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[Necro] Paying for premium content thats unjustly corrupt.

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Posted Oct 21, '11 at 10:29am



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If the game sucks then who cares if there's premium content? Go find another game.

If the game doesn't suck, if you really like it and wish that you could play all of it, then throw a few bucks at the developer in exchange for the fun he gave you.

Why all the hand-wringing over something that costs less than a movie and lasts 10 times longer? It's not like anybody gets tricked into paying.


Posted Aug 14, '14 at 10:51pm



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I don't have a problem with premium content because I understand that people put a lot of hard work into these games. I agree that they deserve something back. I just wish games with premium content would be marked as such.


Posted Aug 14, '14 at 11:20pm



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@Kaizer_Dragos, please do not post in threads that are very old, this is considered a necro (bringing old threads back to the top of the thread list in the forums). Sometimes a thread may be revived, but in this case the thread had not been posted in in practically 3 years. In this situation it would have been better for you to start a new thread.