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The Faces of Armor Games/Users - Official Photo Thread

Posted Dec 15, '10 at 9:17am



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Thats me
For any skeptics or paranoid people, that is a cigarette, not something else.


Posted Dec 15, '10 at 10:09am



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I don't want to upload anything right now so:
Facebook pic!


Posted Dec 18, '10 at 12:01am



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This is from last year. I really haven't changed all that much lol


Posted Dec 22, '10 at 3:12pm



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Oh my god let me try one more time.


Posted Dec 24, '10 at 3:00am



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new facebook profile pic


Posted Jan 2, '11 at 11:08am



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I grabbed a facebook picture because I am to lazy to look for my camera..


Posted Jan 4, '11 at 10:44pm



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Okay, it's the new year. The news of my intention to hang up the ninja mask (or, in plainer words, retire as a moderator) within the next couple of months, is becoming increasingly public. Also, there are rumours that I visited the real AG office last month, and some people are wondering whether I'm actually a doctor, and there's a bunch of other stuff I say about myself too.

So it's time to confirm all this stuff!

1: Strop is a doctor

A while back I (very excitedly) posted some photos of my degrees. Well...

Here's a photo of me holding said degrees on graduation day. Behind me is the Old Quadrangle building of the University of Melbourne.

2: Strop actually did visit the AG office

Next up is the photo of my visit to the AG office in Irvine, CA. They'd just moved to a new, more spacious suite in the same block so hadn't quite finished moving in yet, but you could say it's fairly representative of the "young IT" company, with an open plan office and casual atmosphere.

While I was there Dan attempted to assassinate Cormyn with an RC car. Meanwhile, I had a massive case of the "kid in a candy store" and ended up blinking in the photo:

Also I needed a haircut. Most of the devs and admins associated with AG are in this photo (with the unfortunate exception of Carlie, and I think ConArtists isn't there either). See how many of them you can recognise!

3: In his free time, Strop breakdances

I'm more of a free-runner and "ninja" kinda person, so I didn't do much in the way of bboy until last year. After I decided to rock up to my club's tournament though, I was inspired to do more with it.

Here's a still from said tournament.

Guess where I am!

Okay that's it from me. Now that I've unmasked myself I guess I'll upload some more stuff in their relevant places later!


Posted Jan 11, '11 at 9:31pm



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Well here's captain doofus himself, ME!
(My Pic from UEG)


Posted Jan 18, '11 at 11:45pm



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That'd be me, and the girls (One with a black face and white mouth/eyes) my mate.


Posted Jan 23, '11 at 9:25am



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I failed at flickr, let's try Facebook...

Zoolander poses!

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