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Have you seen a bad movie and always wanted to post a rant about it on ArmorGames? Well now you can.

The only bad movie that I can think of right now is After Earth. I watched it at my cousin's house and it was so boring. Literally most of the movie is just talking and walking. I didn't even understand the story to the movie, I remember at the end the boy, played by Jaden Smith who should really take some acting lessons, reached a crashed ship to signal that he and his father crash landed but there were also these constant flash backs in the middle of the movie where he remembers his sister(or whoever it is) dying, and at the end it made me wonder, "Why were the flashbacks there at all? Why did they constantly happen? Why were they the same flashbacks? Why did the flashbacks have no relation with the story?" The movie was also dull and dry, there was so little action that I literally almost fell asleep at the beginning.

I bet this was another one of those chances where Will Smith can make his son into a star. It didn't work Will, it just didn't work.

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