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Posted Jul 14, '12 at 2:25pm



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You can't just lie to yourself every day to get rid of your cowardice and fear, you can face it like a man.

.....Assuming that's what you believe.

Probably she was perfect and thus was chosen to give birth to jesus.

But it shows once again how diverse a religion can be and how few understanding there is between the different groups (the purgatory part, not the quote above)

But I think the quote above also illustrates that. My sect doesn't worship the virgin Mary. I mean, she wasn't a virgin forever. And yes, she was a choice maiden, but she wasn't 100% completely stain-free. Nobody has been. At least this is what we're taught.

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Alright, there's no more polling for eachother's religion and we have decided to argue in this thread which declares it a duplicate. Head on over to the main thread to do this.