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It appears that many creatures spoken of in legends do exist. They unleash themselves on a war against humanity and other creatures races.
You are one of the races higher authority and believe that you can end this. You must.

Classes (creatures races):


Like the ordinary Vampires except the fact that garlic or crosses do nothing to them! There are ways to kill them but this race is not so friendly. They are at war with the humans and the werewolves.


Again what you heard about them is true but they can transform any time they want to wolves or men. This race is too hostile to anyone. They are at war with all the other races.


According to Legends and stories, Highlanders are immortal creatures a little bigger and taller than men which always look for something that they never find. They are searching for it across the whole Earth and although they don't support cruelty and deaths for sports, they will stop to nothing to find the missing artifact. They are the only race that is at war with everyone and none simultaneously. I mean that they can kill everyone but only the werewolves can attack to them because they are the only ones that are at war with them.


Not much is known about this race except the fact that hey are otherwise called the two-natured. They are peaceful and rare creatures that can change form whenever they want and become any kind of animals. They live undercover and are a rare race. Because they reveal to none their nature, sometimes they do not even recognize each other! Although they can be the perfect spies they are at war with none! They will try to accomplish whatever they want and stay loyal to their mission.

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