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I really hope you like this. Please comment on my thread and state what was wrong in my story. I'd really appreciate it. Here I go!

By the way, Malaysia's schools are different from other schools. All schools require the students to wear uniforms. This is just fiction and they do not wear normal clothes to school. Please do not start an argument here, those from Malaysia or Singapore.



Year 2010, May.

Rumours were spread across Malaysia where there was an alien which crashed into the South China Sea. Scientists from other countries didn't bother because they were too infested in their inventions of computers and iPads and they said it was just a rumour, not proven yet.
The government had had search teams to investigate the crash site. None came back alive. The news shook the country and was afraid the world would end in the 21st of December, 2012.

Louie, a small boy, by the age of 12, took interest in this rumour. He had black hair, his fringe touching his brows. He usually wears a T-shirt and jeans to school. He was timid and shy, an introvert to be precise. He is lean and thin and he weighs about 85 pounds. He is tall, almost as tall as the typical doors in your houses. But he made friends with a guy who was athletic and smart, always getting medals and straight A's in tests. His favourite subject was Physics and he was crazy about aliens.
Everyday, he would look through the internet and find clues to the whereabouts of the search teams. But everyday, searches that were made were fruitless.
His friends would just laugh at his theories of aliens. His best friend didn't make any remarks or replies. One of his theory was that the aliens were not in grey, but in bright and blood red. He'd even thought that the aliens are ruthless killing beasts, but not travelers to investigate this planet.

"Just give up and forget about it," Amelek advised, his best friend, in a sorrowful tone. Amelek was serious about it.
The 12-year-old ignored his best friend's opinion and became more obsessed with aliens to the point when he tried to put posters of aliens in his neighbourhood. He got laughed off more instead.

Aliens are always believed to be intelligent and smart. He thought they were violent and devious and they had just borrow technology from another species.

One day, Louie was walking back home, excited to research on the paranormal activity that happened last month. He lived in a normal neighbourhood. Kids would laugh at him because he was supposedly crazy. But he didn't care. He promised himself that he would humiliate mankind when aliens were proven real.
A hazardous factory based on nuclear was in the neighbourhood since last year. But nothing obvious has happened since then, just another factory that existed.
Louie thought, "It was about time I find out what's in there." He changed his direction from his house to the factory. Metal fences higher than him by would block him from entering. He willed himself to climb over the fence and continued towards it.
He stopped his steps in front of the giant door. The exterior of the factory has no sharp curves but roundish ones. There's not even one giant tube facing up to let out smoke and small pipes leading to a river because there's no river in this neighbourhood. The giant door in front of him is about three times his size.
"Time to get in," He cracked his knuckles and pushed the door open.
There was nothing but a corridor leading forwards. It's a straight walk to doom.
And he was going to doom.

He walked through the lifeless and dark corridor and came across another door. Now, it's smaller than the previous one. He opened the door and saw red aliens doing experiments on numerous humans.
Even a young and obsessed alien researcher didn't get any news on abduction of humans.
The door creaked loudly and the alienated figures looked at him instantly. They were outraged. One showed its alien teeth, sharp and nasty. Louie noted the teeth colour as they're red too.
He felt a sharp pain from his left shoulder. A large cut from an alien. Its claws were soaked with fresh blood. Louie held his left shoulder with his right hand. He forgot that touching wounds would cause more pain. He shouted in agony and his mind couldn't take it anymore. So, he fell unconscious.

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C H A P T E R 25
- - - Gilbert And The Team, To The Rescue! - - -

Gilbert slept like a pig, his back leaning against the seat given to him, his snore as loud as police sirens which caused some of the spectators to shut him up using brute force. He didn't feel any pain, though, and the spectators gave up.
He was sleeping throughout the entire game, even when Paul got kidnapped or when Amelek and Yulli made up.
Bill, on the other hand, was wide awake, even volunteering to cheer when Hellbertians were eliminated, shouting, "RAAAGH!!!!" for a long period of time. The gigantic hulk even cracked the metal floor and scaffolds when jumping up and down. The floor and scaffolds weren't metal, but a material that has similar texture and smoothness to it, but not the strength. It was about 500 times stronger than titanium.
Gilbert woke up when Bill shook him at his shoulders, almost to the point of crushing his bones.
"What's happening, big guy? You wake me up when something's impor..tant.."
He stood up in a blurry speed to see that Louie and Louise were gone, Amelek made up with Yulli, laughing, and Paul, nowhere to be seen.
"Where are they, Bill?!" He rumbled with anger to the point where he stamped the ground so hard.
Bill mumbled something that was impossible for the ears of Halbertians to pick up. He was suddenly melancholic, possibly from the face he made.
"Never mind, let's get Paul first. The couple will be safe and the happy friends are.. happy. It's always the smart-*** who needs saving every day."
A crowd of spectators looked at them with annoyance and irritation, like an itch they just can't reach.
"Shhhh!" shushed one of them, but despite their efforts, Gilbert ignored him, leaving Bill alone until he ran up to him, slowing down as he did so.
He brought up a plastic tracker, since metal isn't allowed in this stadium. And the stadium felt like it's dead, nothing worth while to watch. The game was over, when Yulli tagged Amelek, who agreed to it, and he got transported to a spectator's seat, which was nearby Gilbert.
He kept on running without looking at where he stepped. He accidentally stepped on a drink that was bought by a Halbertian a few moments ago. The next few seconds, Amelek followed Gilbert.
"Status report," He said, then giggled. "I've always wanted to say that!"
"Louie and Louise are nowhere to be found, you surrendered to Yulli and-"
Amelek cleared his throat and said, "I didn't surrender to him. We became allies, remember?"
Gilbert looked up like it was a flashback and lowered his head to his previous position. He was blinking faster than the fastest human eye blinker. It was something like a blur.
"Yeah. I do. Just.. get to the broadcasting room," said Gilbert while shaking his head like vibration. "My tracker got him there."

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C H A P T E R 26
- - - Time For A Little Story: Part 1 - - -

Year 34 A.D.

Brian was a little child with a sprinkle of unknown talents. He was a very small Halbertian, but being able to perform what no Halbertians have performed before.
"You little-!"
Brian was smashed in the face by a fellow bully in school. The technology was of Earth's thirtieth century, but it was just based on theory.
"Me? Little? No, no, no," denied the bully. "You are little."
The bully was charging a mighty kick to Brian's sack when a gigantic teacher stopped him by resting a shoulder on him.
"You do know, that once you do kill lil' o' Brian there, you are gonna get something delicious.."
The bully, with reluctance, rested the charged-up leg and looked at Brian with fierce eyes.
"Next time, Brian. You will regret it."
He walked away without a second glance.
The teacher also shouted, "Detention, after school!" The bully stopped for a second, nodded and left.
The teacher went to Brian and helped him up.
"Brian, what's going on?" His tone was sweet this time, unlike the previous minute. It caught Brian's heart too.
"The bully almost injured me badly. I think I have a bruise at my right cheek-"
The teacher rested his right hand on Brian's right shoulder. It was so gentle, Brian didn't notice a thing. But when the teacher started to walk, the hand brought him along too.
"Why are we walking, sir?" asked Brian.
Who was clueless to what was about to happen to him.
"We'll need to perform an examination on you. You just need to lay down and rest."
Brian nodded with a smile. The smile was weird, but then again, Brian was always weird ever since his coming into the world of Halbert.

After a minute's walk, they reached the infirmary. They entered it through the front door. The room was totally white, and it looked like a morgue or experimental laboratory. Brian was shocked, because it was his first time here. He had heard rumours that students had been into the infirmary and never came out. But he didn't believe. It was stupid and foolish, plus, biased.
"Okay, lay down here," said the teacher.
Brian laid down on the white bed with a few pillars of steel supporting the bed. It had a white sheet, which was extremely smooth and comfortable, and the bed having soft material was adding to the comfort of it too.
He was strapped by the teacher, who was blank, without emotion, and moved away from him.
"Sir, why am I strapped?"
Now, it was cruel joy.
"So you wouldn't vibrate as much."
He laughed as he walked away, leaving Brian to screech, writhe and trying to break the straps. Then he was weeping.
"What's going to happen to me..?!"
Tears wet the sides of his pillow.

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C H A P T E R 27
- - - Time For A Little Story: Part 2 - - -

Hours after Kage's new forced master

Brian woke up from the white and pale bed. It was riddled with dust mites, considering that the bed was old-fashioned. But Brian didn't care, because dust mites don't scare him.
He immediately went to the bathroom to shave, obviously with equipment. He was in his pajamas, checkered blue and wearing those slippers like the slippers some people wear every morning. He had long hair, reaching up to the hip because he likes it that way. He definitely looked way older than when he was a kid, his talons reaching up to an inch when released, which, of course, was one of his talents, in fact, very rare talent.
He wet his face using the water in Halbert, which, I assure you, is quite clean, but comparable to Earth's water supply. He took a shower, cleaning himself up pretty thoroughly, every part of him clean. He stepped out with a towel wrapped around his waist, covering the half of his legs. The towel was soaking wet, so he twisted it around dry and hung it in the sunlight outside after he wore his clothes.
His clothes were of casuals. A T-shirt that shows a reddish splat of paint in the middle of the white background and a pair of cargo pants reaching to the knees.
He took the house key card and went off of his house with an umbrella, but it was sunny.
Brian passed through the street from his house. Beside the street were buildings of all sorts, from old-fashioned to modernized machinery factories. There was also one odd house which was all made of wood. He stepped to the mat that said 'Welcome' and tapped his right foot three times, then waited, then three times again. The door in front of him opened.
The interior was dark, Brian being unable to see an inch in front.
But he.
He clicked his right hand's fingers and conjured a fireball.
That was his talent. Magic.
He used the fireball as a source of light as he led the way to the stairs, being careful not to be near any walls, which could be set on fire.
The stairs were very solid, a hint that the wood was in good quality. He climbed up the solid obstacle with a ball of orange, yellow and red floating on his palm.
His face became more serious as he walked up.
He had a handsome face, his eyes doing all the work, well, only 75% of it.
He came across a fairly short corridor with 4 doors leading to rooms. Of course, a normal person wouldn't have seen the fifth door. Only Brian and his trusted apprentices can be let in.
And that was what he was going to do, he entered the hidden door, which was a mystical door that moves to the other room, which was in another dimension, within light speed. See of it as teleportation, since it's so fast. But with a rune he had carved on his right hand's index finger, he, in a small pattern, swiped the brown floor and the door appears only to the magician. It was hidden away from normal beings and even surveillance cameras.
"Alright, who do we have?" shouted Brian in a deep voice. He looked fierce when it comes to his apprentice to show who's boss.
In the room of another dimension, everything was confusing, even the table in front of him doesn't look like a table anymore. Almost everything in this room was distorted. Only living beings inside were not.
There were six figures in this room, all dark figures. They looked similar, but not totally. Each had a different and very noticeable rune carved at the left side of their bodies, from head to toe. One came up to Brian, but in a respectable distance.
"Master, I caught Kage, a former apprentice of Paul."
"Good. I want to bring an end to Paul's family fast. Or, Pru's family, before it's too late."
The dark apprentice was nodding repeatedly, obviously fearing him.
"Yes, master."

Year 34 A.D.

"Time for a little treat," says Pru, the teacher.
"Wait, wait! What are you doin-"
He gagged as a little poisonous scorpion, collected from Earth, was inserted into his mouth. One by one, more were inserted until at least 10 of them were at his mouth.
He would have been dead, seeing that they would sting their insides, especially the heart. But no, he didn't die like the others. His talent was giving layers of protection throughout the body.
Pru observed, inside out, but no science can prove the talent he had, even though he was very smart, memorizing all formulas, theories, and all those science stuff.
"You have a unique piece of protection in your body. Tell me, Brian, what is it called?" Pru asked quickly with anxiety. Brian could also tell from Pru's face that he was desperate.
Brian had basic knowledge about psychology. So, he used it to his advantage.
"If you release me, I'll tell you," He said. He successfully held the smile that was broad if he hadn't resisted.
Pru thought, and went with it, foolishly. He leaned over and pulled the straps away with a bit of tearing noise. When Brian felt that he could move his arms more than a few inches, he released his talons in a flash and tore Pru's right eye.
He staggered back, putting his hand over the eye socket. He and Brian knew organs would not regenerate.
"You said-"
Brian moved with quick speed and slashed at his chest with full strength, causing Pru to fall on his back. His left elbow broke from the fall.
He screamed yet again, but luckily, this infirmary was soundproof, but Brian didn't know that. He just slammed the door open and left. But when Pru recovered from the claw strike at his chest, he appeared in front of Brian.
"Where do you think you're going?" He said mockingly. His face was of pure cruelty, mockery and not to mention, ugly.
"Get!" He breathed. "Off!"
He pushed at the air instinctively, and wind gushed at Pru, sending him flying across the corridor.
"And get out of my life!" He shouted as he gathered water vapour out of nowhere and created a mini-tsunami.
He didn't even look back as the mini-tsunami pounded Pru all over. But he did hear a shout from him.
"You will rue the day you injure me!"
And he left school, without a notice. Outside, he stopped and took some breaths. Then brought up his hands and looked at them.
"How did I do that?" He breathed.

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C H A P T E R 28
- - - Yulli, Changing Diapers - - -

Yulli, one of the famous reaction masters, along with Paul the alien, but not the Louie Paul, was in the arena, getting cheered on by multitudes of fans, some going to the extent of trying to get into the arena, but failed because of the barrier that covers the arena. Some even tried to break the barrier, but Yulli wasn't going to get crowded by fans any time soon.
"So, what now?" said Yulli
Two bodies were laid upon the hard ground, with sleepy faces and some terrible jerks in their nightmares.
"If I shoot both of them, they will teleport somewhere randomly. That's the problem. There's no pattern," Yulli thought.
Yulli shifted his body to fit into another relaxing position, leaning against a wall.
"Why not just outrun them? After all, I can run fast, even with two Hellbertians on me. Yeah!" He thought again, but this time, with determination.
When he was about to be moved, he grabbed the pair on his shoulders.
There was a wump in the air and he was standing on a grand stage.
"Sirs! These two-"
The crowd of spectators and the three game masters were shocked. They were supposed to be shot, not knocked out, or dead.
"Security guards! Get him!"
Fans started to rattle the guards out, but the force of the security was too strong for the fans, even if they outnumbered the guards.
The guards were Creddians and they were as big as Bill himself. There were about ten Creddians in this stadium, serving as security guards. They were handpicked by the founder of this stadium. To be precise, he went to Cred and found smart Creddians, not someone like Bill.
Yulli started to run, with fans delaying them helpfully, and actually thought he was winning the race.
But it turns out, it's not. The guards were Creddians, and Yulli didn't underestimate them. Even if they were not as smart as him, they could still ram a building down and could run over a few tanks on Earth, theoretically.
Yulli, even with loads of energy to spare, was slower than the natural-born wild creatures of Cred.

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C H A P T E R 28
- - - Jail - - -

Louie was making noises with a metal cup against the iron bars like those clanking noises you hear in cartoons that involve being in jail.
"I didn't expect this to happen," Louie was feeling hopeless, weak, despite having lots of muscle.
"I.." Louise fell silent.
This room, or prison cell, was made out of concrete walls, floors and iron bars, They were about one and a half times the height of Louie and the cell could fit about ten of Louie's.
"Yeah?" Louie asks, looking for answers from Louise.
"I-I'm sorry for getting us arrested-" She jumped.
He charged up to Louise and she braced herself for the worst. But he embraced Louise, still accepting her for who she is and not what she did.
"Um.. I.."
Louise returned the hug, and stayed like this for a few moments.

A few hours later

It was night. Louise, for some reason, got up from bed just opposite Louie's one. She sat cross-legged, facing Louie.
"Louise, do you value your life?"
Louise immediately turned to her left, looking at the iron bars and a figure past it. It was heavily robed. In fact, it was so covered that his face cannot be seen, except for the eyes, which had no iris or pupil at all, just pure black eyes.
"Well, duh. What kind of question is-"
Tendrils were revealed beyond the grey robe. The tendrils were riddled with veins inside, some even bulking out until they can be felt. They were as sharp as knives.
The first thing Louise thought was, "AM I GOING TO DIE? AM I GOING TO DIE?"
She was panicking, but she didn't move from her position. She was calmly still.
"A calm and brave one, indeed."
The sharp black tendrils went drilling into Louise's neck, imprinting runes on the neck like a quick and skilful hairdresser.
Now, it was when Louise started to move.
"Hold still. You will have power, and you will break through."
Louise, with reluctance, did so. She sat back cross-legged, but now looking towards the silhouette. The moonlight shone through the small opening like in all jails, then bouncing off the floor to shine at its robe.
She felt power surge throughout her body. Then her eyes went blank, as white as an egg white.
The figure, different from before, melted into the ground, but no one suspected anything.
Louise fell to the ground, the floor vibrating as she did so. There was a thumping sound and Louie woke up, never to see the process.
"Louise? What happened?"
He turned right, rubbed his eyes and stood. When he pulled his hands back, he saw an unconscious Louise.
She suddenly got up, her eyes black this time, and she lifted her arms, aiming towards Louie, and fired a pulse of telekinetic waves.
Louie was sent flying across the small cell and hit the concrete wall. Luckily, the telekinetic wave wasn't strong enough to break his spine.
"Hey! What was-"
Louise splayed her right arm, facing the iron bars, and they were ripped apart, small enough to let her, and not him, out.
She flew through the gap and she was never seen again.
"Louise? What happened?"

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Sorry for the disturbance. The chapter above this post is supposed to be Chapter 29, not Chapter 28.
Sorry, again.

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C H A P T E R 30
- - - Paul's Downfall - - -

Paul shook his head from left to right, feeling dizzy after doing that and regretted it by cursing together with putting his talon-filled hands between his temples.
But he realized they were tied.
"So, finally awake?"
It was a voice Paul recognized.
Paul's face quickly turned to a heavily-covered figure, by covered, it was robed.
Paul was losing vision. His head was spinning with so much dizziness, but he was resilient to headaches.
He looked at himself. He was tied to the core, from neck to toe. Instead of wearing Lay Down armor, he was wearing rags and trousers with holes everywhere, except for certain parts. His face was bruised, riddled with blue-black and with close inspection, runes around his neck. Most probably, he was injured everywhere, but his regeneration talent was not in use at all and he could not even understand why.
"Magic," He thought.
He shook his head and he never felt hair moving like it used to. From outside, his head was burned too, the hair being heated the most.
He shifted his focus to the figure.
"Kage, what are you doing?"
The figure retracted back, footsteps heard at the impacts of the slippers.
"How did you know?" The figure looked scared, like a sissy.
"Oh please," He took a quick breath. "Who wouldn't remember your sissy voice?"
He realized it was hard to breathe, probably due to the fact that this was airtight and that was not good.
"Say that one more time, I'mma-"
"That's enough," Now this time, it was not familiar to Paul at all.
A Halbertian in a rather large suit wearing an ancient monocle entered the room. He was about 6 feet tall, which was unusual for Halbertians, but possible, according to the prisoner here. His face looked as if it was the one that attracted all the ladies, other than his big, muscular chest and extraordinary biceps. Paul doesn't know about his abdomen, though, because of the thick suit he wore.
His suit was a plain white and black tuxedo with a strange tie. It had two red lines, one pink line, one peach line, a blue line and a black line. Paul immediately knew what they represented.
"You've captured me too, eh? And a human? Really? And where did you get a hybrid species? How did you-"
"Shut up, Paul," The big Halbertian said. It was deep and low. Maybe he could even sing a country song.
"Let me guess," Paul let his head stoop, then lifted it up again quickly. "You have magic."
The Halbertian did not make any move, except for breathing hydrogen. Then his jaw opened.
"Yes, I have. Would you care to try?"
"Like?" Paul said in a mockingly way.
"Control the four elements, control minds, travel through time.."
Paul made a cough that interrupted his speech.
"The part you said about traveling through time is a lie."
Kage was about to lunge at Paul with his talons when the big man rested a hand on him. Kage was breathing hard, angry and flushed with revenge. After the breathing stopped, he looked at the man like his master. He then moved back like a servant, bowing as low as possible and shifting backwards, sliding noises being made by the annoying slippers.
"Master Brian-"
"What did you say, lowlife?"
Kage raised his hands with lightning speed in defense, then smashed the door open and ran out. There were tears on where he stood. He whimpered away as well.
Suddenly, fire was summoned at the will of the giant on his right palm.
"Do you know what this is?"
Paul peered at the fireball, trying to understand any logic behind the spell, and when he couldn't, he closed his eyes while taking a deep breath.
"No answers? Fine-"
Paul exploded from within. Fire whirled out of his red skin, traveling towards Brian. The strains, which were psychic waves holding his wrists and ankles, were broken by the fire. Paul floated for a bit and felt magic surge through him.
The flames that were headed for Brian were dissipated by a splay of his arm. It was magnificently performed and there wasn't any heat released from the fire at all. The temperature of the room was alike before the blast.
"How did you do that?" Brian did not look surprised at all.
Paul landed on the ground softly.
"Theories, Brian. Theories."
Brian's left eye twitched. Then, he raised his right arm, without the fireball and clenched his fist.
Paul's eyes turned red, then purple.
"Do not call me Brian. Call me Master."
Paul's brain kept on fighting the mind waves that were raging their way through thoughts, protocols, will and probably everything the brain has.
He went rigid, his whole body shaking to the waves, then he stood normally, with no signs of shakiness.
"Yes, Master."

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C H A P T E R 31
- - - Look! Another Prisoner! - - -

1 P.M

It was afternoon and Louie was sent to the cafeteria in prisoner clothes to eat. The cafeteria looked normal, like in any other prisons back on Earth, or on television shows. The food was alienated food, something humans do not recognize. There were actual raw and moving eyes that contain pupils which were moving simultaneously.
He saw Halbertians chow down to those things called food. The tables were set in rows and could be easily destroyed if enough effort was given.
Forks and spoons clashed together as they ate. The clanking noises were at random paces. Even if it were at pace, Louie would have hated it. The place was also loud as there were laughing and shouting. Louie wished he could be out of jail as soon as possible.
He received a grasp at his left shoulder. He twisted his neck towards to the source.
"Eat the food. You'll waste it if you don't."
It was a Halbertian. And Louie thought he was too stupid and ignorant to recognize the features of a human.
"I can't. I'm human."
The guy frowned and threatened him.
"If you're human, you can't be here. You're supposed to be dead then-"
A splatter of food spread across his right cheek. It was of disgusting green and red together. A few of his friends he gained giggled in deep voices.
"Hey, hey. Don't hurt my friend there," said a human-Halbertian. He was pointing towards Louie.
The Halbertian moved his face towards the hybrid and sent his right hand to grab the plate. He threw the plate forward and, would the hybrid have not dodged, there would not be a fight.
The cafeteria suddenly became a battlefield.
The same guy who threw that plate hit the person behind the hybrid. The platter hit him hard and he grabbed his fork and threw back, but hit another prisoner's eye, causing it to bleed profusely.
The hybrid tumbled towards Louie and forced him under the tables.
"Hello, Louie. Just Yulli here, trying to save your butt."
"Yulli? You too?" He shouted, to best the shouting noises, or least enough for him to catch. "Oh, right. And how would you know that guy was going to attack me."
"I'm not as smart as Paul. But I know I can memorize more than you can imagine."
"Well," he continued. "You wanna know how I got here?"
Louie thought for a moment. He was emphasizing it by tapping his chin with his index finger, his right elbow resting on his left palm.
"You somehow got caught by guards, huge ones, in the Lay Down Tournament and you were put in jail approximately a day ago?"
"That's not the full details, but yeah, that's it. How do you know the guards were big?"
Louie rested his eyebrows down and lifted his right side of the lip up as a smile.
"Elementary, Yulli."
There was a thud, then a breaking sound. Yulli was the first to react.
A fist came down through the table and was towards Louie, when Yulli moved to grab the fist and smacked the elbow. The strength and momentum of the strike caused the elbow to break. The shout was agonizing. Within that moment, Yulli grabbed the lower torso of the unknown person and flipped him. The person landed on his back on a bench and broke it too and apparently fractured his spine.
"That's how you do it, Louie."
The boy was backing away when a Halbertian grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up in the air.
He immediately flailed, but nothing happened. He regained his thought and sent a back kick up in the air.
Yet another shout was made, but it was enshrouded by the constant yelling around here.
Louie continued the combo by punching the enemy's face everywhere, the nose, the eyes, the mouth, as it was easy doing it since Louie was almost as tall as him.
When Louie followed Yulli when he beckoned him to, the guards finally came to stop this by firing a blank from a laser pistol. The room was finally quiet.
Everyone else except Yulli looked at the group of guards.
"Alright!" said one of the guards. "Who started it?!"
Some were already unconscious. Maybe it was an unconscious person that started it.
There were people pointing to other people excessively. There were curses and blames directed to each other, alien saliva being spit from some prisoners. There were too many voices for the guards to decipher.
Another blank was shot and the room became silent once more.
Yulli stood up and pushed between the waves of prisoners as they grumble and moan. He reached the guards and raised his right arm with his index finger pointing up.
"I know who started it."
Now attention was drawn to Yulli. He smiled.
"It was him."
He redirected his arm towards the Halbertian who once put his hand on Louie's shoulder.
"It wasn't me! I-"
"You were about to hurt that little guy, when I stopped you. Then you threw food and I dodged."
Yulli's voice caught the guards' trust.
"Number 60021. Is it true?"
"Of course it's true," thought Louie.
"No! I was only advising that kid-"
"Back to your cell. No food for you at dinner."
Louie looked at Yulli with widened eyes.

12 A.M.

Louie was shifting positions in order to get comfortable on the bed, but it was hard to get to the comfort level because of the bed. It was a full moon.
"A day. They would've gotten the ship by now."
"Not yet."
It was a voice of recognition.
"We still have time. We've got to move."
It was Yulli, just outside Louie's cell.
"How did you escape?"
Yulli tilted his head from left to right while making a semi-duck face.
"Oh, you know. Stuff."
Louie got up from the bed and stood on the cold floor of dried cement. It was smooth as Louie noted it.
"What happened?"
Yulli looked to his right and shrugged his shoulders. He got a laser cutter and thumbed a red button down. Laser appeared from the hilt like a Star Wars' lightsaber. He moved towards the bars and made a square hole small enough for Louie to sneak out. The noise of the cut was so small, that only bats can hear it. Bars broke and each time one did, he put them down without dropping it, laying it down like a gentleman, or perhaps gentler.
"How did you get that?"
"Guards' armory. It's surprising they got an expensive laser cutter. This one here is good quality."
Louie walked towards the hole and one foot by one foot, he stepped out. He looked to his left and saw dead bodies. All of them guards on patrol.
He was not shocked. He expected this to happen. The question Louie asked made Yulli crane his neck by a short length in a jerk.
"How many did you kill?"
"Um, uh.. uh.."
Yulli did not count how many he killed, so he took a guess.
"About 10?" He said, then started moving. "We've gotta waste no time at all. Alarms will be heard anytime soon. We need to-"
"The exit's this way," Louie said while pointing to the opposite direction.
"No, I've got a better idea."
The pair of escapees ran to the edge of the concrete wall, through the dead bodies. Louie even stepped on fresh blood. Blood was further splattered and his shoes were soaked. Louie's memories were triggered. He remembered the first day of meeting aliens two years ago. He could still remember the pain he went through.
Yulli snapped his daydreaming activity.
"Concrete, eh?"
Louie was dazed. He recovered by shaking his head.
He stuck the laser cutter into the wall and started making a hole again. The custom concrete debris fell towards Yulli, but he sent his muscular arms and threw it aimlessly, but not to Louie. The boy looked below and saw a pile of plastic bags filled with trash inside. And probably blood too.
"C'mon," Yulli said, "Jump."
He was motioning his hand to signal Louie to jump. With reluctance, Louie fell to the dump. Yulli followed after, making sure not to land on Louie.
This place was a landfill, cursed garbage stacked on high. The stench of this place was so enormous, it could cause ailments to the weak, but somehow, Louie did not mind the smell at all.
"The hidden exit is there," He pointed to the fence that was high and mighty.
Louie started daydreaming again. He climbed through this before. And..
Yulli smacked him at his right shoulder.
"Ow!" The short shout got through a guard's ear who was patrolling the outskirts of this prison. Alarms were sounded.
"Well, I'm leaving you here if you don't come."
Yulli jumped from the trash to the gravel of the dump magnet. He ran through the multitude of the stinky and cut another hole in a quick flurry of hand movements. Louie followed Yulli as the alarms were loud and clear.

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C H A P T E R 32
- - - Reunited Once More! Not. - - -

"Intruder inbound! Intruder inbound!"
The repeated shouts came from the speakers in the very same prison, located high above the tenth floor.
Indeed, intruders were inbound. Gilbert's team were.
Bill had blasted the metal doors open and dented them into crumpled paper. He took the damage from the bullets shot by guards everywhere.
Gilbert went in and started sharpshooting the guards. He rushed in and brought out his Pair Of Blades, uncombined, and aimed with a quick glance. He pulled the trigger and red light was flushed out from both pistols. The shots went into heads, chests and limbs. Some were even dead. Some shouted, "No! Don't kill me!"
But it would be disrupted by the time Gilbert rushed in on them and snapped their necks.
Amelek went in last, with hands at his arms, shivering as it was winter in this area. It was almost zero degree Celsius. He was covered with a jungle of coats. His nature to produce heat and resist heat has not been acquired yet because he, as a semi-Halbertian, was not fully developed yet. Gilbert had that nature already. And Bill.. Let's just say he also had the same nature too.
Bill, yet again, charged on towards the second set of doors. The second pair of doors was not very dented as the first one. It was made of stronger metal.
Amelek was smart enough to notice the changes.
"What kind of security is this?" He whispered to himself.
The interior of the prison was metallic and cleaned to the max, except the cafeteria, because that is where all food fights begin. There were ten floors, the first floor being where the team was. The second to the tenth floors were all prison cells. Guards were nowhere to be seen, but prisoners inside their cells.
"Well, Gilbert? Where do we start?" asks Amelek with a slight grin.
"Well, we could start from top to bottom. I know this place-"
"No, you don't," Amelek interrupts. "You only know Cred and Cred only."
Gilbert's anger was arisen a little. "I know Earth-"
"Yeah, yeah," Amelek shouted as he went to the stairs.
The stairs were metallic too. The steps are a little too high for humans and a person could drop off if pushed because there were not any rails to hold on to.
Amelek climbed up two steps per climb and was at running speed. Gilbert was already catching up fast, but Bill was left behind because of his sheer size not being able to fit through the flights of stairs.
Amelek's legs were only starting to shake when Gilbert went up without much difficulty.
"You go left, I go-"
Amelek raised his right arm and touched Gilbert's head with his palm. He enclosed his fingers and turned Gilbert's head to the right.
"There's a hole. Yulli could have made it."
Gilbert made a slight frown while approaching to Amelek's forearm when it contracted from him.
"Wait, that's the way to The Nameless Bar."
"So.." Amelek said, while looming towards the hole for closer inspection. "They're hungry."
Then, Amelek let his shoulders down like he was disappointed. His face was like a Oh-C'mon! face, but without exclamation.
"Then why did we charge into this place anyway?!" He shouted with shot-up arms, then flailing it around in a split second.
Then, both of them argued, with Bill standing there like a statue.
Both of them stopped arguing after a minute. The boy and Halbertian could have sworn there was a monster groaning.
Amelek shouted suddenly, "Wargh!!!" His knowledge of cursing and swearing was spat out.
Gilbert hushed him, but surprisingly, Amelek immediately shut up.
A floating figure in black robes hovered above the ground from one of the prison cells. Reasons on how he escaped or got out of the bars were unknown. It was heavily robed, but the face was revealed. It was jet black, except for the eyes. The eyes had a wide variety of colours, ranging from red to violet in the rainbow. White runes were tattooed or, better explained, burned, everywhere around his face. They were in unknown language, not even historians recognize in one bit. Though, with Amelek's sharp eyes, there was a word that was written in English that said, 'Control'. He had no hair, leaving his bald scalp round and shiny, so to speak.
"I come in peace."
Gilbert and Amelek looked at each other.
"Yulli?" Amelek said softly. Both of them looked back.
In fact, the figure did look like Yulli.
"There is an uprising, caused by my master. And Master wants to destroy the Universe-"
"Why?" Amelek asks suddenly. He grasped onto his Pair Of Blades at both his pockets.
"Stop grabbing on to your weapons, child. I repeat, I come in peace. I want to stop Master for he wants to destroy the worlds we live in. Do you agree to come and help me?"
Amelek released his grip on the guns and said in a cold tone, "How could we trust you?"
"Why should I halt my master from destroying the universe? Is it not his dreams to do so and I, to follow him? After all, I call Master, my master."
"What's his name?" asks Gilbert.
The figure started to shiver and vibrate a bit.
"It is best I do not tell you. That sentence was all I have. So, if you trust me, I shall give you my powers. Or rather, share."
"Okay, it's not that guy. It is," stated Amelek in a loud voice while pushing his index finger towards a big slimy monster. It has one eye and a big, gigantic mouth. It is like a Ditto in Pokémon, but a much larger version. The eye is a very unique eye. It contains the normal eyes' contents of a human, but it can shoot acidic slime from the eyeball itself, as it was shown shooting it just now and Gilbert, Amelek and the figure avoiding it. The mouth contains a cave of white and vigorous carnivore teeth.
"Get on to the platform!" shouts the figure.
He makes a platform out of his own black skin. It was rectangle and a size as big as a carpet in a grand house.
"Magic carpet!" Amelek shouted, mixed with excitement and fear, and jumped onto the carpet with Gilbert and the figure.
"We can use this vain place for an experiment. I am going to test my power sharing. Come close, fellows. And, my name, finally, is Yulli."
Gilbert and Amelek looked at each other again.
And runes were carved all over Gilbert and Amelek.

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C H A P T E R 33
- - - Falcon Time! - - -

Long since forgotten, Falcon had been laying on the floor in the hosts' room. It felt like Paul was gone eras ago, Gilbert and two others broke through the prison as if it was last year and Louie escaped along with Yulli two years ago.
But indeed, Falcon woke up two days on a white and deathly bed in a hospital. The bed was surrounded by waves of white curtains held by the track of thin metal that got hooked.
He woke up, his hands spreading across his head to check any problems. He proceeded to turn his body and step up from the bed.
"Folcan. Where are you?"
The voice alone echoed throughout this room. Copies of his voice were repeated over and over as if it was a gigantic room. Footsteps sounded as the voice rang into the doctors' and nurses' ears. The curtains were swung open and mouths moved in multiple ways. Some were constantly opening and closing, some just opened widely.
He was instantly ushered to his bed by one of the nurses for check-up. Folcan, as big as always, barely hid behind the curtains, his head almost reaching the metal.

An hour later

"Folcan, what's the status?"
Falcon laid his forearms on his table back on Xernian. There was a slight change to his office. A new device was added into the office. It was a big 50-inch television that shows the whole of Xernian from a satellite's view. He was also back on his favourite chair, the uncomfortable one and looked up at his very own brother.
"Everything looks fine. Xernian is safe, but we have yet to capture Paul, let alone capture the ship."
"Dang it!" There was a bang on the table.
"Where's Kage?" Falcon asked.
Folcan hesitated for a moment. "He's gone too, sir."
"Well, let's start over. We can separate troops to search related places-"
"But there's a thousand places in Halbert and you don't even know where-"
"Shut up, I'm talking here!"
He did not realize he was standing up already, perhaps from excitement and anger at the same time. Sweat was leaking from his head, red as wine. His face was a bitter mixture of disgust, hate and disappointment.
His head turned to his left and saw a small green dot in the television that was heading for Xernian directly above the office. Then, alarms were sounded.
Folcan rushed towards Falcon and grabbed him. He missed his footing and tripped, but recovered as he smashed the door open to the hallway.
It was long enough to be terrifying when it was night, and it was. The hallway was flooded with doors at its sides, leading to offices of each kind of ministries. The hallway had floors of glittering beige tiles and was sometimes a game to the employees and employers to step between the cracks, which was fun, usually. The walls were painted red with elegance and awareness, letting not one drop of paint ruin anything at all, with the ceiling included. Every few feet on the ceiling, oblong-shaped fluorescent light bulbs paced backwards as Folcan rushed through the hallway, careful not to hurt his brother.
Doors behind Folcan opened and Hellbertians appeared. All were in suits for work. Most of them panicking.
The small green dot was reaching the office and now in range of 200 metres before landing. Folcan was already reaching for the end of the hallway when the thing hit the office.
Falcon looked behind and his face was assaulted by dust caused by the blast's force. The explosion was bright green, but the ones far behind Folcan were only affected. Dust only covered the rest. The explosion was small, but the force it gives was a notable effect as it was abnormally more than the expected radius. It pushed the whole building down. The ceiling revealed cracked spacings, then in an instant, debris was collapsing next onto crimson-skinned victims, but not Folcan.
The force pushed Folcan forward the door and Falcon missed a steel pole by an inch. Only Folcan got impaled.
Blood stained Falcon's face as he was gasping, half from the hydrogen loss and half from his brother's death.
"Folcan? Folcan?! Hey! Hey! WAKE UP!!!!"
Folcan was sprayed with blood across his face and his clothes. The steel pole penetrated through the skull and the brain. If it did pierce through somewhere other than the brain, he would have lived. But he didn't. Regeneration was impossible for this kind of injury. His face was a wrecked havoc, his mouth opening in horror, his eyes widened to the utmost limit.
A hand covered a cheek of the face. It started petting the cheek.
"Wake up. Wake up. Wake up."
It started to hit faster, along with the high-pitched slapping noise being louder.
Falcon looked up to the sky and saw a message made out of purely fireworks.
I don't need you anymore.

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C H A P T E R 34
- - - Yulli, The Good Or The Bad? - - -

"Yulli, why are we in a bar?" asked Louie as he sat on a stool and turned his face towards Yulli.
The bar inside here is a traditional bar like those saloons in the olden times back on Earth. It had that smooth feeling when it came to the wooden floor and planks were made with it. Some nails and screws were used in it, some loose, some tight. A few people had bar fights and the floor was the cause of splinters everywhere. The bar was decently small, with three small round tables by each side and two chairs each table. Near and inside the entrance appeared a counter where a bartender serves all kinds of drinks. There was a second floor leading to enclosed rooms for mafia business that no one cares to bother.
"One vodka shot and a glass of rum!" shouted Yulli as he banged the counter with his right fist while smiling widely.
The bartender was a Halbertian, but he was silent in everything he did and he did not say a thing. He took a bottle of vodka while taking out a small glass. He poured it down the small glass and slid it towards Yulli with proficiency.
He grabbed the sliding glass like it was automated and took a sip. He shivered.
"Feels great to be here again."
"But," Louie said. "I don't drink."
Yulli tilted his head and narrowed his right eye.
"C'mon, it's only one day. It couldn't hurt, could it?"
A tall glass, about three times taller than the short glass beside it, filled with that brownish and yellowish liquid stood in front of Louie, waiting to be drank.
Louie felt unsure about it.
"C'mon, let me do it."
Yulli instantly grabbed the glass and chugged it down Louie. For the actual first time in his life, this was his first alcohol drank. It tasted sour.
Louie looked the other way and started coughing with a loud bark.
"What was that?!" He spat, but only saliva came out.
"Why, that was rum. How did it taste like?"
Louie stood up with his hands wrapped gently around his throat. His cheeks were red with the rum, his eyes widened, his jaw shaking.
"Hot, from the mouth down the throat!"
"That's more like it. Here! Have so'more!"
He shouted an order of a bottle of rum and quickly chugged it into Louie's mouth.
A few minutes later, he was very drunk.
"Good," Yulli said with the very same smile when ordering.
Louie was blabbering about the taste of rum and the love of his life.
He was a mess. His dark and dull blue shirt was stained with rum due to the forcing down of the bottle of rum. His black plain pants measuring down to just below the knee was wet too. His face was of a happy fool's face. His eyes were closed together opposite to the mouth smiling and laughing loudly and openly. He had hiccups from time to time and kept on shouting, "MORE RUM! MORE RUM!"
He was dragged by Yulli over to the second floor where no one was right now.
The second floor looked more like a corridor of rooms, all still made out of wooden planks. There were four doors leading to rooms. Two at the furthest were closed. Only the left one and the right one just between Yulli was opened. There were no lights here. Light was only provided in the rooms. The doors were made out of reinforced wooden planks. They came from trees that were specially in Xernian. Seeing this months ago, Yulli concluded that it was a Hellbertian that owned this place.
Yulli pulled the laughing body into the room to his right.
"What's happening-"
"Um," Yulli said. "We're going back home."
"But we don't have a home," Louie countered, but never realized because he was so drunk.
"I've.." He hesitated. "I've got an errand. You stay here-"
"Okay!" Louie shouted suddenly. Luckily, the walls here were soundproof, even if the walls were made from wood.
Yulli took off his shirt by unbuttoning it. He pulled the shirt off his chest and black runes encircled his dirty navel. He reached for the runes and traced it. Black snakes appeared from the runes and climbed onto his finger. They later enveloped his whole hand to his wrist. The snakes stayed there, obedient to his master.
He stuck the covered hand into Louie's stomach.

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C H A P T E R 35
- - - Brian's Gang: Part 1 - - -

Hours after Chapter 34

Kage sat on a wooden and stiff chair in front of a wooden table that was just a head lower than himself, tapping his feet as he waited.
The room was in a distorted dimension. It contained of weird and groovy walls that were purple as violas. There was one door that also followed the pattern on the walls. The room was small, only having a 21 square metre space. Every non-living thing that was here was wooden. The height of the room was similar to Brian's height.
Brian stood next to the door. Other than Kage, Louise and Louie were here, minds wiped out.
"Louie. Do you know a Halbertian named Pru?"
He was staring at the table blankly while tapping his eight fingers and two thumbs onto the table. It produced sounds that made Brian annoyed a little, but he persevered.
Louie looked up, not being aware of the situation and the question at hand.
"I said, do you know a Halbertian named Pru?!"
The voice boomed across the room and bounced everywhere.
"I have never heard of it," said Louie monotonously.
"Don't lie!"
The table shook, making all three of the apprentices to jerk up straight, aligning their back to the spine of the chair.
"Master," Kage said. "Maybe he doesn't know-"
"Shut up, Kage!"
Brian took a seat on the chair and laid his elbows upon the table and rested his head on his hands. His mind was jumbled up from today's work, earning credits by marketing illegal devices, dealing with sneaky thieves and a whole bunch of non-legal activities.
"Master?" That was Louie talking.
"I need to know if you know Pru. He is hunting me down, from childhood til' now. Plus, I'm not even sure where he is right now. Could be in Xernian. Or even in Halbert. Trillions of planets out there. He attacked me-"
"Master. If I may be so bold, when and where were you attacked?" Louise said with a formal tone. Unusual it is for her to be talking this way.

Flashback To Year 35 A.D.

Brian the kid fell to the rubber floor. His butt hurt like poking needles as he landed.
"Why are you here again?!"
He was out at the park, playing at the swing. He was rather hard with it to the point of almost no return. The park had two sets of swings, each set having a pair of swings. There were two sets of see-saws. They were left empty when Brian fell. Kites flew, coordinating to the wind, which was strong. Benches lay beside the jogging path and a basketball court nearby was fortified with fences so that balls would not escape from the court easily. It was empty too. Yellow rails made of metal surrounded the park except for two entrances that were emphasized quite well with poles of metal as broad as the rails making a bridge-like pattern and enough space for people to walk by. There were signs that said 'Park' and was erected with efficiency. Small children as young as seven or eight years old were frightened and scared upon seeing a Halbertian with a pistol. Parents quickly got their children and tried to run away but the Halbertian was shooting off warning shots at them to stop them fro0m running.
"I told you, you would rue the day you injured me."
Pru, with a flash, aimed his pistol at Brian. At that moment, Brian smacked his hands on the floor and a rubber wall erupted from beneath, shielding himself from Pru. A shot was fired and the bullet, made out of lead, failed to penetrate through the wall. The gunshot was incredibly loud that it was ear-piercing.
"Pru, I've done my training on this.. Weird power. Give it up! It's been a year since you attacked me. It's a long time of training. You can't win-"
He gasped as he saw Pru on the rubber wall that he made. Pru was smiling.
Then Brian was smiling as well.
"Bad idea, Pru."
Brian smacked his hands again onto the rubber floor and a spike appeared from under Pru. It impaled through his you-know-what up to his head.
"Now you know why you shouldn't mess with me-"
He was so into delighting his victory that he only realized that he was surrounded by armed policemen aiming their shotguns and pistols at him.
"If you move," said one of them. "You will be shot."
"Heck if I care!"
Brian pushed at the air with both arms at both sides. Wind obeyed his command and swept the policemen away like an explosion.
He got up and looked at Pru.
Even after the humongous pain, Pru still got to talk.
"Watch out."
Pru disappeared out of thin air.


"Dude, you own him! How could you be so afraid-"
"First of all, it's not all. And you didn't call me Master!"
Brian swung an arm up and Kage was sent away with a strong rush of wind. It pushed him against the wooden wall and proceeded to choking him.
"Say it," Brian held up his hand to his ear to listen to him.
"Yes," He gasped. "Mas.. Ter."
Kage was let off. He landed on the floor with a bumping sound and held his throat gently as he regained hydrogen.
"So that's why I am strict if you don't call me Master. Got it, both of you?"
Louie and Louise nodded slowly like they were brainwashed zombies.
Then Louise initiated, "So what other attacks did you encounter, Master?" It was a sweet tone and Louie was himself for a second before the magic enveloped him.
"Wait, where's Paul?"
Brian clicked his fingers together and Kage burned, but not the room because of its magical protection.
He ran around the room like an idiot would.
Brian tapped his right foot lightly and a piece of wood of Kage's mouth size traveled to his mouth and sealed it off shut, which meant piercing through the lips if necessary.
"A rather foolish and disobedient, this one. But he still obeys. What a resilient one," Brian commented.
"Paul," He answered. "Is in a cell bound by psychic barriers. It would hold him until his mind is completely taken over."
"But why, Master?" Louie said this time.
"His mind is strong. It was able to overcome one of my minion's mind capture longer than any of you. Say, Louie. Is Paul that smart?"
"Well, he is four times smarter than Albert Einstein."
Brian sighed with his mouth closed. "I don't know who that is, but I'm guessing he's really smart then."
"So why are you scared of Pru, Master?" Louise asked in a sweeter tone. Louie's spell had been broken yet again, but for longer this time.
"Where am I?!"
Louie was looking around, absorbing the situation into his head and wondering why and how he came here. He looked to his right.
"Louise?!" His eyes widened as he saw her in this place. He was then embracing Louise in his arms warmly, not caring about what happens in the world anymore, or at least in this room.
"Master, why is Louie.."
Brian pushed at the air and psychic waves enveloped Louie in an instant. The waves whirled around him until he was brainwashed again.
"It seems I have to see Yulli for this. The hybrid one, that is."
"There are two, Master?" Louise asked.
"Oh yes. One shady and one proud. This has nothing to do with Pru for now. And the reason why I am starting to get scared of Pru.."

Flashback To Year 36 A.D.

Brian the kid was in an alleyway, living by the streets. His parents had abandoned him as he was a monster, technically speaking. Due to that, he had more time to concentrate on improving his powers. He was not on his way to ultimate mastery, but it was improving drastically. He had lived the thug life, robbing department stores and restaurants for food and water. Shelter was not a problem as he could make one by manipulating the ground.
The alleyway had a few dumpsters posted at one side of the concrete walls. The floor was as the same colour as the roads on Earth in the future, with a few number of cracks of tar. Looking up, the sky was clear with only a few pure white clouds floating around.
Brian was there, eating food he stole from, when Pru, the same Halbertian stumbled upon his nemesis.
"Brian. Time for you to die!"
He lunged at Brian with full force.

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C H A P T E R 36
- - - Gilbert's Past - - -

Same time as Chapter 32

"What are these?" asked Gilbert.
"They are runes. Some of them enable you to use magic. The rest augment your magic."
They were outside the prison, ready to slay the blob into pieces. Or burn it to ashes.
The remains of the defense perimeter were still intact, with walls embracing slight dents and scratches too small to be noticed from afar. The area was suddenly empty of unconscious guards. There were traces of blood, but they were too random to be traced. The ground absorbed some of the blood, it being dirt and gravel fused with.
Gilbert had a headache, his hands pressing against his temples, but carefully not to pierce them with his talons. Amelek had a headache too, but much stronger than that due to the fact that he was a hybrid. Humans faint instantly when they get these runes. Halbertians are hardier than humans. They were still on the organic platform, made out of the skin of a certain magician who called himself Yulli.
A few minutes was all it took for Gilbert to recover from the ache. He was lying on the platform, not sure what happened. He lifted himself a bit using his elbow and turned his neck to the robed magician and asked, "What's my status?"
Yulli raised his right arm and aimed his palm at Gilbert's head. The palm pulsed a green aura.
"You are fine. Do not worry. But do worry about your fellow over there," Yulli said as he pointed at Amelek, who had passed out a few seconds ago.
Gilbert got up to his feet and crouched down to wake Amelek up, but to no avail.
"How long will Amelek wake up?" He asked without looking at Yulli.
"Were my calculations be correct, it would consume five minutes at the least. His brain is comprehending the formulas of magic. Do not worry. Louie, Louise and Paul had-"
Gilbert turned around and immediately clawed Yulli's face with his talons. His eyes were wide in terror, his eyebrows lifted up within half its maximum height. His mouth was wide open, but not too big. He was breathing in hydrogen through his mouth. Then everything on his face became insane.
He was looking up in the air, laughing hysterically to himself. His bright red teeth shone in the sunlight. His lips were in an abnormally wide arc. His eyelids were opened widen compared to just now. Then, he started to claw his own face too.
"Paul got captured!" There was a puff of crazy laughter in between. "Louie got captured! Louise got captured!"
He was cracking up so much that he dropped to the floor.
Then he was dead insane. The bad insane.
"You captured them!"
He thrust both his arms toward Yulli, who was on the platform, minding his own face.
Yulli, with the power of manipulation of air, was able to sense his movements and he smacked the platform with his right fist. Black skin appeared from the platform under Gilbert and pushed Gilbert off the platform at his stomach. The push had a force stronger than a machine gun. He flew more than 25 feet.
When he landed hard, he immediately got up and looked at Yulli with red iris eyes. Yulli had triggered his sealed memories unintentionally.

Gilbert was once a Halbertian, living in a simple home, with normal parents and normal friends. His home was of metal, titanium, wood, gadgets, comfort, entertainment, resources and safety. Television were placed in each room, especially the toilet.
"But Mom-"
"No buts, Gilbert. Back to your room!"
Gilbert ran to his room on the second floor with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Gilbert rushed at Yulli with unimaginable speed and stabbed a talon into his abdomen, then making his talons 'twist'. The twirl caused an acute pain and the small intestines whirled into life as the talon mixed it along with the liver like a blender. The talons moved around, tearing Gilbert's skin apart just to move them in a circular motion.
"GET OFF!!" shouted Yulli.
He blasted Gilbert off himself with air, but taking his major organs along. It also damaged his lungs, causing him to put his palm against his chest instinctively.

Gilbert cried in his room, muttering curses at his parents. His room had a computer even more advanced than the supercomputers back on Earth, a bookshelf where he kept old novels like the Sherlock Holmes series. The room had a bed that could be sheltered with glass for air-conditioning inside. The switch was placed inside the bed too. A huge 100 inch wide television stood on a furnished table opposite the computer.
He looked up and flickered his eyes because of the tears. He wiped it off with his bare hands. He was not scared of his talons because they have not grown into full size yet.
"I just went out one step outside and they grounded me.."
His eyes turned red. Then his talons grew fast in a short time, shorter than a Halbertian transforming into a Hellbertian, which only took one second.

Gilbert got up with a handful of guts in his right hand. He suddenly raised his head diagonally and smiled bloodily. His lips were coated in dark red blood. His teeth was darker than their usual self. He licked his lips and looked at Yulli without turning his head.
"I remember now. It was YOU who killed my parents!"

Gilbert walked down the stairs, disobeying his parents. His talons grew sharper and thinner as he continued his steps.
"Hey, Mom!"
She was sitting on a sofa that contains countless customization. She was thinking whether she had been too harsh or not.
"Gilbert, I thought-"

Blood splattered the titanium floor. A hand rolled on the floor, with blood still spewing out. The talons Gilbert had had stretched across the small distance between him and his mother's wrist. The mother was dazed from the pain.
She shrieked and fainted.
The father came afterwards. He was dazed too, but angry and confused at the same time. He turned his gaze to his son, Gilbert.
He turned around quickly and started to run, but got caught at the leg. He was being pulled in. He felt utterly frightened, but disgusted at the same time. It was something in a semi-liquid, semi-solid state. Or rather, the mother's blood.
Gilbert looked at the father who had eyes full of terror and a jaw with bitter surprise.
"Gilbert, don't-"

It was his neck. Killed by the mother's blood. Gilbert's eyes returned to normal. Then, he absorbed the situation that was at hand.
It was definitely bloody. Red liquid spilled from the father's neck. The skin, muscle and bone were torn apart, literally, and the mother passed away from loss of blood. Both of them had their faces written in horror. The bodies bathed in blood, it trailing towards Gilbert. He stepped away from the blood and covered his mouth with his hands as quickly as possible. Then, he could not resist any more. Torrents of wastes from his stomach flowed from his throat and splashed the floor. They fused with the blood, making them even more grotesque.
He then looked behind him. He saw a white, almost-naked, Halbertian and he disappeared a second after that.

"I still have this power, right? So.."
He flicked his head down and turned towards Yulli. He raised his arms and flailed his fingers in the speed of sound. Blood sprayed around the platform Yulli had made, was raised and then immediately wrapping Yulli around, the most of the blood surrounding the skull.
Gilbert clenched his fist.
It all happened in a quick second. Blood was shot everywhere, exactly like the murder scene Gilbert made centuries ago.
He looked back and squatted.
"No more. No more. No more.."
He repeated the phrase while he rocked sideways.

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C H A P T E R 36
- - - Brian's Gang: Part 2 - - -

Flashback To Year 35 A.D.

Pru shouted as he lunged towards Brian. He sighed and planted his hand upon his face in disappointment.
"Haven't you learnt anything," asked Brian as he prepared a fire and wind punch combined. "That you can't get me at all-"
He swung his right hand up and Pru got mauled from the chin, but the fire and the force of the wind was not applied. Somehow, Pru had gotten at least something to nullify magic.
Pru had his claws out already and stabbed Brian at the shoulders, spilling blood out, but camouflaged by the crimson skin.
Brian acted out of instinct and raised a platform of earth as small as his shoe and let the earth bend his knee, knocking Pru at the chin, again, but blasted him 10 feet off the ground, ignoring the pain inflicted. Pru recovered slickly and shot nail missiles at Brian. He retaliated with a wall of concrete. The nail missiles exploded the wall, causing shards of concrete to cut Brian slightly.
His eyes widened as he saw Pru coming down on Brian, surrounded in fire. He relaxed then.
"My cue to escape."
He launched himself into the air using the combination of air pressure and manipulation of the concrete. He raised a platform to launch him and used air pressure to enable him to fly. Pru crashed into the ground with an injured head.


"And that, my minions, is why I am scared of him and why I need to find a way to counter him," said Brian.
The room was quiet. An ominous atmosphere entered it when Louie broke it.
"So, have you found anything?" asked Louie.
Brian smiled, but then looked sad a split second later.
"I have to trap Pru under a strong.. trap. But I have to use magic. Pru can break almost anything and he can dispel magic. I have to research this nullifying object that is in him, but how?"
There was a sound only heard by Brian. It was a like a sonar that detected an unknown entity.
"I shall go. Leave me be for now."
He flicked his fingers and a door appeared. He opened it and went through the dimension.
Louie, Louise and Kage stayed in the room and the Hellbertian stayed at the corner of the room, burned into the bone as the door disappeared. But his magical abilities enabled him to regenerate his muscles and skin. The atmosphere was awkward again.
"So," asked Louie. "How was your past like, Kage?"
And so, Kage told Louie and Louise about how he became Paul's apprentice. There were moments of shock and laughter. There was not any evil gang as enjoyable as Brian's gang.

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