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They sat on the table. There were many empty chairs, but light only shined upon the table and the places of the peoples clown masks that the light could touch. Anything else was darkness. The knights, all in dressed in medieval armor, wearing clown masks.

Legend: Give me the hammer.
Doom: I don't think so.
Legend: Why not? I have given you power, yet you still refuse to use it. Both of you.
Dark: *sits quietly*
Doom: Look, I don't think that bashing your hammer on our members will do any of us good.
Legend: *Smashes the hammer on Doom's face*
Dark: *Sits Quietly*
Red: Was that necessary?

Doom, Legends only remaining friend and right hand man, had been lost in the abyss of the unicorn.
As doom lay on the floor quiet, blood dripping from his head, the rest was silence.

Legend: Do not make his mistake, Red.
Red: I'm on the brink of frightful speech.
Legend: And I of frightful hearing.
Dark: *Sits quietly*
Saphire: Uhm... L-L-Legend....
Legend: *Smashes hammer on Saphires Head* Away with you for stuttering my name.
Helpo: One.. two... three... four... five... six... ... one-hundred.
Red: Have you gone so mad as to count on your own?
Legend: Dark, give them their souls back.

As the two on the floor sit back on their chairs fearfully yet quietly, they begin to realize the unicorn had poisoned Legend's blood. Nothing was the same. Then they start to count again, in the dim light, that was at war with the shadows, losing to the darkness, yet fighting.

Legend: One.
Doom: Two.
Saphire: Three.

This went on until sixty-six.

Dark: *Sits Quietly*
Red: Sixty-seven
Helpo: Sixty-eight.
Saphire: Sixty-eight.

Both fearful, they run towards one direction of the darkness. Seeing a light at the distance, they run towards it. Running and running out of fear. As they get closer to the light, they slowly stop. There was the table again. There was nowhere to run.

Legend: Sit down. I will let it slide this time, for the both of you, not knowing my path to power, was the path to the dark side.

They sit down, in fear. They knew there was nowhere to run.

Dark: He will find you if you run, he will kill you if you talk, and he will claim your soul.
Doom: I can't take this anymore! Lynch!
Red: Lynch!
Saphire: Lynch!

They all chant the words. They all chant with courage, for the first time. But before anyone was lynched, figures of clowned masked copies of Legend appeared behind everyone, holding a hammer, and laughing. Quietly, oh so quietly. The table was even more silenced.

All the Legends: Hammer them, all of them. Hammer them, killing them. Hammer them, flatten them. Hammer them, hammer them.

*Repeated pounding*

Doom: W-W-Why?!
Legend: Might controls everything, without strength you cannot protect anything. Let alone yourself.

Without a second to spare, doom was hammered again, and again, and again.

Legend: Switch on the lights?
Legend: Yes, switch them on.
Legend: *flips switch*

As the lights turn on, the only thing Saphire could see while pretending to be unconscious or even dead was the words "power" written everywhere. As she slowly peeked to left, Legend's face was already staring at her. Behind him, the other Legends were staring too.

Legend: Goodnight, sweet child, do not dream of dying, you will wake up, dream of heaven, you will be asleep forever.

And the rest was silence(?)


The next happy story will come out soon!

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Great chapter Doom!

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The Legendary quest to douse and ignite helpo's house will be completed

... unsuccessfully. :P
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unsuccessfully. :P

Regardless! Don't change the subject!

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... unsuccessfully. :P


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Would helpo be here if it was succesful?

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Chapter 6

Doom slowly returned from Legend's room, blood dripping from his banhammer.

Doom: It is done. Here is the ultimate proof of my power.

He wore a golden crown. His banhammer was sheathed in a case he had on his back, under a purple cloak he had wrapped around his body.

It was obvious that he held all the symbols of power. All the things Legend carried once. But not his power. He didn't emit that same purple aura. It didn't feel the same, standing close to him.

The only member present at the moment however was Darkfire, who, as usual, didn't overreact at the sudden change. One might say he barely reacted at all.

Darkfire: you look...different
Doom: A new god has been born!
Darkfire: alright.*sits quietly*
Doom: How would you like to join me Dark? How would you like to be a god? To rule this place with me?
Darkfire: sounds fun
Doom: You can do it yourself now that Legend is asleep, but anyway. Here you go!

With a swift movement of his hand, Doom gave Dark an identical set of crown and cloak. Dark, now an Admin himself, gloriously reigned over the Legendary Order, joyful over the new leadership (well, as much joyful and glorious Dark may let himself be).

Darkfire: *salutes*
Doom:*salutes back* All hail!

Doom then proceeded to make an announcement to the rest of the Order through the voice channel:

Doon: Legend's Reign of terror is over! As of now I am in complete control of the Order. The throne is mine!

ChapZ was the first to appear after the announcement. In the blink of an eye, he surfaced from his massive pool, taking in his surroundings. It took him some time to recognize the former mods.

ChapZ: Whoa hey! That was your plan?
Doom: Yup! And you have been my supporter. You've indirectly kept the rest of the members from opposing me and helped me track down helpo. As a reward for your services, you will be given our latest banhammer. Carry it with pride! Congratulations! You are now a mod!

With these words, Doom caused a banhammer to appear right on ChapZ's tentacles.

ChapZ: YAY! I love this! Thanks ^_^ Now I can give myself as many points as I want!!!

ChapZ was so excited that he kept flailing all of his tentacles on every direction. Especially the one holding the banhammer almost hit Darkfire in the face, before he crouched under the incoming blow with a swift perfect move.

Doom: It's alright. We'll have plenty of time for festivities later. We still have to douse helpo's house in gas. He is not going to be trapped here for much longer. Have you booked the tickets to Kosiche?

As usual, helpo's tickling voice whispered into Doom's mind at this point, as if he was awakened at the mention of his name:

helpo: Sorry, it is not Kosiche, but Koshice! Plus I don't live there. It is just my ISP's official location . And--.....Whoa. This is... What are you doing with the order? This is just...This is JUST LOL! Or rather, ROFL!

Doom: There's been a sudden change in leadership. And here is the other thing: 1) I don't believe you and 2) IP tracking provided a circular area with Koshice at the center. So we are going there to start sweeping. See you soon
helpo: Well how large was the area? 500km?
Doom: No, not that large I think. It ended right after Jasov.
helpo: Well, that's about 30 km, so yeah, it's safe to THINK that it is not that large. It is only a little bit less

Doom once again had to ignore the internet troll, poking his mind, in order to focus.

Doom: Alright ChapZ. Let's go to the airport. We have a flight to catch. By the way, when does the plane leave?
ChapZ: In 2 hours.
Doom: Splendid. We have plenty of time to prepare. Have you packed?
ChapZ: Yes
Doom: Ok. Dark, I trust you on this. Stay here, and safeguard our regime!
Dark: Yes sir! *salutes*
Doom: Great. Let's go

---*Later at the airport*---

As Doom was wating in line to submit his baggage, a sudden horrible thought crossed his mind.

Doom: Hey ChapZ.
ChapZ was in a container filled with water. In order to avoid suspicion, Doom had assumed his human form, and hidden ChapZ's container in a massive suitcase. ChapZ replied through the container.

ChapZ: what?
Doom: Do you have any idea how are we going to pass the gasoline from the check in?
ChapZ: I thought you would have planned for that. You are the arsonist after all!
Doom: I don't do international jobs! We gotta do something! Hang on!

Doom skype-called Darkfire to see if he could help.

Doom: Hey Dark, how are things there?

He could see AP in the background watching the call with great interest.

AP: Hey Doom, Doom! I've found out that helpo lives in the Mediterranean!

Dark: Well, red, ap and saphire are here...they all look very confused as to what happened.
Doom: Just give them positions of power. They will appreciate it. Listen, I need your help. We are having trouble passing our gasoline from the check-in. Can you help?
Dark: Ok, I will bribe the security to let you pass. If you'd like I can do the same to the Koshice international airport.
Doom: Sounds great. Thanks.
Dark: No problem *Salutes*

---5 hours later---

Doom had spent the last 3 hours waiting for ChapZ's container to arrive along the rest of the baggage. But the sheer size of it wouldn't let it through. The personnel were very concerned about that strange suitcase, and were preparing to examine it. Catastrophe almost struck as they were ready to open the suitcase, but Doom arrived just in time, fed up with all the waiting, to stop them.

As they left the airport, they knew they had to put a lot of work in sweeping a 30km radius circular area in a few hours. So they decided to take a taxi for a ride around the city, to look for any small forest, cave or any other suitable residence for a troll.

Doom: Any other idea for a place to look as we go? I doubt we'll find many caves and forests in a city, no matter how small.
ChapZ: how about a proper flat?
Doom: Well, it may indeed be that our troll is hiding in plain sight but I only hope that is not the case.

Doom tried to ignore the confused looks of the taxi driver, who muttered something about tourists getting crazier every year, as he tried his best to load the suitcase in the back.

However, despite how hard he looked, he couldn't find anything unusual. All the time during the ride, the only possible residence for a troll he saw were the apartments scattered everywhere in the city, assuming of course helpo was such a peculiar troll (which, knowing helpo, was most likely true).

Doom: Ok. I am afraid we have to stop here. How much is it?
Taxi Driver: Well, you've had me driving around town for the last 5 hours, so it is a pretty hefty price. 500.

Doom: *sigh* Be glad I cannot reveal my true form now to punish you, as I have to catch the troll. Here. *hands money*

The taxi driver slowly reached for the cash Doom handed him, looking as pale as a ghost. Once ChapZ and Doom were out, he drove away as fast as he could. But that short exchange about the money was enough to bring yet another terrifying idea in Doom's mind.

Doom: ChapZ. How much money did you bring?
ChapZ: I didn't bring any.
Doom: Then how are we going to return home!?

Before ChapZ could respond, Doom's cellphone rang. Darkfire was calling him.

Doom: Hey Dark. Listen, we are stranded in Koshice and don't have enough money to buy a ticket home. Can you help us out?
Dark: I can arrange for someone to pick you up. But we've got bigger problems right now.
Doom: Like what?
Dark: Legend is awake.

Doombreed: The Daemonic Arsonist who is also a mod at the Legendary order.
@ChapZ : The Kraken apprentice who is always excited when it comes to Legendary points!
@armorplayergc : the ever-present competitive shadow which is excited about everything!
@helpo1 : The internet troll. He often communicates solely through emojis. He also happens to be the order's jester, even though he tries to convince everyone that he is a German sheriff, retributionist, executioner, vigilante as well
@Darkfire45 : One of the legendary mods of the order. He doesn't talk much (READ: almost not at all) and sometimes visits the order at erratic times. He is also known for his massive success ratio in "Count to 100". Violent and sardonic, yet polite and with a great sense of humor.

@SirLegendary : The Legendary leader of the glorious order
@Saphire24 : ninja heroine who loves animals a lot
@red303: The order's first hero. Pirate-Parties a lot. Obsessed with the color red!

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helpo1: "How big was the area? Like, 500km radius? :P"
Doombreed: "I am not sure. Maybe, though I think a bit less.. "
helpo1: "Just FYI: That means I can live anywhere in Slovakia, plus other nearby countries. "
Doombreed: "I am not sure exactly how many kms but it is centered in Kosice, and ends a little after Jasov."
helpo1: "Well, that's 30km. So, it's really A BIT less than 500km. "

I always LOL at this part of our conversation.
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I always LOL at this part of our conversation.

Me too

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I found a typo:

Doon: Legend's Reign of terror is over! As of now I am in complete control of the Order. The throne is mine!

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Ohhhhhhhhhh that's great

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Chapter 7

It was a fine sunny morning at the Legendary Order. Just kidding. It was only the normal chaos.

Saphire: What?
Gogo: I don't know, I made it up.
Saphire: Oh

Another flashing red button became green in just a moment's notice. Just like every time he logged in, Legend jumped in to ruin all the fun ((but don't tell him that )

Legend: Hello. How is everyone doing?
Saphire: PASSIONFRUIT!...Oops! Hello Legend
AP:Hello Legend!

Legend: "Whoa. How many people are present?" he said, pointing at a large board at the other side of the table showing the names of everyone there, along with the number of those who were watching what was happening, but from another location. There were seven people "online" with six more observers!

Darkfire's deep voice was the first to break the silence that followed Legend's words:

Darkfire: I am not.

Another red button became green: the one over the seat at the right of Legend's throne. The Force of Chaos has come online.

Doom: As you can see, it is already a bit of a problem.

As if they have arranged to make their appearance simultaneously, another member apparently came online: Legend's soulmate.

Come to think of it, they even shared a similarity in their names. So, given the chaotic nature of the order itself (as well as the internet of course), anything could be possible.

Pudding: That would have been interesting if I cared. ^^

Doom, never to let any of what Pudding said go unanswered, rushed to reply.

Doom: How would you know what caring feels like? Have you ever cared about anything?
Pudding:I love you too Doom ^_^

Luckily, Legend was quick to cut that wonderful discussion short:

Legend: SirPuddington, welcome! Glad to have you here.
Pudding: Hello Legend...and everyone else

However, always the stubborn, Doom would not let the administrator (READ: soon to be ex-administrator...oops! nevermind) stop such an interesting discussion:

Doom: You know you say you are British, but your trolling style is more like Irish?
Pudding: Me? A troll? I don't know what you are talking about!
Doom: Isn't it trolling when you say you love me?
Legend: WHAT!? Am I to assume that this means you've cheated on me?
Pudding: I would never cheat on you Legend =D
Doom: If you think you will live happily ever after that you are clearly mistaken...I will never let you do that!

ChapZ, though online all this time, only now replied:

ChapZ: You are powerless, Doom.
Doom: I am not.
Pudding: YES YOU ARE =D
Doom: Nope, I would remember that.
Pudding: LIAR!
ChapZ: He is right. You are lying.

Doom had enough at this point. He turned and faced ChapZ with a look that could make lava freeze:

Doom: You seem to be so eager to anger me. And that's funny because you, of all people, should know not to provoke me. Has your brain been damaged from the last time?

He pushed his finger to a point on the top of his head. He wasn't wrong. It was exactly where he hit ChapZ with his banhammer.

ChapZ didn't seem to notice Doom's subtle threat, or menacing look.

ChapZ: Of course you are powerless! Yes you are!

He even made an announcement through the order's voice channel:


Doom: Looks like even before the pudding, you will be the one to know just how powerful I am.
Legend: Doom, no.

Legend ignored Doom's anger for he knew he was the only one to have the ability to keep Doom's sadistic character under control. It actually worked as a very successful law enforcement. As well as blackmail, torture, and general handling of things that didn't go quite the way he desired.

Legend: So SirPuddington, when are we going to get married? Who should we invite?
Pudding: I don't know. Let's settle with who to invite!
Legend: Good idea. Saph, would you do us the honor of being the flower girl?

Saph could very well respond that this was not what she signed up for, that her abilities as a heroine let her do much more than that, that she was too old and too bored for this and give a million other reasons why not but it was also like her not to ever disappoint anyone. Something Legend was counting on.

Saph: Sure

Everyone started clapping, and yelling "hooray"! Except Darkfire, obviously.

Legend: Great! Doom, will you do me the honor of being the best man?
Doom: nay.

Gogo's jaw dropped to the floor. AP's eyes widened to this reply! Saph was stunned. Only Darkfire didn't react.

Legend: What! Why not?

Of course Doom planned for this. He had his own ways of manipulating Legend, even though technically, Legend was his superior.

Doom: Because you won't let me punish ChapZ for disrespecting me.

ChapZ jumped out of the pool in shock! Everybody waited on Legend's reply.

Legend: Oh that's it? Ok then, sure you may punish him!
ChapZ: What!? No, no you can't do that! Legend no!
"Then you've got the best man", said Doom, blinking the one eye.
Legend: Knock yourself out!

Doom, unsheathed his massive banhammer.

Doom: It is nothing personal. Well actually it is.

ChapZ was flailing around rapidly in fear, splashing water all over.

Doom: Goodbye.

With the sound of an elephant tumbling to the ground from the peak of the Eiffel Tower, ChapZ was knocked unconscious by Doom's banhammer. Finally, Doom had satisfied his thirst for revenge. At least, part of it.

Doom: Well, that was exhilarating.

At the same time he whispered Pudding:

Doom: You know you are the next. And you also happen to know what I will do. Enjoy your last moments of consciousness while they last(i.e. while Legend is still awake)!

What could this mean? What did Doom have in mind?

@SirLegendary : The legendary leader of the glorious order
Doombreed: The Daemonic Arsonist who is also a mod at the Legendary Order. Recently started something of a rivalry with SirPuddington
@Darkfire45 : One of the mods of the order. He doesn't talk much (READ: Almost not at all) and often visits the order at erratic times. He is also known for his massive success ration in "Count to 100". Violent and sardonic, yet polite and with a great sense of humor
@armorplayergc : The ever present competitive shadow which is excited about everything
@Saphire24 : Ninja heroine who loves animals a lot
@ChapZ : The Kraken apprentice who is always excited when it comes to Legendary points!
@Gogotank : a heat preferred penguin that is friendly to the extreme! He is known to hug other members at regular intervals
@SirPuddington : The one to never reveal his feelings. Doesn't care about anything...except when he does.

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I remember that day!!! Doom wants revenge!!! :O

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I don't remember this at all...

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well, it isn't exactly what happened Basically it was the day Legend and Pudding were about to get married. But I did ban ChapZ

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I remember that day!! I think that was one of the weirdest days since I joined....and there have been a lot of weird days......Seriously.

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