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Fox Fyre Guide

Fox Fyre Guide

Having trouble with Fox Fyre? Here are some tips that will help you do better in your games.

Money is all about stacking bonuses and getting better multiplier. Remember that you get a bonus for each weapon you launch, so have lower level weapons on hand that recharge quickly so that you can get additional stacks of bonuses.

Also remember that you get a bonus even if you lose or tie, and you get NOTHING for forfeiting! Quitters never prosper!

Here are a list of bonuses and their definitions:

For winning, losing and drawing, you get bonuses.

  • “Win the Round”, multi:x1, “Win the level.”
  • “Grand Loser”, multi:x-0.5,”Lose the level.”
  • “Nobody Wins”, multi:x0.25, desc:”Tie the level.”
  • “Forfeiter”, multi:x-1, desc:”Forfeit the level.”

For a quick win, you get additional good bonuses as well. Win fast and furious!

  • “Lightning V”, multi:0.5, “Win in 15 seconds.”
  • “Rush Attack”, multi:0.3, “Win in 20 seconds.”
  • “Quick Victory”, multi:0.2, “Win in 30 seconds.”

You also get a 0.5x bonus for every level you complete, by level 16 that’s a x8 bonus!

  • “Level Bonus”, multi:0.5, “Level achievement bonus!”

Don’t forget you get a point for each weapon fired and bunker destroyed!

  • “Firing”, cash:500, desc: “Fire a weapon.”
  • “Hit!”, cash:1000, desc: “Hit a target.”
  • “Enemy Down”, cash:3000, desc: “Destroy enemy bunker.”
  • “One Hit Wonder”, cash:100000, colour:0x586387, desc: “Destroy enemy in one shot.”

Shoot quanitites of bullets for extra bonuses!

  • “Ten Shooter”, cash:750, desc:”Fire ten weapons.”
  • “Twentyaplenty”, cash:1500, desc:”Fire twenty weapons.”
  • “Sent Thirty”, cash:3000, desc:”Fire thirty weapons.”
  • “Fourty Down”, cash:4000, desc:”Fire fourty weapons.”
  • “Half Century”, cash:5000, desc:”Fire fifty weapons.”

Don’t lose any bunkers or you’ll be facing terrible multipliers!

  • “Lost One!”, multi:0-0.05, desc:”Lose a bunker.”
  • “Lost Another”, multi:0-0.05, desc:”Lose another bunker.”
  • “Lost Them All”, multi:0-0.05, desc:”Lose 3/3 bunkers.”

Start at a disadvantage for additional cash!

  • “Outnumbered”, cash:5000, desc:”Have less bunkers.”
  • “Down a Few”, cash:2500, desc:”Start at <50% health.”
  • “Down a Lot”, cash:2500, desc:”Start at <75% health.”
  • “Forgot to Repair”,cash:2500, desc:”Start at <90% health.” Try these strange bonuses out for additional money.
  • “Invincible”, cash:10000, desc:”Don’t get hit.”
  • “Peace Treaty”, cash:10000, desc:”Don’t fire from any bunker.”
  • “Defcon”, cash:10000, desc:”Fire a nuke.”
  • “No Shot Landed”, cash:2000, desc:”Finish the level at 0 accuracy”

And there’s always reward for superb playing.

  • “Perfect Shot”, cash:1000, desc:”Fire at 100% accuracy.”
  • “Solid Aim”, cash:1000, “Fire above 50% accuracy.”
  • “Sharpshooter”, cash:2000, “Fire above 75% accuracy.


  • Always mix up your strategies versus other enemies, especially when you get outnumbered. Get a good mix of fast and slow recharge weapons so that you can volley with much higher and lower weapons amounts.

Try using one bunker only for defensive items. A shield can protect against both you and another turret!

  • Early levels are a good place to earn money to save. Saving always helps!
  • Don’t forget to heal your bunker at the end of the level.
  • Have you played with the homing missiles yet? They are almost faultless and are easy to launch. Remember to aim high!
  • If you are having trouble with time, try getting some Time Delay weapons. They are expensive but will give you precious seconds to finish off your enemies!
  • Use your shields efficiently. Learn the difference between the power and force shields, they are very different in execution! Shields are great for making the landscape stop shaking around you.