an apocalypse zombie game!

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A few:
Kingdom Rush (All of them)
I know this has already been said before, but let me give you a brief overview of why I say all of them. Each one has it's own unique tower upgrades, levels, mercenaries, and storyline. I highly recommend playing through all of them in the correct order, as difficulty (at least for me) did seem to ramp up slightly between games. The storyline also matches up between games.

Next, Decision Series
These games are an excellent combination of strategy and top-down shooter. You have to fight your way through a zombie infested city and liberate it from said zombies. The third game in the series requires you find survivors as well to populate your outposts.

A Small Talk at the Back of Beyond
A heavily underrated game on this sight, from my experience. It's a very short puzzle game (less than half an hour for a full playthrough, if you know what to do) but makes up for it in the amount of meaning it packs in and the amount of logic needed to win.

One of my personal favorites on the site, Deep State
An idle game with a premise of "Let's control the populace." if the you thought this was some kinda idle game where you get bored after 45 minutes, no. just no.

Bot Arena Three
Robots fighting each other in an arena, with anything from pistons to machineguns. Nuff' said.

To round it all out, Bigotilyo
An amazing and quaint little game, populated by mustache-wearing baddies and a guy trying to get his girlfriend back. With lots of weapons. I like these weapons a lot, they are the main reason I like this game. Some of them are downright hilarious! Did I mention WEAPONS?!

Hope you enjoy!

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Aground A fun game where you start on a island in the middle of nowhere, and have to collect wood, build shelter, find other characters to help you, build a thriving civilization, and raise a dragon! And this game is only in beta! Updates will add new islands, more dragons, and maybe even spaceships!

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