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Louisiana Petitions To Secede

Posted Nov 25, '12 at 1:52pm



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Because the person is insulting us Republicans.

Yes. The person. Even if that person is a democrat, that doesn't mean his views are the same as every other democrat's.

Like...? (btw don't even THINK about bringing Bush into this.)

Andrew Johnson comes to mind. Why shouldn't Bush be brought into it though? It was by no small part his administration's actions that helped lead to where things are now.

Typo I mean Obama will ruin America. The people who are seceding are the smart ones

How is he going to ruin America? Be specific now.

It's more like you get the general idea of there views by which party they're from.

A very, very broad idea. Pretty much all republican/democrat tells you is if someone favors a government with a little more power or a government with a little less.

Posted Nov 25, '12 at 5:06pm



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(btw don't even THINK about bringing Bush into this.)

Why? Because you know it would be difficult for you to defend him?

Posted Dec 1, '12 at 8:53pm



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Everyone calm down, these things happen. Whenever there is a hotly debated election, somebody threatens to secede. It's actually happened relatively often before. And if you read the article, it sais the petition got around 25,000 signatures. There are over 4.5 million people in Louisiana. That means only about .0056% of the population signed it. Donald Trump said we should have a revolution too. It's just people who were supporting a good candidate and lost blowing off steam

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