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"Welcome to Earth"
Humph. Not much of a welcoming place. You've been placed in cryogenics for the past 900 or so years, and much has changed. Earth is no longer the green, happy place you are used to. It is desolate, barren. It is filled with criminals, lowlifes, and professional gangs. That's where you come in. Your extended time in cryogenics has warped your brain, changed it. To put it simply, you have developed..... powers.... and my organization needs your help to take Earth back.

Character sheet:

PowerMust be simple and not overpowered, it will develop as you play)
EXEvolution Experience, you gain through use of your power, you)0/1
EPEvolution Points, you gain these when you level up, and use them to advance your power)
Inventory: None

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