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Favorite Video Game quote?

Posted Apr 16, '13 at 11:13pm



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Every game has that one character that says that hilariously funny line or the surprisingly deep line.

What is your favorite quote from a character in a game?

Mine is personally a very serious one. It is from the game "Spec Ops: The line" (Which you should play now)

"The truth is, you're here because you wanted to feel like something you're not, a hero"

In case you're wondering, the game is talking directly to you.


Posted Apr 17, '13 at 10:52pm



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" "
-Jak from Jak and Daxtar


Posted Apr 18, '13 at 1:27am



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"Let's see if you can fight better than you can sing."

-Ratchet, Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, talking to Courtney Gears


Posted Apr 18, '13 at 2:32am



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"Five years ago, I lost 30.000 men in the blink of an eye. And the world just ****ing watched". General Shepherd, MW2.


Posted Apr 18, '13 at 8:54am



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Masterchief, Halo;
'Wake me... when you need me.'


Posted Apr 18, '13 at 8:04pm



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Disappointed in the lack of overall good quotes.

As the once great poet JC Denton once said:

What a shame.


Posted Apr 18, '13 at 8:30pm



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-retread is a valuable part of battle: dynasty warriors
-that's how it's supposed to be done: final fantasy 10


Posted Apr 18, '13 at 9:28pm



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I always liked that one from bioshock.
"Aphrodite is walking the halls - shimmering, like a scalpel... 'Steinman, 'she calls, 'Steinman! I have what you're looking for! Just open your eyes!' And when I see her, she cuts me into a thousand beautiful pieces."


Posted Apr 18, '13 at 10:23pm



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There are a lot of good quotes from video games. I might return with the ones I find most profound and meaningful. But first, I'll share my absolute total favorite, bar none.

"I'm impressed, but not surprised." Captain Elanor Varrot.


Posted Apr 18, '13 at 10:46pm



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Legacy of Kain has some great quotes in it. Here is some dialogue taken from Soul Reaver 2

Kain: Thirty years hence, I am presented with a dilemma... let's call it a two-sided coin. If the coin falls one way, I sacrifice myself and thus restore the Pillars... but as the last surviving vampire in Nosgoth, this would mean the annihilation of our species... Moebius made sure of that. If the coin lands on the reverse, I refuse the sacrifice and thus doom the Pillars to an eternity of collapse. Either way, the game is rigged.

Raziel: We agree then that the Pillars are crucial and must be restored.

Kain: Yes, Raziel, that is why we've come full-circle to this place.

Raziel: So after all this, you make my case for me. To end this stalemate, you must die so that new Guardians can be born.

Kain: The Pillars don't belong to them, Raziel... they belong to us.

Raziel: Your arrogance is boundless, Kain.

Kain: There's a third option, a monumental secret hidden in your very presence here. But it's a secret you have to discover for yourself. Unearth your destiny, Raziel. It's all laid out for you here.

Raziel: You said it yourself, Kain... there are only two sides to your coin.

Kain: Apparently so, but suppose you throw a coin enough times... suppose one day, it lands on its edge.

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