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Armorgames is quite a young site and you may be experiencing some errors. They probably will be fixed, and they occur quite often.

Here is a topic that you may want to look at.

1. I do not post game glitches/cheats.
2. Some glitches will be fixed during site updates.
3. FireFox is recommended. If you have an excessive amount of glitches, swith to FireFox.
4. Restarting your browser or refreshing usually fixes it up, but it may occur again.
5. There are many glitches with this site. please do not complain
6. Most glitches happen at the same time, so if you have one look out for more.
7. I have seen more and more glitch posts, this is a improved version from my other one.
8. I have listed them by problem and solution. Similar to the FAQ.

Here is a list i have created of common glitches you will see.

When I went to my profile, I appeared as a gold king!

Problem: This glitch may happen to you sometimes, but quite rarely. It's nothing to worry about, nobody has hacked you and nobody will think you are a hacker. On you profile it doesn't show your amount of AP or anything else. It will only show gold king and a blank armatar.

Solution: It is only temporarily and nobody will see it. Just refresh the page and forget about it.

Why does it say �� or somthing like that?

Problem: This happens usually when you bring something from another source. Like a word processor or another website. The messenger can't process these symbols and will appear like this:��.

Solution: Symbols that cannot be used in the messenger or forum can be put in your about. Try not to use certain symbols in the forums or the messenger.

When I post a comment, it very messed up. Another post comes out or nothing at all. Sometimes it bring me to an empty page with a comment on it!

Problem: What may happen is that: your comment repeats the one before yours, or when you press submit, a blank comment comes out. You may also comment and it bring you to a blank page with only your comment in it. Even a new comment might come up!

Solution: If a blank comment comes out or it repeats the last one, wait 30 seconds. The 30 second rule applies for comments as well as the forums. If it brings you to a seperate page with only you comment on it, i don't know what is happening, but its not a major problem. Also when you type in a comment a new one comes up because that is a comment after yours. Yours is still there, but hidden under the new one. You can see it if you refresh the page.

When I went to the community, all the sections said "38 years ago by______"

Problem: Sometimes in the community, you will see this error pop-up.

Solution: This is nothing to worry about, just refresh and it will be back to normal!

When I try to bold somthing or italicise it, it doesn't work!

Problem: Its not a glitch or anything else, your doing it wrong.

Solution: You need to press the bold or italicise button twice. Once before you type and once after. Or you can highlight what you want and press the button.

I'm getting these 404 error messages, what's wrong?

Problem: 404 messages usually occur when that page is deleted or sometimes it happens randomly.

Solution: Refresh the page about 20 or so times. If it is still there, then the page you are on is deleted. If you an another person's profile, that person has been banned.

Hey!I lost some armorpoints!

Problem: This isn't a glitch.

Solution: Something you did for points was deleted. Most likely your spam was deleted.

Things are missing from this page!

Problem: Once in awhile things might be missing from the page, like a big chunk of information with a blank spot, or jsut images.

Solution: This stuff usually is related to your browser. Images may be blocked because of adblocker. Refresh, restart your browser, or switch browsers.

I clicked to rate a game, but it just sent me back to the hompage. Why?

Problem: This happens a lot for an unknown reason. When you go back to your game, it is unrated. It may happen more than once in a row.

Solution: Restart your browser. It always works.

Why does the blue backround keep flahing, it is so annoying!

Problem: This happens for some reason. The blue usually flahes and makes the advertisements keep flashing. This is related to certain MYSQL errors.

Solution: Restart your browser and it will be back to normal.

Why is there so much lag! After the page is done loading, the images are missing!

Problem: This is related to your browser. It may happen once in awhile, and make take several minutes jsut to load one page. After the page is done loading, the images might be missing.

Solution: The main solution is to switch to FireFox. If you do not want to switch to firefox, refresh the page everytime it happens.

Thats all the usual glitches around here, remember, glitches are only temporary and will be fixed!

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Ahh wait, lemme look for my thread on this, it was more updated (I think 2009) and it was taken down from the stickies upon request... It had more recent bugs and the list of features removed.

When i fail at my long search this will have to do...

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Ah, I found it thanks to the forum search of DDX.

The thread is here. And the most current list of bugs would be on page 9. I would gladly continue running it again if needed, seeing as this thread is sort of out of date (It's uhm, two years old. Mine isn't better but...).

I'll ask Plokkey if I can use some of his information on my thread... It's good for answering common non-bug problems.

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Ok thanks for the solutions.

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