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Wingman Game Guide

Wingman Game Guide

Wingmen Tips And Tricks –

Strategy Tips – 
Knowing when to send your planes, what type of planes and when to use your special commands is the most effective way to win the battle, e.g. try to activate your shield only when your units is under attack.

The slower planes (e.g. Demeter and Gaia Airship) are usually more effective when you place them behind the faster planes. While the enemy is focusing on the faster planes, the slower planes will have more time to deal more damage.

Planes – 

  • Nemesis: The cheapest and fastest plane equipped with machine gun.
  • Hyperion: Shoots homing missile, slower than Nemesis
  • Demeter: Fires four homing missiles at the same time. Very effective to deal a lot of damage at once, but flies slower, so it’s more vulnerable.
  • Gaia: A very strong airship, but very slow too. Equipped with a turret and cannon. When the cannon hits enemies it deals an areal damage.

Special Skills –

  • Shield: Protects all units from any damage for 5 seconds.
  • EMP: Confuses the enemies, making them unable to chase and shoots your units.
  • Airstrike: Launches big rockets dealing big areal damage. Could wipe out all the enemies on screen if being used at the right time.
  • Repair : Recover some lost hitpoint.

Alien Planes – 

  • Durga : Fastest plane on aliens fleet, it shoots laser.
  • Gauri : Shoot homing missiles.
  • Jaganath : Fires large laser that do area damage. This plane is most effective when facing pack of small enemy planes.
  • Behemoth : Strong, durable, and slow. Equipped with wave laser and laser turret. It’s wave laser do heavy damage.

Alien Skills – 

  • Shield : Protects all units from any damage for 5 seconds.
  • Ice Storm : Encase any plane hit with ice. Disabling them for several second.
  • Nanobots Swarm : Nanobots swarms the battlefield, destroys anything comes into it’s path.
  • Repair : Recover some lost hitpoint.