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I had some feedback on one of my works that said that I should post all of my work in one topic... I think that this is a better way to get feedback, and I have like 30 poems so it would be a lot of reading. anyway...

Waiting in the Rain
I stand waiting in the rain,
But you threw me away, I feel the pain,
I am nothing without you,
Tears stain my eyes, like the grasses' morning dew,
All I wanted was a chance to woo you,
But in fragments, it blew,
A dark emptiness fills my heart,
A black board, my picture you throw a dart,
You tried to push me away,
I awaken to see you everyday,
I feel as though you are the reason that I'm alive,
You twist the knife, but I just won't die,
I want you in my life,
For you, against an army, I would strife,
but all you do is push me away,
Just know that I wake for you everyday.

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It might be best to submit maybe 2 or 3 poems in one topic at a time. This is just my opinion but one at a time is also acceptable.

If you post a bunch of seperate threads then it is best to wait a while before posting each one (a few hours) so that you don't bump everyone else's work to page 2 in less than 30 minutes.

Anyways that poem is very good. Quite touching like all of your poems. How long have you been writing poems, you certainly do have some skill in writing.

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I suggest making a single thread in which you can put all of your work. You can post a link to it here, so it's easier for people to find. Great work, by the way. I write a little poetry myself.

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