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I really hope you like this. Please comment on my thread and state what was wrong in my story. I'd really appreciate it. Here I go!

By the way, Malaysia's schools are different from other schools. All schools require the students to wear uniforms. This is just fiction and they do not wear normal clothes to school. Please do not start an argument here, those from Malaysia or Singapore.



Year 2010, May.

Rumours were spread across Malaysia where there was an alien which crashed into the South China Sea. Scientists from other countries didn't bother because they were too infested in their inventions of computers and iPads and they said it was just a rumour, not proven yet.
The government had had search teams to investigate the crash site. None came back alive. The news shook the country and was afraid the world would end in the 21st of December, 2012.

Louie, a small boy, by the age of 12, took interest in this rumour. He had black hair, his fringe touching his brows. He usually wears a T-shirt and jeans to school. He was timid and shy, an introvert to be precise. He is lean and thin and he weighs about 85 pounds. He is tall, almost as tall as the typical doors in your houses. But he made friends with a guy who was athletic and smart, always getting medals and straight A's in tests. His favourite subject was Physics and he was crazy about aliens.
Everyday, he would look through the internet and find clues to the whereabouts of the search teams. But everyday, searches that were made were fruitless.
His friends would just laugh at his theories of aliens. His best friend didn't make any remarks or replies. One of his theory was that the aliens were not in grey, but in bright and blood red. He'd even thought that the aliens are ruthless killing beasts, but not travelers to investigate this planet.

"Just give up and forget about it," Amelek advised, his best friend, in a sorrowful tone. Amelek was serious about it.
The 12-year-old ignored his best friend's opinion and became more obsessed with aliens to the point when he tried to put posters of aliens in his neighbourhood. He got laughed off more instead.

Aliens are always believed to be intelligent and smart. He thought they were violent and devious and they had just borrow technology from another species.

One day, Louie was walking back home, excited to research on the paranormal activity that happened last month. He lived in a normal neighbourhood. Kids would laugh at him because he was supposedly crazy. But he didn't care. He promised himself that he would humiliate mankind when aliens were proven real.
A hazardous factory based on nuclear was in the neighbourhood since last year. But nothing obvious has happened since then, just another factory that existed.
Louie thought, "It was about time I find out what's in there." He changed his direction from his house to the factory. Metal fences higher than him by would block him from entering. He willed himself to climb over the fence and continued towards it.
He stopped his steps in front of the giant door. The exterior of the factory has no sharp curves but roundish ones. There's not even one giant tube facing up to let out smoke and small pipes leading to a river because there's no river in this neighbourhood. The giant door in front of him is about three times his size.
"Time to get in," He cracked his knuckles and pushed the door open.
There was nothing but a corridor leading forwards. It's a straight walk to doom.
And he was going to doom.

He walked through the lifeless and dark corridor and came across another door. Now, it's smaller than the previous one. He opened the door and saw red aliens doing experiments on numerous humans.
Even a young and obsessed alien researcher didn't get any news on abduction of humans.
The door creaked loudly and the alienated figures looked at him instantly. They were outraged. One showed its alien teeth, sharp and nasty. Louie noted the teeth colour as they're red too.
He felt a sharp pain from his left shoulder. A large cut from an alien. Its claws were soaked with fresh blood. Louie held his left shoulder with his right hand. He forgot that touching wounds would cause more pain. He shouted in agony and his mind couldn't take it anymore. So, he fell unconscious.

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C H A P T E R 38
- - - Temporary Alliance - - -

Same time as Chapter 36

There was a ship that saw the bloody fight between Gilbert and Yulli and saw the results of the fight. The ship was a small scout ship, set in invisibility mode. It is as small as a two-seated car. The curves of the ship were perfectly shaped and the ship is light. It looked as though it was more advanced that Halbert's own ship.
Inside the ship, it was fully metal and only one alien resided in this ship, Falcon. He was exhausted and looked tired from the explosion in Xernian. He was wearing the same shirt and pants but without his tie. He landed the ship in the forest and pressed the button to open the door. He led himself towards the destroyed prison and passed through the entrance. He took sympathy as he saw Gilbert covered in blood.
The Halbertian who squatted turned to face him. His face was bloody too. He soon realized this and wiped his face off with Yulli's robe.
"Stay back. My powers may kill you."
Falcon really retreated until it was a safe distance from him.
"Do you know who I am, Gilbert?"
Gilbert squinted his eyes and looked at him. Then, he slowly shook his head.
"I am the president of Xernian, a planet of mutated Halbertians and-"
Gilbert raised his right arm and Falcon was lifted into the air using his blood.
"What is the meaning of this?!"
Gilbert smirked the moment he asked that question.
"All mutated Halbertians need to die. Especially you."
He slowly closed his fist, making Falcon's body so swollen, it was like a very obese man.
"Wait, wait!" Falcon exclaimed. "I am here to make a temporary alliance with you! My cause is-"
The blob monster from before appeared from the prison with Bill suddenly inside it.
He dropped Falcon off, leaving him injured and breathing hard. Then, he used the blood spilled by Yulli and the blood absorbed by the robe and combined them together to make a gigantic mouth of the crocodile. He then left it frozen in the air and controlled Bill's blood. He pulled his hands backwards and Bill was from the blob, breathing hard like Falcon, but easier. He was covered in harmless goo and was stumbling away from the monster as Gilbert did something about it.
He motioned the mouth to life and started munching the blob. Gilbert knew it was no use, so he clenched his right fist and everything inside it was vanished, destroyed by a vacuum.
He turned towards Bill and checked if everything was alright. When he confirmed it, he turned towards Falcon, who was still recovering, and lifted him up in the air again.
"Why are you making this alliance?"
"We have the same objective."
Gilbert leaned closer to hear him out.
"We have to kill Kage and the rest of his gang."

"Another one!"
Yulli, the hybrid, was in the same bar again, drinking his favourite beer. The bar had bar fights once in a while, but this next fight was going to be the best in the whole world. It was rowdy, as usual, with some Halbertians here and there drinking down their problems or for celebrations. The VIP room was unusually noisy too, with guests as rich as businessmen, playing blackjack, poker and all sorts of card games. There were a lot of money at stake too.
There was a banging sound from the door or rather the opening of it. It was Gilbert.
Yulli started with a loud voice that stopped everyone from their businesses, "Hey, if you're going to open the door, do it softly-"
Gilbert raised his arms and lifted Yulli into the air like a baby, and tried to splay his arms, but Yulli broke the magic that was put inside his blood using his own magic.
"What is this madness?!"
He shot out a fireball that was conjured from his palms, but Gilbert used his talons to slice his skin to release the blood. From just a thin layer, he used his blood as a barricade against the fireball. It basically nullified the fireball. Gilbert made it spiked and he sent it, only to be liquefied by Yulli's magic penetration.
There was a millilitre of blood sliced from Yulli's face. It caused a small cut too. It was Falcon with a sniper rifle.
"Yulli. You are dead."
He aimed his sniper rifle at him, but did not realize Yulli had the Universe's fastest reaction. When he pull the trigger, the bullet traveled.
"Weak," said Yulli.
He moved his head to an angle and dodged the bullet within millimetres. The bullet smashed into the wall of the bar instead.
"Please use your cr*p weapon somewhere else, Falcon. I 'm gonna spare you."
He sent a thin ripple of wind which cut through the muscles of Falcon, slicing his abdomens but a few centimetres. He staggered back in shock and started to take cover behind the wall, just next to the door.
Yulli was walking towards the door, ignoring Gilbert. He smirked. He swirled his own blood around and reshaped it into a sharp thin and long blade and sent it towards Yulli's head. Gilbert expected him to dodge, but it went off too easily. The blade pierced through the skull and messed with his brains, causing instant death and paralysis. His suddenly-limp body dropping to the ground, with blood pooling around it. Every customer in the bar ran out using any measures, like breaking the window to escape. The bartender ran too.
The VIP area was vacated too, leaving just Falcon, Gilbert and Yulli's dead body.
"Isn't this a bit too easy?" said Gilbert, suspicious.
Falcon peeked around at the door, making sure Yulli was really dead. Then, he stepped forward into the bar and took out a small contraption he actually made himself. It was a DNA researcher, but it was special. It could see if the ship belonged to someone by just using it to touch the ship. It could find the owner of a thing.
He used it to touch the blood pool. The blood was absorbed into the contraption and results came out.
"It's him. We got him."

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C H A P T E R 39
- - - Paul's Reunion - - -

Paul was stuck in an unknown room. It was made of wood, but it did not seem that the walls were breakable. The quality of the wood was average, with some holes here and there. There were no doors around and Paul had to revert to magic theories he made. He knew that this room was in another dimension, since the atmosphere was different. It was demonic, with clouds as dark as ebony and the moon as red as blood. It was a wonder for Paul on how that big Halbertian had gotten magical powers, powers that seemed to defy all laws of physics and logic.
He was bound in a magical barrier and his hands were chained with chains, but no ordinary chains. The chains were strengthened by magic itself. Psychic waves, Paul guessed.
He tried breaking the magical barrier using his legs, but it was impossible. Suddenly, he heard talking and laughter, but very muffled to the point where he could only make out, "I was," and "Pru,".
The sound of Pru made Paul sick. Pru was a demented Halbertian that was his ancestor long ago. It made him vomit in his mouth by thinking what he did when Pru invited him to come along. When Paul was a small child, prehaps 1 year old, he used to follow Pru to a room unknown to him. But a few years later, he realized it was a torture chamber. His great-great-great grandfather tortured innocent Halbertians by disembowelment and amputations. Sometimes, it was just poisoning. And in that torture chamber, Paul saw a doll that was named, 'Brian'. He asked who Brian was, but Pru shut him up and forced him to never ask that question again. He now realized who Brian was. Legend says that Pru was still out in the Universe, performing tortures on more victims.
A wooden door was summoned, but closed. Paul knew who that was and acted as if he got knocked out unconscious. There was a loud creak from the hinges and loud footsteps became louder and louder.
"Still out cold, I see,"
Paul recognized that deep voice. It was Brian. He started leaving after inspecting him. When the door disappeared with a pop sound, Paul raised his head and opened his eyes.
"Poor you," said Paul without any remorse.
It was time to carry out Paul's plan. He used his brain waves to break the chains. They successfully broke through the magic surrounding it. With fire, he burned the chains into liquid metal, making sure he did not touch it. The only problem was the barrier and how he would get out. He remembered the brief fight between him and Brian. He then thought about it. If he could hear the noises in the other room, it could apply to his noises too. But he was going to take the risk anyway.
He exploded himself from within. Fire broke through the barrier like glass. He was floating once again, then he slowly let himself down. By now, the other room would have heard him, but he had shown no signs of caring.
Since he was in another dimension, his theories of magic might work. He thought like Brian. How would Brian move through dimensions so easily?
Suddenly, Paul found himself in a bloody bar with Gilbert dragging a body and Falcon starting his scout ship. The glass here was broken.
"Well, Gilbert. It seemed that you had a bloody fight here."
He turned behind and he was slowly getting happier and happier. He hugged Paul tightly, but not too tightly.
"Where's Bill?"
Gilbert released him from the hug.
"Oh, he's in a prison from here. We're fetching him later, since Falcon-"
"Falcon?" Paul interrupted.
Paul heard a ship honked, signalling Gilbert to get on the ship.
"Let me see. You gained powers from Yulli the mage, killed him, failed to find Louie and Yulli the hybrid, made an alliance with Falcon, came to this bar and found Yulli the hybrid, and killed him?"
Gilbert retreated a bit, then relaxed.
"Typical Paul. Knows everything beforehand."
"Oh, please.."
He pointed towards the blood on the floor.
"There were two blood pools, one small pool you made, and the body's one. You used your own blood to stab or slice Yulli. And-"
Falcon got out of the ship and shouted, "COME ON, GILBERT. LET'S GO! I DON'T HAVE TIME TO STAY IN-"
Falcon was taken aback when he saw Paul.
"It's you. You were at the stadium. What are you doing here?" Falcon asked in terror.
He was trembling at the sight of Paul. Somehow, he was more scared of Paul than other things.
"Oh, hey, Gilbert's partner. Let's get back to the prison and fetch Bill-"
He stopped suddenly and requested, "Could you drop me by the nearest weapon department? You don't have to worry about me. I'll be alright."

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hi there.

I found myself writing this to you.. umm, well, first of, hi. It's been a long time but I was catching up with some friends and we were reminiscing of the old school days and like, I remember you wrote stuff here. Honestly, I'm here because the introverted me finds it too awkward to find you on social media, you weren't a social media kind of person to begin with anyways. and I guess I'm also afraid that you might not want to hear from me. it's just me hoping that you'll see this? The only thing I know about this site is literally this story you wrote back in 2012. I don't even know if you still use this website.

Any how, I just wanted to say hi and catch up. It's been so long since the last time I remembered talking to you. Looking back, it's fair to say I was very embarrassed about what happened with the suspension and that's kinda why I had to leave. I mean, I really didn't feel comfortable being marked by the teachers but I really did regret leaving everyone. How have you been? Hope you've been well.

If you ever see this, just know that I'm super grateful for all the memories we had. From all the awkward, cringy stuff to all the laughs and smiles along the way

- Dena

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