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Everyone has their own theories, weither it be about the world's expiration date, questioning science and religion, or general goofiness. Your theory can be about literally anything, yes anything.

So come one, come all, create your own theories and present them here.

Gantic's Reign of Terror

Hello ArmorGamers, its time you learned something about Gantic, something evil. Of course for those of you who are saying, "But how can that be?" Well I'll explain to you on how it can be. I'm sure you've all seen these before:
(x'.'x) Copy and paste bunny
('')_('')To help him gain world domination.

But what you actually didn't know about them is that bunny, right there, is actually Gantic. In fact he's already been gaining an army all over the internet. It seems I wasn't the first one to know of the bunny's evil. Danwar123 actually already noticed the evil of the bunnies. He just didn't know who their leader was.

Still don't believe me? Then why is Gantic so quiet? Because he's plotting a sinister plan which involves the AMW. Infact a part of his plan is already in motion, I'm sure you've seen Gantic's threads known as mental poop. But what you didn't know about mental poop, is that Gantic is actually trying to get ideas from YOUR creations. Think about it, why else would he call it "Mental poop"? He's getting mental ideas from your poop! He's planning on... (what exactly was on this thread again... oh right!) giant cookies falling from the sky!

Another thing... Gantic has this on his profile:

What most people need to realize is that
not everyone is the same and that's okay.

Most of you would think that it has to do with people's race, age, looks, thoughts, etc. But what he's doing is giving us a hidden hint, that he is not the Gantic everyone knows. He is an evil rabbit that craves anarchy, death, and giant cookies falling from the sky, and we are the only ones who can stop him.

And that my friends(and others), is my theory on Gantic.


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Tsk Tsk R2. This probably wont last very long if it turns out to be correct XD.


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He's planning on... (what exactly was on this thread again... oh right!) giant cookies falling from the sky!

Hmm sounds familiar ;) I believe he is going to use this idea to vs your poison cookies.


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This probably wont last very long if it turns out to be correct

I think you're right. :P

I believe he is going to use this idea to vs your poison cookies.

See! That's how evil he is. He tries to hurt poor innocent cookies that have killed a few people.


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You think Gantic is the problem? Ha! Maybe you should pay more attention to ModDayCee


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He tries to hurt poor innocent cookies that have killed a few people.

I'm not going to say anything........nothing at all......just look at it.


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My theory? All right, you asked for it!
The Big Bang is the birth of the fist giant human which created the legend of the Titans.

Yeah, I think the Universe is a giant human body.
Galaxies are nothing more than a mini himself.
The planetary systems are nothing more that gigantic atoms that form cells.
Stars are some kind of inflammation.
When a star implode and create a supernova it is nothing more than the birth of a new baby, are you still following me?

You might then think that humans and their constructions such as cities, highways, sky scrappers, cars, planes are a cancer propagating and killing the cell that is the Earth.

Should I keep going? Nah I feel mentally lazy right now.

"Hey, who are you and what are you doing in my house?
What's this jacket for?  Help, they're abducting me!
The nut house, why?



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Xeano; the Lesser Known Celebrity

I'm sure a little bit of you know Xeano and some of you don't. Well I'm sure the people that don't know about Xeano will actually be very familiar with his work.

You see Xeano wanted to be in show buisness ever since he was a little cub. When Xeano got older he decided to go into acting and got an A for effort and a C on everything else. Xeano, a fox who usually got bad grades on tests in school, thought that meant he was perfect for acting and so went on to sign up for the lead role of Walt Disney's Robin Hood. Surprisingly, he actually got the role and thus his dream began.

After his enrollment in Robin Hood, Xeano wanted something that would probably last longer, so he decided to sign up for the lead role of Dora the Explorer. Fortuantely he got turned down the role and instead got the role of Swiper, the fox that steals things. It wasn't a good job but it was a paying one.

One day while visiting Norway, he ran into Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker, who are known for their Norwegian talk show. They relized how 'foxy' he looked and decided to hire him for a music video they were planning. At first Xeano turned down the offer, but then Vegard showed Xeano a briefcase full of money and Xeano, being the greedy money bag he is, took them on their offer. After the filming of "What Does the Fox Say", Xeano then wasted all his money buying Norwegian chocolates, that he later found out to be expired.

And that, my fellow ArmorGamers, is my theory on Xeano.


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This... makes too much sense.


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Santa Claus: the son of God

This is so close to plausible it just might be true.

Santa Claus was, in the beginning, a creation of God. His name was Nicholas, and he was the supernatural "son" of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to give the world physical and spiritual happiness and peace (the miracles as physical, salvation as spiritual). After his death and resurrection, Jesus returned to Heaven. He still lives here in a spiritual sense, i.e. "I have Jesus in my heart." However, God in His mercy knew mankind needed physical happiness as well.

Saint Nicholas came to Earth after the ascension of Christ. He looked much like Jesus (long brown hair and beard, wore a robe), and came to give the world physical happiness and give physical presents. He was granted immortal life without aging on Earth so long as he obeyed his calling.

However, Saint Nicholas came to see that the world was corrupt and loved physical possessions more than spiritual ones. People wanted his gifts more than those of Jesus. Nicholas believed he was more powerful than Jesus Christ and tried to take his place, demanding that Jesus forfeit His power as a lesser deity. God had no choice but to strip Nicholas of his eternal youth and revoke his authority, cursing him to stay on Earth.

Nicholas, now named "Santa Claus," has been placed under a heavy curse: he cannot die or rest until he has brought a present to EVERY PERSON on Earth in a single night. He has grown old and his hair turned bright white, but he can't pass on. He must live until he has showed he is as powerful as he claimed to be.

This explains why:
1. Santa, for as long as we have known him, has been an old man. If he was mortal, he would have died long ago, but he hasn't. He grew old when Jesus would have grown old (2,000 years ago) and has remained that way ever since.
2. There are people dressed as Santa giving out presents. They are in reality helping him reach his goal. He can't get to everyone in a single night, so he has other people deliver presents to lessen the burden.
3. People still love the physical more than the spiritual. Jesus is in Heaven, but Santa is still here and has a more visible presence than Jesus.
4. The name "Santa" closely resembles "Satan," the being who also tried to take Jesus's authority by telling him to "bow and worship me." Satan's real name is Lucifer. He was named Satan after his fall. Nicholas was given a similar name after his fall.
5. People still refer to Satan by his real name, Lucifer, as is the case for Santa, who is still called "Saint Nick."
6. The history of Saint Nicholas as "a 4th-century bishop from Anatolia" is only partly true. He held that position, but it was his downfall. He was that bishop when he demanded the power of Jesus and was cursed. From that point on his body aged. His recorded death is a fabrication. He has not yet died.

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