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The Greatest leader your country has ever had... and the worst.

Posted Aug 24, '14 at 6:58pm



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This should stimulate a lively debate, I think. Who is the greatest person ever to lead your country, and who is the worst? I'm leaving the question vague, because I want to see how you define greatness in a leader.

In England, there have been a few good leaders. Winston Churchill led us through the second world war. Harold Wilson gave us the national health service. Lord Grey expanded the electoral roll, and abolished slavery. Overall though, I'd have to go with David Lloyd George, who led Britain during the first world war, and laid the foundations for the welfare state.

As for terrible leaders, there were some really terrible ones. Lord North caused the American Revolution, and then lost the ensuing war. Oliver Cromwell was a totalitarian religious zealot/military dictator. But the worst has to be either Margaret Thatcher completely screwed up the closing of the heavy industry, and used excessive force in the Falklands war or Tony Blair, who decided to go to war over Saddam Hussein's imaginary WMDs, and basically became George W. Bush's willing doormat.

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I will be honest and say that in Argentina all leaders (if you can call them that) are the worst , our economy is really bad this days and its getting worse all days .


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Out of all 43 presidents we've had in the United States, I'd say the worst we've ever had was Herbert Hoover, who looked at the revolting and homely conditions of the Great Depression and said "everything will be just fine--let's keep going."

The greatest leader of the US is obviously Millard Fillmore who blessed us with video games and Anime.


Posted Sep 8, '14 at 10:55am



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"your country"... Living in Europe, Hungary this term is hard to define actually.

Some people consider "your country" as a "nationalist nation concept", where all "hungarian" to the beginning of time were hungarians, wether they were hun-relatives, sumerians, jews, or even ufo-aliens.

Historically it is also problematic, as once the country got stated it was ruled for a time by germans, partially turkish, got divided three way, one never reattached, after WWII a large proportion officially removed what some people (including one of the current government-parties - important to note from the many government-parties only one party is actually governing anything) still consider part of the country, and even during the constitutional democracy (in title only most of the time) its name got changed at least twice (so it had at least three names, what means three separate countries technically).

Concentrating on the "constitutional democracy" period (as told above, it is and was mostly in name as the first country was a one-party dictatorship albeit a mild one, and the lastest is a one-person dictatorship) the best leader...

Wait a second, what means "leader"? As there is a prime minister and a constitutional minister, as well as several parties in the government at the same time, what means "leader" for this question? As when things do work as they are supposed to, the various groups lead by consent!
Not to mention the country (whichever we talkin' 'bout) is always part of some international web!

Still can name the worst, even if not a best:
the current regime. It is a totalitarian dictatorship of Victor Orban, who managed to:
- violate the constitution by without the sufficient mass exchanged it to another law, stripping the country entirely from a constitution
- violate freedom from religion
- criminalised poors
- criminalised atheists
- criminalised non-christians
- criminalised anyone who does not agree with the governor
- criminalised homosexuals
- continuously violated international laws
- drastically incrised inflation (even if it currently not seems by the statistics, as it is derived to other coloumns)
- removed the separation of the three pillars of power
- openly commits crimes (like there is a video-recording from a party-member who sniffs coke from a brick, and they still ordered the jurisdiction to decalre that was "someone unidentifiable", but also could mention a ton of other things, starting with the monopolysation of tobacco-selling to themselves and their relatives/friends)

People actually wish someone would send some tanks already or something what works, preferably the EU rising their *part they are sitting on*.


Posted Sep 26, '14 at 4:02am



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Eh... I'll have to go with Harold Wilson (NHS, yay) for best and Tony Blair as the worst.


Posted Sep 26, '14 at 12:03pm



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One of the worst presidents of the Philippines, I'd say Ferdinand Marcos. He tried to create a perfect society by means of a dictatorship and assassinated those who dared to defy him.

The best leader of the Philippines, in my opinion, would be Corazon Aquino. She advocated Filipino culture and better agricultural practices and helped relieve some of the debt crisis in the Philippines.

I would've mentioned the best and the worst presidents of the US, but Freakenstein beat me to it.


Posted Oct 16, '14 at 8:43am



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For Denmark, I'm not sure who the best has been.

But the worst was definitely Chrisian IV, 'cause he waged a lot of our land and lost. He did build some beautiful buildings in Copenhagen, so that's that.


Posted Oct 28, '14 at 5:26pm



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Being an American, I would have to say John F. Kennedy. Yes, I know he was a Democrat while my views are firmly Republican, but frankly, John F. Kennedy's views have much more in common with modern-day Republicans than today's Democrats. He set NASA into motion, and has had the greatest effect on space exploration out of all of the presidents to date. You could argue that wartime presidents take more character and leadership, but being president in the dead center of the Cold War is much more difficult, regardless of any actual conflict. America was in a time of extreme stress, and needed to be reassured when the tiniest mistake could set off World War 3. If John F. Kennedy's life hadn't been tragically cut short in the year of 1963, I don't even know how much greater our nation could be.

I frankly don't believe America has ever had an objectively 'worst' president. Yes, as much as I'd like to be able to say "Oh, the worst president is totally Obama!", it's just not factual, and would just be lazy of me. Yes, Warren G. Harding has had a ridiculous amount of scandals, but that doesn't mean he's the worst leader. As long as America still exists, and is widely viewed as a good place to live, we have not yet had a worst president. So, there you go, that's my opinion.


Posted Nov 1, '14 at 12:29am



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Ferdinand Marcos was actually both the greatest and worst leader in my opinion. He was so great before he became a corrupt. When he was in leadership he was so great that our Philippine peso was only half the value of the american dollar at the time. He was also so smart that he literally had the highest score in his bar exams, he was sued as well and defended himself and won. Apparently Marcos inspired singapore to become how great they are today (so much so that if you step into a taxi in singapore and tell them that youre a filipino they will ask about marcos). But through all these good things, he left a terrible legacy. He turned the country into a dictatorship and stole billions if im not mistaken. He started the trend of corruption here and even till today our governments are corrupt. He was in power way too long. I guess he was one of those stories of living long enough to become the villain.


Posted Nov 18, '14 at 8:11pm



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(America) I would say the worst, George Washington (cause you know slavery...) and the best. Barrack H, Obama (for things like killing Osama Bin Laden, various strides in gay rights, he's probably gonna get net neutrality okayed and he just seems like a cool guy.)

*please don't hate on me these are my opinions*

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