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Sin Mark Strategy Guide / Walkthrough

Sin Mark Strategy Guide / Walkthrough

This is a Guide to Sin Mark, an action RPG where you destroy the Dark Gates that spew devils forth and collect powerful Rune Stones along the way, combining them to create even more powerful spells.


  • Position is everything. Place yourself in the best place tactically for the oncoming enemy. High ground is usually the best place to be.
  • Kill the biggest threats first. This may not be the giant demon right in front of you but the band of archers behind him. If you can lob a shot over him to get them.
    Stay away from the Dark Gates. Getting too close you run the risk of being caught in a wave of enemies.
  • Retreat when necessary.
  • Chase when the enemy is running.
  • Use spells such as Decay Armor and Mind Blast to weaken enemies for your skeleton minions and soldier companions.


  • Study the spell book for the spells you wish to create. It’s best to plan the spells you want before creating any so that you don’t have a shortage of runes for a more complex spell later in the story.
  • All spells have a use in different situations, some are best used in combination with other spells.
  • Switching between spells is best done via the Hot Keys displayed on each icon. You can also click directly on each icon.
  • Be aware of the Mana Cost of each spell, some spells can be very costly to your mana reserve and leave you with nothing more than your standard arrows should you run out.


  • Trinkets have a 1% chance of dropping from enemy units. The Lucky Charm trinket increases this percentage.
  • Choose your trinket based on your situation, for example: If you are using heavy mana cost spells, use the Mana Regeneration trinket.
  • Be sure to equip one for each battle. It can make the difference between life and death.

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