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They sat on the table. There were many empty chairs, but light only shined upon the table and the places of the peoples clown masks that the light could touch. Anything else was darkness. The knights, all in dressed in medieval armor, wearing clown masks.

Legend: Give me the hammer.
Doom: I don't think so.
Legend: Why not? I have given you power, yet you still refuse to use it. Both of you.
Dark: *sits quietly*
Doom: Look, I don't think that bashing your hammer on our members will do any of us good.
Legend: *Smashes the hammer on Doom's face*
Dark: *Sits Quietly*
Red: Was that necessary?

Doom, Legends only remaining friend and right hand man, had been lost in the abyss of the unicorn.
As doom lay on the floor quiet, blood dripping from his head, the rest was silence.

Legend: Do not make his mistake, Red.
Red: I'm on the brink of frightful speech.
Legend: And I of frightful hearing.
Dark: *Sits quietly*
Saphire: Uhm... L-L-Legend....
Legend: *Smashes hammer on Saphires Head* Away with you for stuttering my name.
Helpo: One.. two... three... four... five... six... ... one-hundred.
Red: Have you gone so mad as to count on your own?
Legend: Dark, give them their souls back.

As the two on the floor sit back on their chairs fearfully yet quietly, they begin to realize the unicorn had poisoned Legend's blood. Nothing was the same. Then they start to count again, in the dim light, that was at war with the shadows, losing to the darkness, yet fighting.

Legend: One.
Doom: Two.
Saphire: Three.

This went on until sixty-six.

Dark: *Sits Quietly*
Red: Sixty-seven
Helpo: Sixty-eight.
Saphire: Sixty-eight.

Both fearful, they run towards one direction of the darkness. Seeing a light at the distance, they run towards it. Running and running out of fear. As they get closer to the light, they slowly stop. There was the table again. There was nowhere to run.

Legend: Sit down. I will let it slide this time, for the both of you, not knowing my path to power, was the path to the dark side.

They sit down, in fear. They knew there was nowhere to run.

Dark: He will find you if you run, he will kill you if you talk, and he will claim your soul.
Doom: I can't take this anymore! Lynch!
Red: Lynch!
Saphire: Lynch!

They all chant the words. They all chant with courage, for the first time. But before anyone was lynched, figures of clowned masked copies of Legend appeared behind everyone, holding a hammer, and laughing. Quietly, oh so quietly. The table was even more silenced.

All the Legends: Hammer them, all of them. Hammer them, killing them. Hammer them, flatten them. Hammer them, hammer them.

*Repeated pounding*

Doom: W-W-Why?!
Legend: Might controls everything, without strength you cannot protect anything. Let alone yourself.

Without a second to spare, doom was hammered again, and again, and again.

Legend: Switch on the lights?
Legend: Yes, switch them on.
Legend: *flips switch*

As the lights turn on, the only thing Saphire could see while pretending to be unconscious or even dead was the words "power" written everywhere. As she slowly peeked to left, Legend's face was already staring at her. Behind him, the other Legends were staring too.

Legend: Goodnight, sweet child, do not dream of dying, you will wake up, dream of heaven, you will be asleep forever.

And the rest was silence(?)


The next happy story will come out soon!

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I CRIED WHEN DOOM HIT THE UNICORN! But is this a prequel from chapter 66something? While legend was asleep?

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yup...exactly...It details the events of the previous day @Gogotank. And yes, I did ban the unicorn the previous day and ChapZ volunteered for the test!

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Oh, ok. It gives more information about what happened that day, that's good! I wrote a horrible short story in the clan too, about the things I did while I was alone in the clan.

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What did you do? Will you post as a new chapter @Gogotank?

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Chapter 4

All the members were staring towards a specific empty seat at the round table... Some other seats were empty as well...some members didn't even have seats (like ChapZ, whose massive size required an Olympic pool all for himself), but the strange thing about that specific seat was that the button on top of it was green, with a sign over it reading out "helpo1 is online" ( online is a metaphorical term meaning "being present" XD). However helpo was nowhere to be found.

Doom: Where is he again?
Ap: I dunno. Let's think. How to find helpo on the internet?
Doom: Nah, I am tired of thinking...Let's search for him.
ChapZ: But...we have no idea where he is!
Doom: *searches under the desk* helpo?
Ap: Oh we are doing the search for helpo again? COOL! *Searches in Darkfire's House *helpo?
Doom: Searches in the trashcan* helpo?
Ap: *Searches in ChapZ's house* helpo?
ChapZ hey! HEY! What are you doing in my house!?
Doom: *Searches in helpo's house* helpo?

All of a sudden, helpo appeared out of nowhere, sitting relaxed on his seat and looking the rest of the members (one might say "suspiciously looking", because the internet troll is always up to no good!)

helpo: What's going on?
Ap: Ah. You were home!
helpo: Yeah...What did I miss?

There was a slight pause before Doom started explaining:

Doom: Well not much... I was trying to test my power!
helpo: You set this place on fire again?
Doom: "No, I simply hit the unicorn on the head with my banhammer...Didn't you see him lying right there?" Said Doom, pointing at the door, where the unicorn was still lying unconscious.
helpo: O_O

Doom continued as if he hitting unicorns with his banhammer was his everyday thing (which, knowing Doom, was most likely very true):

"I also tested the quality of the banhammers Legend ordered on ChapZ, who volunteered. Now I know I have the power to revive victims of the hammer. Thank you again for that Chap!"

helpo: My God...
Doom: So here is an idea... How about you volunteer for a banhammer hit as well?
helpo: Well...what is going to happen, ChapZ?
ChapZ: Umm...not much. As long as your body remains here, you will still be able to hear and perceive everything going on in here, but you won't be able to do anything else.
Doom: I challenge you to say yes! And don't can still visit me in Armoria with your mind and tell me what you think, or whether you need anything. And I will revive you anytime you ask me too...But as this is a challenge, I would advise you not to. Only if you endure the ban, will you receive the Legendary points I plan to give you at the end.
ChapZ: Wait..Points!? What points?
Doom: Not for you ChapZ, you already got 10 points for volunteering for the first official banhammer test...I am talking about helpo.
ChapZ: oohh...Right...Well..I was hoping that--
Doom: Not important right now. So helpo, what say you?
helpo: Well, if I still can see and hear everything that's going on here and can communicate with you in Armoria, I don't see why not
Doom: Alright then...The effects will last for a full day. Are you ready?
helpo: bring it on
Doom: Alright then!

With the force of a charging elephant, Doom horizontally swung his banhammer right on helpo's head, knocking him unconscious. This violent act was extremely inhuman but most of the members were so insane, they didn't actually care.

ChapZ: Great...he is unconscious now. What do you want to do?
Doom: Well, now that he is trapped, there is nothing to stop me from going to his house and burning it down! I need to prepare for the journey.
AP: Oh! "The Hunt for helpo " I want to help!
Doom: Alright then...track helpo's location. We need to find out where he really lives
In the meantime, let's prepare. ChapZ you in on this?
ChapZ: absolutely!
Doom: Then get ready... pack up, wear your suit and prepare to book the tickets when we find out where helpo really lives
AP: I've found out! He lives in Antarctica!
Doom: What? I thought he was living in Slovakia...anyway, Chap, book the tickets. *Wears suit*

But suddenly, as Doom was packing up, he heard a voice in his mind, coming from the place called "Armor Games". The voice belonged to helpo:

"Sorry I don't think I live in Antarctica. Not even close "

Doom: Wait a minute... hold up guys. Helpo says he doesn't live in Antarctica! Not even close he says.
ChapZ: What?! But--But I just booked the tickets! We--
AP: No, it is impossible!
Doom: I knew it was too easy...AP, you've done it wrong! I will track him.

Doom moved towards the computer as helpo's annoying voice kept whispering in his mind:

"you forgot to mention the to them"

Doom: Well, how do we begin tracking him?
ChapZ: Google Maps?
Doom: Great Idea! Let me check...Oh here we are...But, how do we find out where he is? I mean, we don't know where he lives...
ChapZ: Let's think... where do trolls live?
Doom: Trolls live in caves
AP: No no, trolls live in forest! That is common knowledge!
Doom: well, we've always assumed helpo lived in a proper house, we were even searching for him there before.
ChapZ: But how did you go to his house to search for him if you don't know where he lives?
Doom: 1) AP went to his house, and given that he couldn't track him properly, I doubt he really went there and 2) I only visited him once to burn him at his request as the jester he is and that was a long time ago!

ChapZ wondered what Doom was on about again when he mentioned jester...It must have been the order's official entertainment, the Town of Salem. ChapZ didn't know where was that so called town located but he knew helpo, Doom, Saph, Red along with some other members visited it often. It seemed pretty strange to him...Having the Mafia, Serial Killers, Werewolves and of course, Arsonists like Doom hunt you down and pray to live through each night seemed a terrifying concept, not an entertaining one...but who could ever fathom the insanity of the Legendary Order?

Just as ChapZ was getting lost in these thoughts, another red button over a seat at the table turned green with the sign on top of it reading: "apldeap123 has come online". Before anyone could think about it, apple appeared out of nowhere, sitting comfortably in his seat.

Apple: Hello!
Doom: Oh hello Apple! You've missed some quite important events!
Apple...Wha-What? Why is helpo lying on the ground?
Doom: Because me and Chap are heading to his house right now to burn it!

Before Apple could react, another red button turned green: Saphire24 has come online. In a moment's notice, saph appeared on her seat, taking in her surroundings peacefully...that is, until she too saw helpo on the ground unconscious.

Saph: Hello! What is going on?
Doom: Oh hello Saph. ChapZ and I--
Saph: Hello
Doom: *sigh* We need to do something about all these ninjas!
Saph: I am sorry
Doom: Anyway ChapZ and I are preparing to go to helpo's house to burn it down...and since he could resist, we've trapped him right here.
Saph: But-But wh--

"OK!" Said Doom turning his back to Saph. Now we still need to find where he lives!

AP: I told you, I swear that he lives in Antarctica!
ChapZ: No he doesn't!
Saph: What's going on!? I don't understand.

And that's how a total ninja chaos erupted, with everyone fighting, asking their own questions and nobody having time to reply! AP kept jumping up and down, constantly yelling "ANTARCTICA! ANTARCTICA!", ChapZ and Doom tried to ignore him and focus on finding helpo, with Saph and red bombarding them with dozens of questions simultaneously!
They knew they weren't going to survive too long in this chaos! They had to do something!

Doombreed: The Daemonic Arsonist who is also a mod at the Legendary order.
@ChapZ : The Kraken apprentice who is always excited when it comes to Legendary points!
@armorplayergc : the ever-present competitive shadow which is excited about everything!
@Saphire24 : ninja heroine who loves animals a lot
@apldeap123 : The order's cool kid. He is not present at many meetings, but his presence never goes by unnoticed.
@helpo1 : The internet troll. He often communicates solely through emojis. He also happens to be the order's jester, even though he tries to convince everyone that he is a German sheriff, retributionist, executioner, vigilante as well

@SirLegendary : The Legendary leader of the glorious order
@Darkfire45 : One of the legendary mods of the order. He doesn't talk much and sometimes visits the order at erratic times. He is also known for his massive success ratio in "Count to 100". Violent and sardonic, yet polite and with a great sense of humor.

So there you have it! The way I see it, completing the Legendary quest to douse and ignite helpo's house is going to take at least 2 more chapters! In the meantime, enjoy reading this

I hope you like it!

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@helpo1 : The internet troll. He often communicates solely through emojis. He also happens to be the order's jester, even though he tries to convince everyone that he is a German sheriff, retributionist, executioner, vigilante as well

@Doombreed, you've got it all wrong. I'm a jestery German Sheriff/BG/Doc/Inv/Med/Ret/Vet/Vig/Ars/Exec/SK/WW. Plus, sometimes, a Survivor. :P

BTW, you forgot to say hello to Apple, but otherwise it's quite good. Don't forget the part where I lived in the Mediterranean (according to AP), where I told you my address in Laniakea and where I (according to you) lived in 500km radius of KosiCHe, somewhere in Hungary. :P

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@helpo1 the part where you say hello to apple along with the rest are going to be featured in the next chapter! Also, I didn't get everything wrong! I got the "German", "Sheriff", "exe", "ret","jes" and "vig" parts right! maf? How come you are not framer?

Also a small error at the end...I said "saph and red" when I meant to say saph and apple. sorry. Ran out of time to edit the post.

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I'm fairly sure I remember being there too, but whatever. Either way, it seems to be turning out nicely! Keep making these!

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Thanks @red303 . Don't worry I remember you were there too. I just planned to feature you in the next chapter!

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@Doombreed, after you're done with this, can I be in the story too?

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Well, @Gogotank , you unfortunately weren't here during the Legendary quest to douse and ignite helpo's house, so I don't think I can include you in the next 2 chapters...Sorry.

But I will in another chapter! Don't worry

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Yeah, I meant after you finish the story where you had the ultimate power. Thanks by the way!

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Do I really act like that? I love this! there is so much characterization! Well done Doom

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Chapter 5

As everyone was shouting, asking questions and jumping up and down, Doom realized he had to do something before it was too late.

Just as he thought that, Red appeared, and joined the chaos.

Red: Hello. Woa... Why is helpo banned?

Doom had to shout to get his voice across

Red: What? Why?
Saphire: I don't know either! I--
ap: Antartica!

"STOOOOOOOOPPP!" Doom shouted, constantly hitting his banhammer on the ground.

It was successful. Everybody turned around and stared at him.

Doom: Ok. First. Apple, helpo says hello.
Apple: But ho--
Doom: "Well I can't stop his mind from visiting "Armor Games" for example can I? Now, we still have to find out where helpo really lives and I would appreciate some silence--Don't start again AP!" Said Doom to ap who was just about to say "Antarctica" again "So, I really need some silence in order for ChapZ and me to focus... Don't make me hit you with the banhammer!"

On that menacing idea, saph and apple vanished...even though the buttons over their seats remained green, meaning, they were still watching.

Doom: Alright...Things are quiet now. So, we still need to find helpo.
ChapZ: True...But how?
Doom: Well the simple ideas are often the best. I'll be right back.

Doom visited helpo in Armoria with his mind. To communicate with him.

Doom: So, where do you live?
helpo: Somewhere outside Antartica :P
Doom: Can't you be a bit more specific?
helpo: Laniakea
Doom: what?
helpo: Laniakea. The Laniakea galaxy supercluster. Part of which is our own galaxy.
Doom: you are not helping.
helpo: Milky way? Solar System? Earth?
Doom: That's not more specific at all. Try telling me the country first
helpo: Sorry, but that'd be too easy. It's YOU who try to burn me, remember? You have to do something as well in order to burn me correctly. :/
Doom: I am only doing you a favor. Remember when you confessed to being the jester and wanted to die?
helpo: But you visited my house back then...Have you become sclerotic since then? :P
Doom: I can't just instantly remember where you live. I haven't visited for a long time.
helpo: so you don't have an IP adress?

A sudden glee filled Doom at the prospect of finally finding out where helpo lives. He realized the solution was right under his nose the entire time.

Doom: I see. Thanks. Now back to the order.

As Doom returned to the order, he found AP and ChapZ arguing again...

ChapZ: Why did you point us to Antartica? helpo wasn't there! Are you trying to sabotage us?
Doom: ChapZ is right. You were also sad when helpo was hit with the banhammer. You are not with us!
AP: I only tried to seem sad! To convince him I am on his side!

Again, helpo's tickling voice came from Armoria...and whispered into
Doom's mind:

helpo: Oh, so AP says he just tried to convince me that he was sad? Please, remind him that... I'M WATCHING. :P

Doom tried to concentrate.

Doom: Ok. I've got an idea. I've traced his IP adress, now I know he lives in Slovakia.
ChapZ: Yeah but were?
Doom: Don't worry. I got it *whispers to ChapZ the name of the city*
ChapZ: oh ok.
Doom: Now, I need you to book the tickets. We are leaving.
ChapZ: Ok sure

In the meantime, ap, had left the Legendary Order. Saph and Apple also went away.

Doom: I have some unfinished business with mr. Legend. He is asleep now. My plan can be set in motion.
ChapZ: What plan?
Doom: Don't worry. It will all be made clear soon *sadistic grin*

Doombreed: The Daemonic Arsonist who is also a mod at the Legendary order.
@ChapZ : The Kraken apprentice who is always excited when it comes to Legendary points!
@armorplayergc : the ever-present competitive shadow which is excited about everything!
@Saphire24 : ninja heroine who loves animals a lot
@apldeap123 : The order's cool kid. He is not present at many meetings, but his presence never goes by unnoticed.
@red303: The order's first hero. Pirate-Parties a lot. Obsessed with the color red!
@helpo1 : The internet troll. He often communicates solely through emojis. He also happens to be the order's jester, even though he tries to convince everyone that he is a German sheriff, retributionist, executioner, vigilante as well
@SirLegendary : The Legendary leader of the glorious order

This is the chapter detailing the events directly before the Legendary uprising. In the next chapter... The Legendary quest to douse and ignite helpo's house will be completed! Hope you enjoyed it

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awesome chapter Doom! it's like, exactly what really happened!

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