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Hi everyone, I have more news to share about points and ranking on AG3, and wanted to lump in ranking and leaderboard discussions here as well.

The previous topic was here:


I hope you're sitting down ...


For the "TL;DR" people among you: everyone will essentially have their Armor Points reset to zero. AG3 will likely not migrate any points from AG2 with our current setup and direction.

Unless something drastic happens, or there's enough people who vocalize their unhappiness about this to Dan, this is how AG3 will start out.

After our meeting about Achievements yesterday, I was brought in the loop on how &quotoints" will work on AG3.

In a nutshell...

AG3 "Armor Points" as a sum total will calculate your "AG Score". We will still refer to them as &quotoints", but the site will show them as your "score".

AG3 points will be awarded primarily through the winning of game-related Achievements, and each achievement will have different amounts of points attached (easier achievements will give fewer points, for example).

The achievements we award for AG2 legacy features (previous rank, forum post count, etc) will not award AG3 points.

I do NOT believe we will award points for rating games, or if we do, it will be a minimal amount like the 2 points we give you now. If this is the case, we WILL migrate some points.

The examples Larry gave yesterday about Achievements showed some being worth as many as 15 or 30 points EACH.


I will re-open this topic when I have more information to answer questions.

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