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Exit Path: Original Soundtrack

Exit Path: Original Soundtrack

Exit Path: Original Soundtrack is now available for digital download! The soundtrack is a compilation of both Exit Path and Exit Path 2 music, all on one complete album!

The soundtrack is composed and created by Chris Branscome, who also created the music for Crush the Castle TD. The depth and style he brought to Exit Path is captured nicely in this set.

Track Listing:

Exit Path
1. Main Menu
2. Awaken
3. Stadium
4. The Lab
5. Skyline
6. Finale

Exit Path 2
7. Introductions
8. Main Menu 2.0
9. Underground
10. Overground
11. Warehouse
12. Judgment
13. Power Station
14. Collapse
15. Home

Mixing electronica with a taste of industrial, the OST is a must-have for any Exit Path fan. Download now!

Also coming soon to other digital music stores!


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