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I really hope you like this. Please comment on my thread and state what was wrong in my story. I'd really appreciate it. Here I go!

By the way, Malaysia's schools are different from other schools. All schools require the students to wear uniforms. This is just fiction and they do not wear normal clothes to school. Please do not start an argument here, those from Malaysia or Singapore.



Year 2010, May.

Rumours were spread across Malaysia where there was an alien which crashed into the South China Sea. Scientists from other countries didn't bother because they were too infested in their inventions of computers and iPads and they said it was just a rumour, not proven yet.
The government had had search teams to investigate the crash site. None came back alive. The news shook the country and was afraid the world would end in the 21st of December, 2012.

Louie, a small boy, by the age of 12, took interest in this rumour. He had black hair, his fringe touching his brows. He usually wears a T-shirt and jeans to school. He was timid and shy, an introvert to be precise. He is lean and thin and he weighs about 85 pounds. He is tall, almost as tall as the typical doors in your houses. But he made friends with a guy who was athletic and smart, always getting medals and straight A's in tests. His favourite subject was Physics and he was crazy about aliens.
Everyday, he would look through the internet and find clues to the whereabouts of the search teams. But everyday, searches that were made were fruitless.
His friends would just laugh at his theories of aliens. His best friend didn't make any remarks or replies. One of his theory was that the aliens were not in grey, but in bright and blood red. He'd even thought that the aliens are ruthless killing beasts, but not travelers to investigate this planet.

"Just give up and forget about it," Amelek advised, his best friend, in a sorrowful tone. Amelek was serious about it.
The 12-year-old ignored his best friend's opinion and became more obsessed with aliens to the point when he tried to put posters of aliens in his neighbourhood. He got laughed off more instead.

Aliens are always believed to be intelligent and smart. He thought they were violent and devious and they had just borrow technology from another species.

One day, Louie was walking back home, excited to research on the paranormal activity that happened last month. He lived in a normal neighbourhood. Kids would laugh at him because he was supposedly crazy. But he didn't care. He promised himself that he would humiliate mankind when aliens were proven real.
A hazardous factory based on nuclear was in the neighbourhood since last year. But nothing obvious has happened since then, just another factory that existed.
Louie thought, "It was about time I find out what's in there." He changed his direction from his house to the factory. Metal fences higher than him by would block him from entering. He willed himself to climb over the fence and continued towards it.
He stopped his steps in front of the giant door. The exterior of the factory has no sharp curves but roundish ones. There's not even one giant tube facing up to let out smoke and small pipes leading to a river because there's no river in this neighbourhood. The giant door in front of him is about three times his size.
"Time to get in," He cracked his knuckles and pushed the door open.
There was nothing but a corridor leading forwards. It's a straight walk to doom.
And he was going to doom.

He walked through the lifeless and dark corridor and came across another door. Now, it's smaller than the previous one. He opened the door and saw red aliens doing experiments on numerous humans.
Even a young and obsessed alien researcher didn't get any news on abduction of humans.
The door creaked loudly and the alienated figures looked at him instantly. They were outraged. One showed its alien teeth, sharp and nasty. Louie noted the teeth colour as they're red too.
He felt a sharp pain from his left shoulder. A large cut from an alien. Its claws were soaked with fresh blood. Louie held his left shoulder with his right hand. He forgot that touching wounds would cause more pain. He shouted in agony and his mind couldn't take it anymore. So, he fell unconscious.

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C H A P T E R 1
- - - Fresh Red - - -

Year 2012, 8 A.M, 13th May.

Old music played on an old music player, the phonograph.
You are my sunshine.
My only sunshine.
You make me happy-
The instrument was thrown away. Amelek never really liked phonographs and old songs. The phonograph didn't break though.
"Two years, Louie. Where have you gone?" Amelek puts his hands to his sad face. Tears wet his hands.
"Amelek! Are you in your room? Please come down!" shouts his mother from downstairs.
"Yes, Mom!" Amelek looks at his digital clock on the wall.
8.00 A.M.
He leaves his normal bedroom while wiping his tears away. He turns to his right and steps down to his living room.
It was a big room, about 900 square feet. There are purple curtains that decorated the room nicely. The light from the sun here would be purple because they are thin too. One portion of the room has 3 couches and a large TV. It measures about 50 inches wide.
"Yes, Mom?" asks Amelek as he reaches the edge of the tiled wall.
"Amelek, please take out the garbage. Your dad won't be here until nightfall."
"Again?" Amelek mutters when he grabs the black and big plastic bag from the plastic container. He cranes his neck away from the bag because it's really smelly in there. Worms and flies could already be inside. Poor things, Amelek wrapped it up.
As he was about to drop the smelly bag into a dumpster, he notices the newspaper that was thrown an hour ago.
"12-YEAR-OLD BOY MISSING FOR 2 YEARS, NOW FOURTEEN" said the front page.
Amelek takes note of it and dumps the trash in an alleyway. He returns and swoops down like a jet and swipes the newspaper up.
There was a picture of him attached to the newspaper. Amelek didn't bother reading other pages except the abduction.
"12-year-old boy named Louie Paul was presumed missing two years ago in May. Witnesses say that the victim was traveling home from school and investigated a rather odd factory in his neighbourhood. He was not found since. Police chief investigator, John Kalburg, states that he will end this case for the Paul family and his friends."
"Yeah, John, like you will," amused Amelek. But he wasn't amused.
Amelek takes it home and put the front page on his wall in his bedroom.
"There must be clues about his whereabouts.."
The wall was filled with pieces of newspapers tacked on. All of them were on the subject of Louie's kidnap case.
"He.. He could be incinerated? Nothing about him being found, but how?"
Just like Louie, Amelek has taken upon the search of the red aliens Louie was trying to prove because it did have something to do with his best friend. But he is not as obsessive as his friend and didn't believe it until he saw it.
In a few seconds of brainstorming, Amelek had an idea.
"The factory! Why didn't I think of it before?"
Amelek sped down to the entrance of the house.
"Mom! I'm leaving!" Amelek runs off without his mom answering.
His mother said, "What?!"

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C H A P T E R 2
- - - Louie - - -

Year 2012, an hour ago before Chapter 1.

Louie's nose inhaled air. He's never breathed air for-
Louie opens his eyes. Hibernation fluids were covering him in a large experiment tube. He immediately closed his eyes after a drop of fluid went in his pair of eyes.
Fluids were sucked out of the tube. The aliens didn't need it already. Louie was wide awake. His limp body dropped to the base. He opens his eyes again. He saw those red teeth again. But he noticed something different. They're like humans, but red-skinned. And weirdly enough, they have lab coats worn and casual clothes.
Kids would have screamed, yes. But this child did not. Instead, he was smiling. Because he has seen red aliens with his own eyes and he can prove it by taking a picture at least.
"Heh," says Louie.
Weird. His voice was metallic. Robot voice. The aliens celebrated suddenly. This was when Louie took view of his surroundings.
It was the same factory two years ago. But, he felt that he could glide on air. Normal apparatus and normally vicious aliens. One smiled widely.
"Are you human?" It said.
Louie's jaw dropped instantly. Aliens could talk? This moment was disturbed by the tube disappearing somehow, but leaving the 14-year-old boy uninjured.
Then, Louie tried to say, "Hey, where am I?" But instead, he spoke alien language. It's that metallic voice again.
"We are in a factory in our home planet. You really shocked us there when you fainted in there two years ago," One alien explained.
And Louie thought, "They could speak English! Let alone fluently!" Louie shook off the thought and said, "Why did you bring me here?" Of course, it's translated.
"When we entered to clear the mutated red aliens, you were unconscious in front of us. So, we brought you here. And yes, by the way, the ship that crashed near your country was a mutated alien, running away. But don't worry. The virus doesn't infect humans."
"You brought me here?!" shouted Louie. The loud vibration made from his throat made the newly-built translator in his throat buzzed with electricity.
He quickly held his throat in pain and fell off the holder where the tube should have been. His body went rigid. And it was over. He panted for air, but noticed a weird smell. At first, he breathed normal oxygen in the hibernation fluid. But now, it's hydrogen he smelled.. But Louie breathed normally.
"What type of air is this?" He asks.
"It's hydrogen. It's common all over the universe."
"Hydrogen? Why am I alive?"
"You'd think we were stupid? We knew you humans rely on oxygen to live. So, I did some surgeries on you and changed your respiratory system to breathe hydrogen, just like us."
"Okay, I've got a lot more questions to ask. Two more, please."
"Go on."
"Why did I breathe oxygen back there?"
"We've added the hydrogen-able breathing organ. You can breathe oxygen and hydrogen as though it was oxygen."
"Okay, next. WHO DONATED THE ORGAN?!" Another shock was caused and froth came up his lips.
An alien came over to help out, bringing an electric absorber to attach it on the throat.
"We'll do that inside when we've get you back. I've forgotten," says the one who helped."
"And," says the talker of the aliens. "No one did. We made it ourselves. It's natural, don't worry."
"Aliens, smart aliens.." thought Louie.
"Anyway," pushing off the alien helper. "I need to go back home-"
He frowned. He never frowns except for something really confusing.
"I was in the tube for.. two.. years?" He asks normally because he thought he would get another shock.
The aliens giggled between each other.
"Approximately two years and two months ago."
"Why didn't you guys-" He almost forgot about his injury on his left arm. He looked at it and saw it healed, better yet, with extra muscles on both his arms. The muscles were even more than Amelek.
"Why do I have those?"
"Oh, we thought you were weaker so we added more."
"YOU CAN DO THESE?!" Louie shouted the third time. He was expecting a shock a second later but the shock absorber dispelled the electricity off.
"Yes, for a price, actually. But since you're an experiment, try those out. These human muscles are in development."
"C'mon. I need to go back home to my mom and dad. It's been two years and they would have proclaimed me dead."
"No way, human. You are to stay in this planet forever!" says the talker. "By the way, my name is Gilbert-"
"GILBERT?!" Louie exclaimed again. "Gilbert is a human's name. Why on Earth-" He paused. "Why on this alien planet would you have a human's name?"
"Not my problem. Father chose that name."
Louie took notes in his brain the whole time. The appearances of the red aliens and the mutated ones. How they actually are smart but not vicious and violent. That was the mutated one's attributes. The mutated ones look like the aliens you usually see when you search 'Aliens' on Google. The big-headed one. The non-mutated aliens are like humans, living in society and technology. No explanations were made when Louie asked them about how they got mutated.
"They just got mutated. We haven't got one mutated alien to experiment on anyway," Gilbert said.
"Since I'm gonna live here forever, why not tell me where I am..?"
"I've told you! You're in a factory-"
"No," Louie interrupts. "As in what kind of planet?"
"Oh!" Gilbert mistook. "We're in Cred. You know, Colour and Red mixed? This planet was founded just decades ago, but prepared with technology from Halbert. It's easy because my name, Gilbert and Halbert, Bert and Bert-"
"I know, Gilbs. Carry on," Louie said suddenly in clenched teeth.
"Gilbs?" The red-skinned creature tilts his head in confusion, because name contractions were not their thing.
"Never mind, carry on."
"This planet is a gas giant, filled with hydrogen, which is good for us and for fire. Explosions."
"Why are we not being exploded right now?" Louie asks. He thought about this when he first found out this planet was hydrogen-filled."
"We don't get burned easily. We're very resistant to it. Maybe immune to it. An 8-year-old could survive a city explosion but with minor injuries."
"There was an incident about that, wasn't there?"
"Um.. Yes," Gilbert nods. He wondered how much I.Q, intellectual quotient, he had. About 140 or so?
"Louie," Gilbert initiates. "What's your favourite school subject?"
"Why are you asking that?"
"You're pretty smart yourself in science stuff."
"My favourite.. No, my least worst is Science, no doubt. That was the only subject I've scored A on."
"A? As in the best grade?"
"Yes. Don't you guys have tests in schools?"
"Nope. We just study. Almost all aliens are scientists and to-be-scientists."
Suddenly, Gilbert's head vibrates vigorously.
"What's wrong?"
"There's trouble. Louie, you stay put. We're all going to check the problem out."
The team left before Louie could say something. He had, like, a thousand questions on his mind. Maybe he'll take it a rest. Call it for today. The comprehension of living in a planet like this is driving him crazy. He found himself a bed and lied down. He looks at the ceiling and puts his pair of muscular arms up in the air.
"Mom, Dad. I will be back. I promise."
He imagined his parents making the pinky finger promise with him as he dozed off.

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pretty cool story make chapter 3 & 4 !!

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Thanks, toemas, for commenting on my thread, even if it's just a short one. Thanks for the comment. I'll make the chapters alright!


C H A P T E R 3
- - - Trouble Was Gilbert's Middle Name - - -

Year 2012, 8.01 A.M, 13th May.

Gilbert and his pals, or lab mates, quickly go through the armoury filled with high-tech blasters and snatch each basic blaster.
"Alright, I'm detecting another mutated aliens attack. No, don't get on taking a mutated alien in. They're all immune to knockout dosage, just like us."
"We know that, Gilbert," says Paul, one of his lab partners.
"Why are we doing this again?" Paul asks.
"Almost all the soldiers are finding more planets to settle in. They left us in charge. Besides, we're second to the soldiers only," Gilbert smiles. There's the red teeth.
"Aye', aye', captain.." muttered Paul.
Their legs dragged them a mile from the factory and they've witnessed an escape pod which crashed from the sky, the red sky, that is.
"Check to see if anyone's there. The ship must be nearby too."
Paul and his teammates go over the pod almost immediately, checking the contents of the pod. Gilbert searches all his pockets in his camo pants and brings up his walkie-talkie. Paul noticed the big device.
"C'mon, Gilbert. That thing is like a few centuries old. Why would you keep it?"
"Cuz'," Gilbert said with an Indian head shake, like moving his head sideways, left and right. "It's an artifact, an antique."
"Yeah, that is useless-"
"Don't call it useless!" whimpers Gilbert. He really does love his walkie-talkie, since his great-great grandfather gave it to him. He's still alive ultimately, living in Halbert. He fantasized about when he was talking to Gilbert's nephews and nieces about how smart Gilbert was.
"When was it? Two centuries ago?" He thought.
Paul rips Gilbert's memory thinking, shouting, "WE'VE FOUND SOMETHING!"
Gilbert's eyes blinked several times while processing the message.
"What's in it?"
"Another human. Could be in his teenage years, just like Louie. Totally great, eh, captain?" He laughs.
"Another hu- Alright, if there's another human coming down, I'm gonna kill that guy right away!" Gilbert complains.
Paul simply shook his head from left to right. Regulations said no, even if they were the few of the aliens on this planet. But Gilbert has not and will not apply the rules to his life. It is ridiculous! You have to remember to wash your hands after passing motion in the toilet. That's hard effort for Gilbert, since he has short-attention span. But the police enforcers didn't mind one bit. Because there's only a few on this gas giant.
Gilbert's mind flicked on.
"Get the human to me, quick."
The human was brought upon him. The boy's life, muscular, actually, was in Gilbert's hands.
"Alright!" shouts Gilbert in a cowboy accent. "Let's rip him open!"
The lab people didn't mind, since they'd did this on dead living things like rats and tarantulas. They are the weird bunch.
Gilbert rips the chest open with his claw-like hands.
"Okay, three minutes more. Good, should have more time than needed," He noted as he separates parts of the blood-filled lungs from the body and then quickly use his life-force to provide oxygen to the body. Time was running out. He could be dead in a few seconds. Using the life-force was easy for aliens, since they have a few thousands of millennium ahead of their lives.
"Alright!" He repeats as he extends his left hand. "Give me a pair of lungs. A good one this time."
They've been through this surgery a lot of time. And Gilbert has the most experience since he's the professional at this. Each one was a professional at something. Paul was the quickest to find clues, especially this. This pod is foreign to them, thus being harder to figure out how to open this without blasting it through. Paul's brain is one of the rare types.
Paul's brain, like his father, was 400% smarter than Albert Einstein, let alone his father who was smarter than his son, not to offend the reader, this is just fiction. Paul had one of the quickest reflexes in the history of all species. He was ranked #10 in The Universe Record Book. The others were of other species that will not be stated until further in the story, but the one who has the top was a human-red alien hybrid or Halbertians for red aliens. Human-Halbertian hybrid. Paul could even dodge a bullet which was shot from a magnum sniper rifle at point blank range. The most powerful one, that is.
A pair of Halbertian lungs was placed on top of Gilbert's hand. He didn't grimaced as he inserted it inside the boy's body. Blood splattered all over his face, but a normal human couldn't see the blood because red was their skin colour.
"There. Four lungs. How about that?" Gilbert brags.
"We should leave him in the lab. Maybe Louie will notice this guy," says Paul.
"How do you know?"
"Telling from the boy's face, he came from an Asian country, as Louie was too. And I researched on Louie's file-"
"Louie had a file now? Why would you have to research him?"
"Research is my habit and I like it," Paul grins. He doesn't grin or smile often. He was just the brains of the team, providing info on the worst case scenario.
"As usual, check for-"
"Nope, there's no mutated Halbertian."
"See, this is why you have top ten of fastest reaction."
"Well, I should be at the top! If it weren't for that hybrid.."
"Alright, Paul. Enough. We've got to get this kid back to the lab for more inspection. Inspection..."
Bill, the muscle of the team, carries the boy as the team expected. Bill is different from a Halbertian, because he isn't one. He came from Cred before it was named. He was one of the natives. His race is unnamed until Halbertians came. His race named decades ago is Credders, because they were natives even if the red aliens take over. Bill is a strong Credder, being able to carry two dinosaurs that weighed a few tons each with just two fingers. Credders are usually strong, but rare Credders are smart and strong at the same time. Bill is always instructed by Gilbert and occasionally Paul. And he doesn't talk much.
Bill nods as he lifts the guy easily.
"Watch it, Bill. You'll kill him," Gilbert annoys.
Bill nods anyways, since he doesn't get violence. Bill walks with Gilbert and Paul back to the factory, Gilbert talking the most.

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C H A P T E R 4
- - - Best Friends Unite! - - -

Year 2012, Time Unknown, 13th May.

On their way, the team had found a boy. If you've guessed right, his name is Amelek. A very muscular boy who is athletic and smart. He'd even gotten an A+ on Science, scoring higher than Louie. But Amelek is also humble, not showing a hint of pride when he receives his results.
His life was going to change at this moment. He wakes up on a laid mattress on the ground.
"What?" He breathed as he saw the horrific figures. "Who are you guys and what have you done to me?!"
"Hey, hey! Don't freak out. We're the red aliens your best friend found out," explains Paul.
Amelek hasn't realized he was speaking in a metallic voice too.
"What did you put me in my throat? I'm gonna kill ya-"
Amelek got choked. He gagged, stopping his complaints.
"Amelek!!" shouted Louie from behind. The shout almost exploded his right eardrum.
"Louie? You're here-" He corrects himself. "This ain't Louie, is he?"
Louie's smile faded and he stepped back in disbelief. He nods, understanding that the fact that Amelek is freaking out.
"You're on Cred. A planet that these red aliens live in. These aliens are called Halbertians. That's a name I made up!" Louie smirks.
"It's true, actually," says Paul.
"Okay, Halbertian is true. Don't get smart with me, alien!" shouts Louie. Paul actually is smart. He just didn't reveal it to him yet.
"I don't know who that muscular alien is," Louie gestures at Bill, continuing. "But you're gonna have to be here until we both die."
"Why can't we go back to Earth?" asks Amelek, forgetting about the Halbertian team. Part Halbertian, part Credder.
"You should have another pair of lungs implanted inside you by them. The lungs are like the lungs these aliens have. You are able to breathe in hydrogen-"
"Can't we explode?" Amelek says, annoyed that he didn't get his answer.
"We've got alien skin," Gilbert initiates, finally. "This skin provides immunity to hydrogen explosion. An 8-year-old Halbertian survived a city explosion."
"And what about us?" Amelek suspects.
"You also have Halbertian skin. Hydrogen is exploding inside your body, but you're not feeling it, right?" says Paul.
Paul was right. There were small explosions in his body and he felt a bit of it only.
"How are you doing this?!" shouts Amelek.
Paul smiles, showing those carnivorous blood teeth.
Amelek now trusts that Louie is himself and not some alien in disguise. Paul made a cough, signalling Gilbert to talk more.
"Oh, right! Louie explained everything for me, so I don't have to tell you more, do I?"
"There's more?" asks Amelek with an innocent face this time, not an angry face.
"I'm Gilbert," He introduces. "And this is Paul," putting an arm around Paul. Gilbert thought this was a friendly gesture to his or her best friend. "And this is Bill," finally introducing Bill by pointing his red and bony finger at that mountain of an alien.
"Any more for me to not think..?" Amelek asks yet again.
"Well, there's nothing more. Population is at about one thousand, even this planet is a gas giant. A giant. More will be coming from Halbert to habitilize this planet. Feel free to stay here, but both of you will be needed in the future. Future.." Gilbert trails off.
Amelek shrugs.

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Well, you have added more description. I like the story. It is action packed.
Can you describe what the characters faces look like?

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Lols, okay. I'll try, Murasaki. Thanks for commenting on my story, yeah!

To Imagine The Faces
- - - Louie - - -

Louie is pale-skinned. He looks like a mix of Asian and American all together. And he's 155 centimetres tall before the incident and 165 centimetres after the incident. And he is muscular after the incident, getting a 6 pack ab and looks stronger. But his face doesn't change.

- - - Amelek - - -

Amelek's skin is tanned. And he is pure Asian, his face. But he is not a Chinese person. The ones that looks like the Malays. Google is the best search engine to find the images. He is 170 centimetres, even if he is 12 years old and he only grew 3 centimetres after 2 years. He's as muscular as Louie after the incident and his face became a few millimetres longer.

- - - Gilbert - - -

Gilbert is red-skinned. All Halbertians faces are meant to be American. So, Paul's face also looks American. Gilbert is 140 centimetres, eventhough he is a few hundred years old. Gilbert is normal, not fat, not thin.

- - - Paul - - -

Paul is red-skinned, yet again. His face is American and he's quite handsome, alright. Ladies, think of him as your love-at-first-sight crush (If you have one). He is 143 centimetres, taller than Gilbert by a little. He is thin, but considering his claws, which all Halbertians have, he is dangerous to mess with.

- - - Bill - - -

Bill is white-skinned. He is about 200 centimetres tall. He looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but with more wrinkles than usual and uglier. He's about a thousand years old, and serving the Halbertians for ten years already, Earth time.

C H A P T E R 4
- - - Paul's Encounter - - -

Paul was frowning. He's always frowning every second in every situation, especially playing the human game, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. But he wasn't playing Call Of Duty. He was staring at the computer screen within the range of 15 centimetres or less.
"Hey, Gilbert-"
He turned around, but found him asleep like a pig.
"Well, too sad for you."
Paul gets up from his computer chair, a high-tech one. On Earth, this chair could be worth a few trillion dollars. But Halbertians don't use money. They don't have any currency.
Paul walks over to the bed where Gilbert was. Beside him was Bill sucking his thumb in his sleep and often mumbling, "Mommy, Daddy."
Paul winced at the unknown gun Gilbert was holding. Suddenly, Gilbert was pointing it unconsciously.
In Gilbert's dream, he was stylishly trying to shoot mutated aliens, as usual.
Paul met his pair of claws together like Burns in his scheming mood. He smiled an evil smile. There was a blur of movement and Gilbert woke up in blood.
"What happened- OWWWW!!!!"
Gilbert gets off the bed as quickly as possible and he grabs the already-prepared medical kit for Paul's cuts. It was hilarious when Gilbert patches up on his own injuries. But not on other peoples' injuries. Gilbert was applying some green drops on the open wound Paul made and sealed it with a thread and needle. Halbertian skin is tough, but not against physical attacks. But the skin can heal the wound up until there was not a speck of gut or blood in approximately thirty seconds.
"What was that for?!" Gilbert demands.
"I need you to see this."
Gilbert was already asleep on the same bed, not minding his still-wet blood at all.
"Since cutting you up is no use, I'll do it myself," Paul declares.
On the computer screen, there says that the mutated aliens on Earth has planned for an attack on the U.S.A. His computer picks up anything related to aliens and Halbertians. But his computer has been picking up a lot of transmissions of aliens. But now, movies and games consists of aliens, but not Halbertian. So, he didn't bother the word, 'alien' anymore, but mutated aliens, yes. His computer, a supercomputer to be accurate, is the latest computer technology of the Universe. Only one in the world existed, and it's right in the lab.
Paul got to the armoury and got ready. He took a two blasters of his creation, Pair Of Blades. These look like the pistols in Mass Effect 3 (You'll know if you've played). The blasters shoot laser and there is a hole bigger at one of the blasters and a cylindrical stock at the other. Both of the attachments at the butt of them. When they are attached together, they produce a laser cutter at the end of the barrel. So, this weapon, or weapons, can be used either in close-to-mid range and melee range. He stuffs them in his belt of tools, leaving no space for any Pair Of Blades already.
He grabs a long-ranged blaster, capable of going longer than Craig Harrison's shot (Wikipedia). The laser shot, by the way, can guarantee a kill after 100 metres, can go up to 10 kilometres of range. That is some serious horse power in this baby. And Paul has held Halbert record that he killed an animal over 8654 metres. A lot of snipers prefer this blaster because of its guaranteed kill in long-range and the travel speed of the shot, which is about 3000 metres per second. The number one human-Halbertian hybrid can surely dodge it because it goes out of the barrel.
"Time to go. Oh, yeah."
He takes a hydrogen gas tank from the armoury and equips it. The gas tank is twin-tanked, carrying double the amount of hydrogen, obviously, and he heads off to the ship.
The ship was about 2 metres in length and 1 metre in width. The height is only about 1 metre too. That is definitely small. But Halbertians like small spaces, not big ones. They have the opposites of claustrophobia.
Paul gets inside and started the engine, pressing all kinds of switches and buttons. He braced himself, lowering his seat down to the base and strapped in and crossed his arms. Then, the ship was off before you know it.

"Autopilot," Paul said.
"Yes, Paul."
The ship was also installed with a voice printer.
"Go to Earth, north of the Pacific Ocean, one megametre northwest of Hawaii."
"Yes, Paul," The voice printer repeated.
The ship was there in minutes, then Paul jumped down. Paul wasn't afraid of heights, because Halbertian bones are much stronger than steel alloy or titanium or graphene. He lands specifically on a carrier, actually disguised as a mutated alien hideout. Mutated aliens looked at Paul, then they charged at him without any weapon.
Paul's time was about to shine.

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Sorry for reposting. It was supposed to be Chapter 5, not Chapter 4. I'm not writing until tomorrow, I think.

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C H A P T E R 6
- - - Louise - - -

Year 2012, a minute after Paul's Encounter.

Louie slept on a cozy bed, but not a fancy one. Next to him was Amelek, his best friend. Amelek was still awake, trying to understand the planet and how they are gonna stay here forever. When he looked at Louie, he'd even thought Louie was having red skin. He thought he was hallucinating since the crash on Cred kind of shook his brain. Then, he thought, "What if Mom misses me? What if Mom and Dad makes a report to the police, then presume I'm dead? It'll only trouble them further."
He puts his hands on his head, freaking out like crazy. But he didn't shout or hiss because he didn't want to wake the now-muscular boy from his dreams. He knew because he was drooling all over the pillow.
"Hey.." Louie whispers.
"Yeah, Louie?" asks Amelek, puzzled that he could talk in his sleep.
"Come over here and give me a kiss.." Louie whispers as he made his mouth as a duck mouth.
"Eergh!!" Amelek jerked back from Louie, disgusted. But Amelek didn't blame him. Amelek knew Louie had a crush on a girl. A pretty and soft one, indeed.

"Come over here and give me a kiss.." Louie says to Louise. She had the similar name as Louie. But Louise thinks Louie is weird. In class two years ago, Louie was only doing one of these three things.
Firstly, he was revising on the Science subject. This was rare, actually.
Secondly, he was thinking about the red aliens Louise heard about. This was often done.
And thirdly, he was drooling when he constantly stared at Louise at the front seat.
In Louie's mind, Louise is black-haired and has long hair, really beautiful, pure Asian and she is really soft on almost everyone. She was shorter than Louie back two years from now. Maybe she still is. Some are even envious and jealous, mostly jealous. One of the girls in school actually despised her luck for having a pretty face and a cute personality and bullied her. Louie would step up and said to them:
"Back off from Louise. I don't want to see my friend being pummeled by a bully like yourself."
Louie took blows instead of Louise. She would always thank him for protecting her. When a boy has a crush on a girl, everyone notices except the crush. When a girl has a crush on the boy, only the crush knows. This is quite true. The jealous ones noticed after Louie made several attempts to guard her from harm.
Louise had a lot of friends, guy friends, especially. When Louie would hang out with her and when someone, say, Amelek was talking to her about homework, Louie would stare at Amelek with angry eyes, even at his best friend.
Actually, Louise had friendzoned Louie because of his weird personality. He was the closest male friend Louise could ever had.
He made a promise two years ago that he would prove the world that there were red aliens. But he won't humiliate Louise. He only had two friends, but he was really close to both of them. Occasionally, when Louie eats his lunch at the canteen, Louise and Amelek would accompany him.
Back in his dream world, Louise declined his kiss, but with full respect, and suddenly Louie was shrouded in darkness.
"But I really like you!" Louie shouted in his dream.
"Maybe.. NOT!!" Louise mocks. She laughs as she headed off the opposite direction.
"No, she's not like this.. She-she'll come back, I'm sure!"
In his dream, it lasted a few hours. But back in the real world, it was only minutes before he woke up.
"WRAAAGH!!!" Louie exclaimed. Amelek was the only one shocked. Next to Amelek was the two other aliens, Bill and Gilbert, sleeping like pigs as ever.
"Dreaming about Louise again?" Amelek smiles as he asks.
"Ha-How did you know?"
"Come here and give me a kiss.." Amelek imitates while doing the gesture too.
"Hey! That's private!" He blushes.
"Hey, c'mon. It's just between us. Not the aliens," He smiles reassuringly.
Louie nods. He could trust Amelek, would he? But there was a rumour when Amelek actually spread the news. In truth, he didn't. He never said a word about it.

In class, back in Malaysia

Louise sighs. It was two years after the disappearance of Louie and a day after Amelek's disappearance. Those two friends were the closest she had. But she was the closest to Louie than Amelek and her classmates.
Louise sat on her chair at the front seat. She always took the front seat in case she slept when the teachers taught. She was always getting straight A's in her tests and exams. Two years ago, she would often go to Louie's house and study with him. She would also read the articles about red aliens that was on his walls of his room and say:
"Louie, you are so weird!" Sh laughs out loud.
He was in her mind and he still is.
"Louie! I want you back!" Louise shouts, but didn't realize that the teacher was immerse into teaching.
Some jealous girls smirked, glad that she'll probably get a punishment.
The Geography teacher flinched when she shouted. But he put on his angry face in a second.
"Louise! Why did you shout?!" The teacher scolds.
"Uh.." She stands up guiltily. "I'm sorry, teacher.."
"Out of the class now!" He instructed strictly.
Whispers that was between the class became loud talks. Louise beginning to like Louie? That's not possible! Only Louie liked her, not the other way round!
She opens the door without sound and shuts the door without sound too. She stood with a grim face at the corridor. Next to her class was two other classes. In Malaysia, we have a different standard.
Classes were like those in Japan, having a homeroom teacher. Otakus should be able to know this real easy.
Louise was in Form 2. Form 2 students are 14 years old. Standard 6 would be 12 years old, and so on. So, Form 1 students would be 13 years old.
Louise stood there, worried, not about the punishment she was going to receive, but about Louie's state. How would she cope without Louie for life? Two years is a record for her.
After what it seems like an eternity, students were released from the boring lecture. Girls were pushing her to the wall and were saying:
"You stupid little girl. Now, you get the punishment!" An ugly and fat girl said. Louie would have came out first and talked to her. He didn't protect her today, or for two years. They pushed her to the wall again and left her with bickering about her. She lets out a long sigh. A taller man came out of the door last, and he was the teacher.
"Louise, come with me," he said.
Louise nods without justifying the problem. She doesn't really like seeing people covering her face with insults and scoldings. When they finally reached the staff room or the teacher's lounge, for the West countries, the teacher turns around as he stops at his table.
"Louise, explain yourself," He folds his arms, patient to listen to her story.
"I-I just miss Louie."
"Okay, we know that Louie is missing. But the police are on the case, so don't-"
"Worry?! Louie's my best friend and you say the police are on it?! The police haven't found s*** for two years, teacher!" She raged.
"Watch the language, Miss Jade."
Her full name is Louise Jade. His father also has Jade as his last name. Surge Jade. He is currently working as a soldier. But his ranks over the years as private was over a long time ago. Now, he was General Surge Jade.
Louise hadn't raged like that since.. never. It was her first time. Now, she didn't care about her strong father, or her hardworking mother. She just wanted Louie back into her arms and never letting him go again.
"Yes, teacher.." She stoops her head low with guilt.
"But you have got to accept the fact that he's gone. If you don't, you'll end up meeting counselors after counselors at break and lunch. You were always hungry at each interval, weren't you?"
He breathed out through his nose noisily.
"You can go," shooing Louise away.
"Yes, teacher. Thank you."
Louise walks out of the staff room and ran to the canteen, with Louie's face in her head, smiling as always.

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Before I move on, I have to state a really bad mistake.

His father also has Jade as his last name.

It isn't 'his'. It's 'her'.

C H A P T E R 7
- - - Paul's Time To Shine - - -

Year 2012, the same time as Louie was waking up in the previous chapter.

Paul, the red and smart Halbertian lands on the carrier. Mutated aliens charged at him and he took out his Pairs Of Blades. He stuck the ends of each other and two laser cutters appear from the barrels of the guns.
Paul quickly slashed away at the nearest alien, causing a severe bleeding on the heart. It might have already burst. Paul's body was covered in blood, but camouflaged by the skin.
Paul separates them with ease and started throwing barrages of lasers after lasers at the aliens in front of him.
Unlucky aliens after unlucky aliens were against a one-man army who was much more proficient in melee and long-ranged combat. One alien snarled and threw itself up in the air. They were not used to the gravity here, so they didn't estimate the distance of travel between itself and Paul. He heard a thump on the tarred landing road and turned around. It was a 100 metres away from him, where he liked it.
He takes out the sniper rifle on his back, using the back of it to ram assaults from getting a three-lined claw attack. He dropped the Pair Of Blades while doing so. Some aliens almost got hold of the weapon, but failed.
He never took aim and he fired the big baby. The shot went over an amazing speed, and got the felled alien in between the eye.
He smirks, then turns around and see them run away like packs of wolves from an aggressive mammoth.
He reloads his rifle, which could only contain one bullet because it's fast and powerful. He picked his dual weapons up and went to the commanding centre.
As he stepped, metal clanks were made by his feet. When he reached his destination, he makes up a plan. He could've made one up on the way down though.
"Okay," He thinks. "I kick the door open and full blast the room."
"I like it," He whispers.
He kicks the door open with his resistant bony leg and aimed his dual weapons around, but realized no one was there.
"Weird, I could pick up any movements even during combat through my radar," He thought.
He enters the room, but with his weapons up.

What's most terrifying is that the mutated aliens now can turn invisible through a machine that cloaks them like chameleons. The species were dumb, but time goes by and their technology increases in size. There were already 3D movies that can people see without 3D glasses. But normal Halbertians was too high-tech for them to comprehend any of their inventions.
The leader, M'tak, distributed the cloaking machine to other aliens after Paul's attack. They turned it on and became invisible.
The door was kicked open and Paul was aiming at the air, but actually at someone's head.
"Wait," M'Tak said through his helmet speaker. Voice couldn't be heard by Paul. Of course, they also use the same language as Halbertians, but they have changed a bit. Complicated words in Halbertian has been taken in and translated into something easier.
Paul stepped into the room. M'Tak's description of its face is unknown, but assumed to be the grey aliens people stereotyped, big heads and small sized. It raised both eyebrows the moment he stepped in.
"Now!" M-Tak ordered.
The whole gang made long claws come out of fingernails. Paul even felt one touching his legs right now. Then, they made a lethal strike on Paul and the planned worked, even if Paul had the top ten fastest reaction time in the Universe. They were all silent, that's why. The strike would have been the final blow for a human, but not Halbertians. Attacks this strong would strike unconsciousness into their minds.
And Paul fell on the cold ground, unconscious.
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C H A P T E R 8
- - - Wait, What?! - - -

Year 2012, three days after Amelek came.

"Okay, okay. What do you think of.." Louie wonders. "Gilbert?!" Louie started a timer that counts down from 30 seconds.
"Gilbert is talkative, a sleepy pig, a hipster, a bad singer.." Amelek states. This goes on until the 30 second time limit is up.
"Quite a lot, eh, Amelek?" Louie was cracking up when Amelek commented on Gilbert.
"Yeah. Yeah-"
Amelek was shocked when Gilbert rested a hand on Amelek's shoulder like friends.
"Hey, kids. What are you guys talking about?" says Gilbert in an angry face.
"Uh, uh, nothing. Nothing at all!" Louie states.
Louie has been talking a lot since he's on Cred. He's become friends with Gilbert and Bill. But he has no idea where Paul is and didn't care, because he was probably taking tests on the far side of Cred, but actually kidnapped by mutated aliens.
Gilbert's face became concerned the next second.
"We need to go to Earth."
Louie heard Earth.
"Excuse me, what were you saying?"
"We need to go to Earth," Gilbert rephrased, confused on why he asked him to repeat it.
"EARTH!! LOUISE!!" He shouted.
"Louise? Who's Louise?"
Amelek stepped up and shook his hands from left to right repeatedly.
"No, no. Nothing. Just his friend."
"Louie, it's a girl you like," His lips curled up, a plotting grin.
"No, no.." Louie lied, shaking his head.
Gilbert smiles. He was almost as smart as Albert Einstein and think like a professional detective. Maybe he is one.
Gilbert signals them to follow him. They obediently did, although they were wondering what happened.
"Paul is kidnapped," Gilbert says finally.
"What?! Where is he?!"
"Earth. That's why we have to go there."
Louie looks at his muscular arms.
"I think I can handle some attacks."
"No, mutated aliens are far stronger than us. You're even ultimately lucky because you just fainted from the attack two years ago."
Louie lowers his head in shame. He didn't anticipate that they were about to attack him. He just stood there, amazed and dazed.
"No matter. You will need some weapons."
Amelek was interested.
"What kind, actually?"
"Blasters. Laser blasters. The strongest sniper blaster we have right now can travel over 1 kilometre per second or much more. I forgot."
Amelek ran to the armoury in amazement. Louie stood there laughing.
"What's so funny?"
"That Amelek is actually interested in something I am," He smiles, still giggling.
When Amelek had time for rest, he would go turn on his XBOX360 and play Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. He was a real pro, reaching up to a kill/death ratio like 10000:7000. He had precision of a professional sniper in real war, but only in close-range combat.
He took a blaster that seems like a sniper blaster and got adjusted to it, pretending to pull the trigger. But he realized it's heavy, but he was prepared because he knew.
"Nice. Does it have a bipod?" Amelek asks, following the name from Battlefield 3. He too had the game, but he was better in Call Of Duty than Battlefield 3. But he played them evenly so that both of them wouldn't go to waste.
"A bipod? I don't think we have one. We usually don't, because it's really light."
Amelek's eyes widened.
Gilbert retracts from Amelek.
"Well, for you humans, it would be heavy. But for us, it's light, definitely."
Louie came in next. He was walking really slow, laughing to himself.
Amelek noticed the tears in his eyes.
"What happened?" He was concerned, dropping the blaster. He went over to Louie.
"It's okay. I was laughing," He smiled.
"Hey, Amelek. Watch where you drop the blaster. You don't want it to destroy this lab. It will, actually. Just a couple-"
Amelek took the blaster and ran off to the docking bay a 100 metres from the lab.
"Let's go.." said Gilbert, disappointed that Amelek didn't hear him.

Paul wakes up from deep slaughter, but still alive. He seemed to be in the same room he was in. He was tied to a wooden chair with ropes, badly tied ropes, actually. His sniper blaster was confiscated by his enemies but the Pair Of Blades were still there. Even though they were tied badly, he couldn't break it because of the material they used. It was a material only found on Cred. It is currently the strongest matter in the Universe.
Only his Pair Of Blades could save him, although his bones are much more stronger than the rope. The dual weapons were lying on the floor in front of the entrance. They didn't even bother taking the weapons away because time was at authority to them here.
Paul kept leaping towards the weapons, inch by inch. But his radar picked up movements from outside. It kept on pinging them outside, none inside. Pinging is the act of detecting something or someone, getting discovered.
He never bothered, since he needs his weapons to break free. When he finally reached it, the door swung open and hit Paul at the head. He topples sideways. The metal floor vibrates, causing annoying sounds.
Louie appeared from the edge of the door, smiling at Paul.
"Yo, wazzup?!" He laughs.
"Louie, get the weapons and give it to me."
"Oh, c'mon. Can't I get a thank you?"
"For pushing me down? No."
Louie sighs while leaning down to collect the dual weapons. He hands it over to Paul's pair of hungover hands. He reattached it together.
"Get out of the way. This thing is still in prototype stage."
Louie thought it wasn't and Paul thought it was. Louie stepped away and the laser cutters emerged.
"What kind of inventions do you have?"
"All kinds," Paul answers while cutting off the Creddian ropes with the lasers. Both the lasers penetrated through the strongest matter in the Universe so easily. It was easier than shredding wool in a wood shredder.
"Okay, now thank me."
"Fine. Thanks for helping," Paul says monotonously. This was like Paul, not emotional and doesn't say thanks once in a while.
"Oh yeah, I asked Gilbert to go to Malaysia. I want to see someone."
"Your Mom and Dad?"
Louie was thinking about Louise. But his Mom and Dad would be first.
"Yeah, sure," He groans. He never thought about how they were going to react when their presumed-dead son was resurrected.

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C H A P T E R 9
- - - Louise Was With Louie Again - - -

Louise was looking at the night sky that felled the sun from the balcony of her bedroom on the second floor. She was wearing her pyjamas, pink and with flowers as usual. She went back to her room and grabbed her phone that laid cold on the single bed.
It was a Nokia phone, given by Louie during Valentines' Day. He didn't give flowers, instead a phone, a Nokia phone to be precise.
She said it was sweet and funny. But inside, Louie was just a friend to her.
She pressed the 'down' directional button on her present. It showed a list of her contacts that were saved into her SIM card. She kept pressing that same button until Louie was in the hightlighted area.
She pressed the 'Call' button on it. Traditional beeps sounded from the phone, too loud for Louise when she holds it in contact with her face.
The phone tells Louise that the caller is unavailable. She was thinking of throwing her phone down with force, but if Louie was here, he'd start crying. She tried one more time.
This time, it answered.
"Hello? Louise?" It was Louie's voice.
"LOUIE?!" Louise shouted. The family, who was out except for her, would have heard it from her room.
"Hey, hey. Louise, I am asking a very big favour. If you're prepared, can you do this?"
"Sure, whatever you want me to do!" Louise nods while saying this enthusiastically.
Louie thought about the sentence. Anything she would do? Could she become his girlfriend? He shrugged it off.
"Um.. There are aliens out there right now. I can prove it to you if you come. But remember this, you will never come back."
She was reluctant to say yes, but she resisted it.
"Yes. I'll follow."
She heard Louie shouting victory war cries.
"Louie, what is it?"
"I love you!" Louie was too happy that he blurted out things acceidentally.
Louise flinched. He was in love with her the whole time? But he didn't show any sings of love two years ago.
"Sorry! Meet me at school. You're still in the same school right?" Louie said, but still giggling to himself.
"Uh, yeah. I'll meet you there."
Louise hangs up. Time to finally meet Louie again. Louise smiled too, but not as happy as Louie. Since he can prove aliens, aliens should be there too, maybe to abduct her. Her mind was fighting over itself. "What if Louie's not there? But he should be! He said he'd meet me in school!" Her mind said.
She dressed in her casual clothes, short jeans and a t-shirt with short sleeves. She took her phone and her spinning pen as she headed out. She loved to spin her pen that was about 4 inches long. She always does Shadow Devil paired up with Sonic. Pen spinners will understand.
She walked to school, which was short from her house. A five minutes stroll and she was at the school entrance.
She got used to the secondary school area and thought:
"Where would cameras be?"
The entrance. Of course. The walls were actually short, so she went to the side and climbed.
Her family would be so disappointed with her doing illegal stuff. But she didn't care. She was with Louie again.
She landed and saw a group of people there. Or maybe..
She shaked her head. It's still Louie. She ran towards the group. First, she saw Louie, then two red-skinned Americans.
She shouted, but it was closed by a thinner red-skinned American.
"Don't shout," the metallic voice said.
It- It can talk?!
She fell unconscious.

(For those that couldn't understand why Louie could talk in English, find out in the next chapter.)

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C H A P T E R 10
- - - Louise's Awakening - - -

Louise wakes up. When she opened her eyes, she hadn't noticed the extra layers of muscles Louie had. Louie was leaning over to her face when she woke up.
"Uh.." She spoke softly because it's an awkward situation.
Louie's eyes widened like he's gotten into trouble with his parents. He jerked his body up in an upright position, spine straight.
"Louie, what were you doing?"
"I.. I was getting tissue at the other side," Louie said.
Louise looked to her left but saw nothing except a small table. Then, she got used to her surroundings.
It was a hospital room, but weirdly enough, its wall and ceiling colour is black. The bed was the only white thing in this dark room.
"Why's the place black?"
"Oh, the one who shut you up put it this way," He explained. "His name is Gilbert."
Louise giggled. A natural well-mannered lady laugh. Not even half in the school is well-behaved anymore.
"Gilbert? What kind of name is that? I mean, it could be something better like Xen? Or.."
"That's his name alright. The other one was Paul."
She didn't make a laugh this time.
"Paul? I'm guessing he's a smart one."
"Yes, how did you know?"
"Call me a stereotype, but I think all people with names of Paul are smart, like detective smart. You get what I mean, right?"
"Yeah. He even claimed that he was 4 times smarter than Albert Einstein."
"Well, that's what I sort of expected from you."
"What's up with your voice?" Louise suspects this could be a translator.
"It's a translator," Louie explained. "Two days after Amelek came here and a day before coming to you, I was having a surgery on my throat."
"Ouch!" She snatched that time lapse to say it.
"Now, it's shock-resistant. So I'll be able to shout. It translate to almost every language in the Universe. I only know about a few tens. English, Malay, Chinese, French, insert what language you know here, also including Thai," He says while smiling.
"The translator must have a big chip in there."
"Yes and no. The chip isn't big at all, it's about the size of a virus. But it can keep a lot of files there. Not even all your games can fill it up."
Louise was shaking, then she blurted out.
"Okay, what has gotten with your biceps?!" Louise just had to say that, even after withstanding asking that question for a few minutes.
"Oh, this?" He was wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt, pointing to his right bicep. "The aliens wanted to add some muscles because they think I'm limpy."
"The aliens? I didn't know they can do it."
"Oh, yes they can."
There was a long pause and pressure is beginning to annoy their ears.
"What planet is this?" She broke the silence. It was good that she did break it. Halbertians are not a fan of pressure. Even Louie was uncomfortable.
"Oh yes, I forgot to tell you the whole story."
Louie explained everything to Louise.
"I'm breathing hydrogen right now?!" Louise interrupts when Louie was touching on that subject.
"Yes, but it's perfectly normal now."
"How would you breathe on Earth?"
"You and I have four lungs now, being able to breathe hydrogen and oxygen. But that defies some science logic, since hydrogen is a part of oxygen."
"Why am I not exploding?" Louie mimicked Louise's question.
"I get that all the time," He smiles.
"You are Halbertian," He continues. "Well, human-Halbertian hybrid. Since our skin does not affect hydrogen, we don't explode. Cred is a hot planet, but you couldn't feel it. Halbertians only experience colds, but not heat. A 50-year-old Halbertian can survive on the Sun back in the Milky Way. Some are even living there right now. It's like a normal home to them."
"Wait, we're off the Milky Way?!" She outraged. The third shout she'd made in her life.
He retracted his whole body back from an angry Louise.
"What could you expect? A planet apart? That's a whole lot better. But you're not even going back to Earth."
Louise thought of Earth, then his father. His job was a soldier. A general, so it had to be related to alien science. Humans tried to have contacts with aliens, but so far, there's none.
"Couldn't Earth's technology detect your spaceships?"
"Nope. To be frank, I don't even know what kind of material they use in their ships and how they've bypassed the security as easy as crushing an ant which is stationary."
"You said something about you loving me when you called me. What was it about?" She asks, changing the subject.
"Um.. Okay, fine, since no one's here, not even Amelek. I have a crush on you since the day you came in, probably because your hot and cute looks."
Louise was dazed. She was so humble, she didn't even think she was a beautiful person, just a normal teenager like everyone else.
"And when I hung out with you, you were so gentle. It.. made me more.. towards you, you know?" Louie felt like running, but his torso and head couldn't move.
"Wait, since you're telling this now, you want this to happen?"
Louie's eyes went rigid, looking from up to left, left to down, down to right respectively and quickly.
"Okay, fine. I assume you won't want this. Maybe we'll hook up once we're 18, okay?"
She smiled. It was the smile Louie liked to see and saw every day two years ago.
"Maybe now?" Louie smiled.
"I don't think I can love you back right now. You ask so suddenly and I don't know how to respond. Maybe a few days."
Louie nodded. He could wait a few days later, now would he?
The door was burst open by Amelek. The couple gave attention to him.
"We have a problem. Bill's gone berserk and he's destroying the lab."
"What?!" Louie shouted.
"You mean the one who's big and all hulk-like?" Louise asks.
Louie nods. This was going to be a real trouble.

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C H A P T E R 11
- - - Bill, The Monstrous Behemoth - - -

Gilbert was on hid bed, as usual, sleeping all day. He complained that he was too tired to do any work on Earth, so they went back quickly. When Bill saw Louise, he was still blank, looking at her, but not even his brain was absorbing the image. He was completely mindless. Not mindless, just less mindful.
But this time, Bill actually made his own decision. He was driven by anger and confusion. He suddenly woke up and said all kinds of language, even the rarest, English.
Then, his hands went rigid, followed by the arms really quickly and the whole body moved on its own, from Bill's grasps. His bed was the first to be destroyed. It was crushed like Godzilla crushing a human. And that is powerful.
Gilbert woke up from the crush a few 10 centimetres beside him.
"Bill! What are you doing?!" Gilbert shouts.
He distanced himself from the beast when Amelek came in.
"Amelek, call Louie here and ask him to get a Pair Of Blades. We'll need to incapacitate Bill."
"You sure? Gil-"
A chair was thrown and Amelek dodged at the last minute, shoving himself behind and dropped on his behind. He needn't anymore evidence. He ran to the hospital ward.

Amelek ran to the hospital ward. The corridor was black in colour and the ceilings are too. He thought it was a weird design, because he'd gotten too used to hospital surroundings, which are white in colour. He was still in tip top shape, even after his pod landed on Cred.
Amelek burst the door open to see Louie and Louise together.
"We have a problem. Bill's gone berserk and he's destroying the lab."
"What?!" Louie shouted.
"You mean the one who's big and all hulk-like?" Louise asks.
Louie stood up and ran. Louise was getting up when Louie stopped her.
"No, Bill is too big and dangerous for you. Stay here."
Louise didn't argue. Louie made a point. Louise elegantly laid back down with another smile.
Louie stood there for a moment to look at her face one last time before Amelek pulls him.
"We've got no time to waste, buddy."
Louie was dislodged from the sight of Louise and was pulled all the way down the corridor.
"Hey, hey! I can run by myself!"
Louie and Amelek headed off to the armoury and grabbed what it seems to be dual pistols stuck together.
"This should be it," Louie announced.
From the armoury, there were screens of security cameras viewing parts of the lab, mostly where experiments were. There were all kinds of subject. One species came from Pluto. No one lived on Pluto because it was too cold. Halbertians can't even stay there, despite its modern technology. Halbert was at the top for technology. Now, Halbert could detect almost 80% of the Universe using a Universe Radar and that is big, but so is their technology. Halbert picked up life on Pluto, which means someone or something is living there.
Sometimes Pluto will decrease temperature at certain time lengths. These are called ice sprites generally. They can die from lost of cold and must be supplied with more cold and frost. But some tough ice sprites love challenges, especially living in a planet that loses temperature from time to time.
And Louie sees an ice sprite in a pod, completely surrounded by really, really cold ice foam or something like that. Cryogenics. One of Paul's suggestion after getting an ice sprite that lives in Pluto to experiment on. There's nothing harmful in those experiments, only a prick of their blood and analysis will do. But the team doesn't have time. Bill is out of control right now.
Amelek pulls Louie again and this time, Louie dropped to the metal floor. There was a clank made.
"Oww!" He winced. "Stop doing that!"
He gets up, but somehow it was easier than before, thanks to his extra muscles.
He prepares his Pair Of Blades and heads off to face his doom.
Bill was rampaging, already destroying half of the lab since Amelek's messaging work, and that was only a minute ago.
"Hey, Bill!" Louie shouts out, causing echoes to occur in this one big son of a lab.
Bill's attention was caught immediately. He was easily attracted to anything other than his own actions.
"You want some chicken drumstick?!" Louie presents a chicken drumstick, as promised, and furthermore, it is fried.
Amelek tilts his head in confusion. He taps his friend's right shoulder.
"How in the world did you get that?"
"Louise loves fried chicken, but only eats one every week or so. I know because.." He trails off, because he thought saying the truth out loud would mean trouble.
"Because what?" Louie tries to annoy Amelek to stop him from questioning him further.
"Why does she eat fried chicken every week or so-"
A pillow was launched from Bill to Amelek. His reflexes, thanks to Call Of Duty, was fast enough to dodge the pillow, which was flying at about 200 kilometres per second.
"Now that is beast," Louie compliments.
"Give me chicken. Or die!!" Bill howls.
"Okay, here you go!"
He throws a hot chicken drumstick at a wild Bill and the drumstick didn't fall into his hands. He jumped and caught it in advance. This is new.
He ate like a hungry wolf. After he chowed down, he immediately fell asleep.
"See, I told you we don't need weapons," Louie says, bragging to his friend.
"You didn't say-" He patted by Gilbert. Both of them were patted on the back.
"Good job! Louie, you might be as smart as Paul already. But don't get your hopes up, Paul is basically a database of info and could store information in his brain a lot. He could memorize your whole History textbook, but not any textbook, from Form 1 to Form 5 in just a few seconds and could recite it faster than smart people and that is merely a particle of brain cell that kept the information. Can you beat that?"
Louie widened his eyes and shook his head.
"Amelek, you'll be like a smaller size of Bill, but a smarter one, that's for sure."
Amelek nods with a rather pale face. Then, he points to Bill.
Bill was eating his bed up.
"He's okay, he'll probably vomit the thing up and sleep right back in."
"Ewww!" Louie and Amelek synchronized.
"Alright, I'm gonna go sleep now! Don't mess with me. And Paul is in another mission, so expect saving him from the depths of evil," He smiles and went to bed.
Time was unknown in Cred because there was no Sun. But Gilbert didn't care much. He didn't even listen to Paul's lecture about the need of time. But Paul couldn't make things without Gilbert. Gilbert is the supplier, unofficially.
Amelek went to his side of the beds and slept. He snored loudly.
Louie guessed it was night on Earth, calculating time when he was at Earth.
He went over to Louise's ward. She was asleep.
"This is it!" His brain cells screamed.
He walked as silently as possible. But an expert at listening could hear his footsteps.
Louie was by Louise's side and he sent his face down to Louise's forehead. He kissed the forehead and giggled in his mind, happy that he could do this.
In Malaysia, no one was actually allowed to have relationships. But there were some and they got suspended. They are very serious in this rule.
But here, it was definitely allowed.
Louie smiled at the sleeping person and sat on the chair. His mind was racing, but it calmed itself.
In less than a minute, Louie was asleep.

A few minutes ago, Louise was spying from an edge in her casual clothes from before.
"Ewww!" shouted Amelek and Louie.
She saw Gilbert and Amelek went to sleep, then notices Louie coming in her direction.
She quickly ran without effort back to the ward before Louie could see her in the corridor.
She covered herself with the cotton blanket and pretends to sleep. Louie came in. She closed her eyes as normally as a sleeping person would. Then, she felt something soft at her forehead.
"Louie's lips," She deduced in her mind. It had to be.
After one minute, she opened her eyes and saw Louie sleeping on the wooden chair. Halbertians now used very comfortable material to make their chairs and beds. But some of them, including Gilbert, loved old-fashioned material like wood and concrete. Pollution was disallowed in Halbert, but Cred does not hold that law.
Louise bent over and gave the replying kiss on the cheek, not the forehead. Louise does like Louie very much. This relationship between them could be closer than friends, if they didn't screw up.
She went back to bed, and slept for real.

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