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Public (Open) Beta Schedule

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Posted Nov 15, '10 at 6:39pm



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sorry Efan just joking no hirt ment!! sorry Ian, no more Dr. Pepper! it all stop here V

so do we have to re sign up for beta? or deos the first sign up still count for the other open betas?

is it 50-100 users at a time can go on?!?!?! or 50-100 users are give a code to go to the beta and any number can go on (well at the severs ability, ya know what i mean! LOL)?

i did nocie ya it seemed like ya vanished!glad ya back (and kicking! *kicks* owwww hey!)square eyes!! wow! cool or painfull... JK.


Posted Nov 15, '10 at 7:01pm



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but will the Closed Beta be opened BEFORE that for us (Freak, Knight, etc.) to try out some more stuff?

The set date for the Open beta is at the 22nd, so we will be running before then. And since we are already installed in the system, well, we are in the Open beta also. While Ian imposes a new countdown to Open beta and the users wait for that, we will probably be swimmin' around there looking for any last kinks in the home page before any new features.

Posted Nov 15, '10 at 7:20pm



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I'm about to write a new post about the open beta, stay tuned.