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The Evolution of This site!

Posted Jul 5, '14 at 10:43am



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That sucks..its not that idont like those games i do like them!
Its just....well it does not do this game justice..nor armor you think the game compan thet made this and the other games ee armor games as a money pit to be sapped up? Fumbleno! WE ARE GAMERS! ARMOR games plz listen! The reason why we love this ite (well atleast i do)

Is because of the GAMEs...but now that you keep on posting such clones as this...moreand more i am starting to doubt..DOnt get me wrong! You have some preetty fun mmos on here~ XD but the majority are just silly clones...

I know you have to make money to keep this site going but..why not get rid of the games that nobdy likes...And focus all your attention and poweress..on the ones we do like?

Have you not seen the amount of plays>>. on some of those games..? 42m..2m..etc..500k...Look at the reactions that we gamers give to each game and see for yourself what we like! Im sure that if you listened to us....or even guessed for yourself you would get an even loyaler fanbase..dont sell yourself to such..Low tactics of bringing in cash... Whats the point of erning money..when nobys wants to play or even buy it? when noby like is? Is that not why you got rid of some gmmos on here? iits sad to see this...your no better...then some BIG brands out there..

We are the comsumers we are the customers..WE HAVE THE MONEY! AND the choice.

Follow the example of some great games like Path Of Exile
And some other games out there..look at there fanbase..look at how the LISTEN to there cutomers..AND look at how the make us WANT to use our money...
DONT follow the same route so mant gaming sites have taken...dont be ridculed like facbook or R2 games...

BE your own COMPANY...Create a Hope for us gamers..make us be exicted for each new Free to play online game...

As you stand now...WE CRINGE ar very new release knwing sad heartedly what it is going tobe like....

dont keep on disappionting us..

THINK! For O holy god gamers heart...

Its nt worth it.


Folow your own heart and create a gaming site worthy of praise and awe~ I site we gamers flock to..not becuse of the name..but becuase of the games!



if you simply followwhat I sure you coul doit..

Gmaers of this site if you read this...PASS it along!

I am sure if a large amount of people PAssed this around and started raising there voices they will read this!

Dont ingore it THINk what if all of th above i mentioned came true? Like and pass it ADD your name to the List.

A List to get Armor Games Attention!



Posted Jul 5, '14 at 6:08pm



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Are you suggesting that Armor Games should delete certain games just because they have a low rating? Or is this a complaint about the number of MMOs on Armor Games without enough variety? Either way, I'm not signing this petition of yours because having fewer games means less activity, which could ultimately hurt the site rather than help it. Some gaming sites have 5 figures worth of games but with many of them being much worse than the average or even below average games on Armor Games.


Posted Jul 5, '14 at 7:51pm



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Is that not why you got rid of some gmmos on here?

I'm guessing you're talking about Fantasy Online, and if you are let me just tell you something... Fantasy Online doesn't even exist on any other site. The developers made it go away, they weren't getting enough money and couldn't keep it running.

If you're not then I don't know what to say about that, except that some other MMOs might have gone through the same thing Fantasy Online did.

Anyways, I don't like this petition idea of yours and just like what Patrick said it's a really bad idea and would do more bad to ArmorGames than good.

Posted Jul 5, '14 at 9:22pm



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Ranting about mmos?

There has got to be better things to do with your time.

Also, the AG developers don't make the games, they host them, soooooo . . .

~~~Darth Caedus


Posted Jul 5, '14 at 10:09pm



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It's @BRF321JOJO all over again...not sure I want to get involved...

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Posted Jul 5, '14 at 11:27pm



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1. Not a single person will take you seriously if you cannot spell basic words, use basic grammar or avoid gibberish. This literally made me cringe, and that's not easy to do.
2. Stop saying "we." Don't drag me (and the rest of the community) into this without our consent, and you certainly don't have mine.

By the way, it's "Medabots," not "Metabots." DO SOME RESEARCH.

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Posted Jul 6, '14 at 4:39am



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why not get rid of the games that nobdy likes...And focus all your attention and poweress..on the ones we do like?

I think this is the main point of the argument, so I'll focus on this part of the text and try not to get too bogged down by the repetitive "motivational" areas... =P

The thing is, @metabots44, there are no games that you can safely say "nobody" likes... even looking through the comments on the lowest rated game in the entire Armor Games universe, Beat the Beard, I was still able to find some positive comments. I had to look pretty hard through a sea of disgruntled Armor Gamers, but there are still people out there who enjoyed it! =)

An even better example are the dress up games... they are NOTORIOUS for being the lowest rated games on this site, yet even the lowest rated ones have hundreds upon thousands of plays. Doesn't that mean someone out there has to enjoy them?

And then there's Kingdom Rush, which I won't link to because everyone has played it already, which, along with its sequel, are the highest rated games here. I've even seen people say they didn't like Kingdom Rush! You have to look VERY hard in some of the darkest corners of the Flash Games forum to find these people because they don't hang around recent game comments, but believe it or not, there are people who don't like AG's favorite game.

In essence, you have people who like the least popular and most disliked games, and you will always be able to find people who don't like the most popular games, so there's no such thing as a game that nobody likes nor is there such a thing as a game that everyone loves. Even though some games are more popular than others, everyone has different tastes, so if you get rid of the games you THINK no one likes, there's still a possibility that you'll disappoint a group of people. And AG does not want to disappoint anybody, or else they'll lose valuable consumers like you, and then they'd lose money in the process. But I think you already figured that part out on your own. =)

Posted Jul 6, '14 at 5:58am



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In my opinion, most of the arguments posted here are valid enough to counter your statement entirely @Metabots44... but the most important one is the fact that you can not decide likes or dislikes for other people. Everyone has their own preference for anything out there in game land. =)

Armor Games is proud to have an excellent variety of games held to a high standard, which is something that can't be said about other gaming websites. A problem that arises straight away with this is the fact that a lot of games will not be hosted here and the game devs that are starting out won't have a place to get feedback on their creations... there are other sites that provide this platform, thankfully, but getting feedback is what helps them learn how to proceed in their career of making Flash Games. And this is where 'we' gamers come into play! It's perfectly fine to dislike a certain game, but this means you need to provide feedback on what you think is wrong with it in order for them to adjust and grow. Feedback is important!

As for the 'clone games'... sadly, a lot of game devs create similar games, building upon other devs' ideas, rather than coming up with refreshing new ideas. But let's be fair... this sometimes produces a better version of an idea already developed by someone else. And following the mainstream interest in Flash Games by the general gaming community is natural. It 'could' make them some money and thus have the funds to work out a new awesome game! Nothing is for free in our current world you know... =P

To end my rambling: gamers, and people in general, all have their own ideas on what is good or bad. Which is something that makes every person unique, but also means you can dislike something others love. Try to find the ones you love to play and disgard of the ones you dislike is my advice. And if you have the means and ideas, why not try to make a game of your own? Who's stopping you?! =)

Oh! And @Skeleton_Pilot... are you copying my smiley m.o.?! (Oo) Tsk... Tsk... Tsk... =P

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Posted Jul 7, '14 at 9:14pm



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Better question. Outside of the MMOs, what would deleting a game here actually do? Make the site go just one millisecond faster or something? I mean seriously they aren't hurting anyone(Gone on length about my feelings of the MMOs in another topic so I'll let that slide).


Posted Jul 17, '14 at 8:00pm



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The sheer number of games on this site compared to others along with the feature to develop your own games and add them to the site is why some players are on here. You can sort games by ratings and by plays so there is no need to remove older games. If someone is looking for an older game to find it removed it could hurt the site. This site also has many more options when it comes to game types and a larger user base than any other game site I have been on. The mmo's are also not controlled by AG rather hosted by them so anything that happens inside the mmo's is not AG's fault. I say leave the games how they are. If you do not want to see old games sort them by rating or plays. The system is fine how it is. AG great job how you are running your site as it is. I loved to watch you grow and you are doing a great job.

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