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I saw Legend doing this, and I thought it was a good idea. I found that poetry is a good way to say stuff, so...
Also, feel free to comment, I don't mind what you think about it.

You say that you trust me
But how can I know.
you say you love me
But it never shows.
you know nothing at all
of how I feel
'cos I hide it in smiles
and all that false zeal

I'm fed up and sick
of my freedom destroyed
I cant trust you with how I feel
'cos you will just say
That it's nothing, and that it isn't a big deal

Why can't you see and take notice.
You don' even know I'm here.
I try hard to please you
and do as you say
But still don't tell you my fear.

We were a family once
with music and joy and fun.
But now they all left
there's a hole in my heart
and now nothing can be done.

So say to me that you're proud.
That no-one you know can do that
but see past the skill, to the mind within
and see all the damage you've done

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Good day at work

I love seeing people,
the things that they bring
In cardboard boxes
held together with string

We laugh and chat
over tea in our brakes
explain what to do
and undo our mistakes

I love that small shop
once a cafe
with dumbwaiter
cash machine
and Christmas display.

My manager's
the best around
a helping hand here
and laughter abound

I love that small shop
perhaps so much so
that if I were in trouble
that's where I'd go

The smiles and the music
with mocking and teases
where I'm always happy
and unashamedly bless all the sneezes

Of all the people
who pass through those doors
with a place to sit
and rest any sores.

That deer small shop
where work is done
where I am myself
and still get to have fun.

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Er, all the spelling mistakes aside, it seems you really like your job. Maybe next time just try to fix a couple of them like

That deer small shop
over tea in our brakes
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I can't spell, ok! Surely my user name says all
Next one (three guesses to what it is about! )

My small slice of freedom,
my own paradise
Anonymity's my friend
my foe; this device.

I am just myself
No crazy confines.
With places unseen
from those who are outside

of this small slice of comfort
in all my despair.
I walk home in the knowledge
That I soon will be there

with poetry, games, art and the news
general weirdness, and minds slightly skewed
from the reality of life
where we aren't the same
for here is reality,
life is the game

Here I can share
all that is me
lover of dragons
and all fantasy.

I can say what I feel
without fear of reproach;
and with contests and forums
every subject is broached

The people I've met here
can all share with me
at least one thing
and that makes me so happy.

My sadness is beaten
when I log on
my phobias evaporate
my nightmares are gone

And so I will close
this small simple thing
and Armor Games' praises
I'll always sing
as the beater of sadness
and expressions' king

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...armor games while drinking coffee. Easy.

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? easy what? The best thing around? I think that all that needs is a bar of dark chocolate

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Hey!First off, WOW, impressed, Nice first 1k, secondly i wasnt able to Join these 2 days because new year celebration and stuff, almost no time, also, i will be taking a bit of a break from armorgames in some time, i dont know when, i dont want to spoil anything, but im waiting for an event here, after it im probably taking a week or so off of armorgames i need to think about some stuff...again this is just a posibility i may just end up not taking any break, but lately i've been feeling like im someone totally different and i need to clear my head a little.Anyways, also, sorry for being late S24, but happy new year!!

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Sat in the corner
Or behind the door
Feeling alone
Leaving the chore

Sat on my own
Not know to be there
Under a blanket
And under a chair

They repeat what I say
As if it's their own
With their clever words
And their mathematical throne

Left in the corner
Like so much dust
Hidden away
Like metal, to rust

They don't understand
And they always ignore
So I stay in my head
And lock my room door

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I want be free from this pain,
to leave this world of my shame,
so few things are still holding me back,
I yearn to avoid the worn track.

No matter what I try in life,
their footsteps I seam to still follow,
I want to be my own small self,
but every attempt leaves me hollow.

Encouragement given so little,
so many things holding me down,
like a king, holding much power,
but pinned by a hundred tonne crown.

My dreams are so nearly in reach,
I feel I can withstand this pressure,
though my time is no longer my own,
taken by others for leisure.

Why are we made to be fragile?
Escape is so easy to reach,
but friends help to hold me together,
a part of me held within each.

Only a few years 'till freedom,
a future unique and all mine.
I hold up my mask a while longer,
to be thrown, flung away, when it's time.

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This place needs some art, so tada! :P
(please note that none of these are my original work. I did them, but I copied them from photos ect. :P)

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I have lived, and will die
in at least 4 different ways
By water and fire
poison and age

My first was a food
Struck down at aged 2
The poison consumed me
My first life was through

My second was sickness
a burning disease
My insides consumed
I died with a wheeze

Water was third
at 7 in France
I drowned, but was saved
by the slimmest chance.

Four will come later
When? I don't know
I will run out of chances
Still, onward I go!

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It came without warning,
a sweet, gentle touch that
danced on your cheek then
fell far too much so
the water rose up to
the height of your eye
tracing dark rainbows on
earth and the sky.

It has always been heard
but never to you so
you start to believe it
isn't quite true that
they made it all up and
there's nothing to fear but
that goes up in smoke when
you feel those soft tears.

It rises and rises
you're marked in the red
zone that cuts off your
hope and you dread that
all that you longed for
all that you dreamed
gets washed away in the
swelling of streams.

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Do you ever feel crushed by love not received?
It builds and it grows far too slow to perceive.

You live for the day that it lights up their face.
That flicker that says "You do have a place"

That pain when you see that it never will come.
So I shout, and I leave, for my mind's warmest sun.

How can you face that tide of alone?
When you find that your house is no longer your home.

That feeling of hurt, when you find you despise,
that you long for the world that is free of their lies.

How do you live in a place that you hate?
But my moment will come, so I watch and I wait.

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The best part about this thread is that it is consistently updated, yet again...great work!

Also, really impressed here... to the extreme, literally

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Very good poems up here!

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Aww. Thank you. :3 I love posting here.

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