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Things you hate in a game

Posted Apr 23, '13 at 10:55pm



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In fact, these pre-packaged, endlessly rehashed Battlefield/Call of Duty/Gears of War sort of games are very much the game industry's equivalent of Hollywood's formulaic big dumb action movies that everyone goes out to watch. Difference is, games critics are not quite yet ready to call them on their BS. Game journalism and criticism is still way behind because the medium itself is looked upon as somehow flawed and unartistic.

I mean, just look at Ebert's controversial "games are not art" stance. I respect the man immensely (may he rest in peace) and he later recanted a lot of what he said, but that position reflects the general public's opinion of games as art. The fact that critics praise games when they're "cinematic" is reflective of this - the medium has no credit, so it has to borrow from another. Big review/news websites like IGN and GameSpot being almost entirely funded through games adverts does nothing but contribute to the problem - publishers will use that influence to manipulate review scores, so as to get a better Metacritic rating. Gamers put a lot of trust in those numbers.

What I hope is that we see a rise in smaller yet influential indie reviewers, much like we're seeing a rise in quality indie developers.

What was this thread about again...?


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It still is nice to hear some positive things in a while


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And if I was a developer I would want to know what I should put into a game not what I shouldn't put into a game.

See, but then, you wouldn't have the motivation to want to experiment to try and create something ground-breaking..or of the sorts.

With hearing of what made a game successful, developers would merely try to copy those aspects of the game, for they know that those aspects were successful and would feel no need to try and find new aspects to create success.

With hearing of failures, you know what aspects did poorly, but are allowed the freedom to try and create your own ways of success. You know what to stay away from, but what you can explore for success is up to your imagination

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A level system that was only put in to make you play for longer.

Sometimes I feel like they're developing a game and one of them decides a level system is an amazing game.

Especially when they make it take a ridiculous amount of time to unlock everything.

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