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They sat on the table. There were many empty chairs, but light only shined upon the table and the places of the peoples clown masks that the light could touch. Anything else was darkness. The knights, all in dressed in medieval armor, wearing clown masks.

Legend: Give me the hammer.
Doom: I don't think so.
Legend: Why not? I have given you power, yet you still refuse to use it. Both of you.
Dark: *sits quietly*
Doom: Look, I don't think that bashing your hammer on our members will do any of us good.
Legend: *Smashes the hammer on Doom's face*
Dark: *Sits Quietly*
Red: Was that necessary?

Doom, Legends only remaining friend and right hand man, had been lost in the abyss of the unicorn.
As doom lay on the floor quiet, blood dripping from his head, the rest was silence.

Legend: Do not make his mistake, Red.
Red: I'm on the brink of frightful speech.
Legend: And I of frightful hearing.
Dark: *Sits quietly*
Saphire: Uhm... L-L-Legend....
Legend: *Smashes hammer on Saphires Head* Away with you for stuttering my name.
Helpo: One.. two... three... four... five... six... ... one-hundred.
Red: Have you gone so mad as to count on your own?
Legend: Dark, give them their souls back.

As the two on the floor sit back on their chairs fearfully yet quietly, they begin to realize the unicorn had poisoned Legend's blood. Nothing was the same. Then they start to count again, in the dim light, that was at war with the shadows, losing to the darkness, yet fighting.

Legend: One.
Doom: Two.
Saphire: Three.

This went on until sixty-six.

Dark: *Sits Quietly*
Red: Sixty-seven
Helpo: Sixty-eight.
Saphire: Sixty-eight.

Both fearful, they run towards one direction of the darkness. Seeing a light at the distance, they run towards it. Running and running out of fear. As they get closer to the light, they slowly stop. There was the table again. There was nowhere to run.

Legend: Sit down. I will let it slide this time, for the both of you, not knowing my path to power, was the path to the dark side.

They sit down, in fear. They knew there was nowhere to run.

Dark: He will find you if you run, he will kill you if you talk, and he will claim your soul.
Doom: I can't take this anymore! Lynch!
Red: Lynch!
Saphire: Lynch!

They all chant the words. They all chant with courage, for the first time. But before anyone was lynched, figures of clowned masked copies of Legend appeared behind everyone, holding a hammer, and laughing. Quietly, oh so quietly. The table was even more silenced.

All the Legends: Hammer them, all of them. Hammer them, killing them. Hammer them, flatten them. Hammer them, hammer them.

*Repeated pounding*

Doom: W-W-Why?!
Legend: Might controls everything, without strength you cannot protect anything. Let alone yourself.

Without a second to spare, doom was hammered again, and again, and again.

Legend: Switch on the lights?
Legend: Yes, switch them on.
Legend: *flips switch*

As the lights turn on, the only thing Saphire could see while pretending to be unconscious or even dead was the words "power" written everywhere. As she slowly peeked to left, Legend's face was already staring at her. Behind him, the other Legends were staring too.

Legend: Goodnight, sweet child, do not dream of dying, you will wake up, dream of heaven, you will be asleep forever.

And the rest was silence(?)


The next happy story will come out soon!

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I wasn't in the happy story

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I wasn't in the happy story

@Guest_Pegasus1234 yes well, many members are not in the story for 2 reasons.

1) I can't include absolutely everyone but mostly 2), I am currently only turning events that actually happened at the Legendary Order into chapters (like helpo's ban and hunt, the legendary uprising, the "Doombreed's Servant" game etc.) and as such, only the people that participated in those events show up

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The Final Chapter…(sort of)

“So…how did he die?” she said, trying to envision an epic fight to the death that ended badly
“He got hit by a bus accidently down the road”
“How did you find out?”
“I have many abilities”
“Nope, you know you don’t”
“I once had to solve Rubik’s Cube in 20 seconds to—“
“I am not him, I know when you are lying!” she interrupted him
“Ok, I found it on the internet”
“You mean it’s already out?”
“Yeah. Well I’ll be just downstairs waiting. When you are done, come out. We have an important meeting to attend to”
With these words, the internet troll left the room.

Saphire was standing over his lifeless body…wondering how the Order would fare without him. There has never been a day he didn’t log in, at least for some moments. To think of the Order without thinking of him was, to many, impossible.

Nevertheless, the rest of the members were waiting for her, to discuss of the future of the order. Being the Order’s hero, she had to be present. So, she left the room, and looking at Doom’s lifeless corpse for one last time, she closed the door behind her.

“Now it is a Brave New World” she thought to herself, while climbing down the stairs, ever so swiftly…

This is quite a short chapter, as some of you asked You can consider it the end of the saga, and a glimpse of the future!

Doombreed: The Daemonic Arsonist who is also a mod at the Legendary order.
@Saphire24 : Ninja heroine who loves animals a lot
@helpo1 : The internet troll. He often communicates solely through emojis. He also happens to be the order's jester, even though he tries to convince everyone that he is a German sheriff, retributionist, executioner, vigilante as well

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WHAAAAAA???!!!! You can't die! :'( Why Doom? Are you planning on leaving us?! :'(


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So now all I have to do is arrange another little "accident" for Darkfire, and I will be the only moderator of the Order (:<

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WHAAAAAA#2? I don't remember that part.

Hm, looks like I'm an Amnesiac now as well.

(But be not afraid, this happened during the contest - ChapZ was Doom. :P
Oh, the ultimate trolling. No, I really have no idea what is this about. [troll]. Or not?

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(But be not afraid, this happened during the contest - ChapZ was Doom. :P

Oh really? is that why he was gone for so long?

You can consider it the end of the saga, and a glimpse of the future

I did tell you....but did you listeeen?

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Also, a reminder, everyone is free to write his own chapter

(sorry for any mistakes I make, but I'm not very good at making stories (yet), this is why I made it short)

So... yeah!

Chapter MCCCXXXVII (#1337)

... As time was going by, after many days, meetings and some adventures, they were starting to know each other better and get closer, but they also seemed to get further and further away, slowly, but constantly...

That way, after a couple of months, many of them started missing their meetings, and they were talking less and less... until they weren't even speaking anything at all.

"wow, where did everyone go?!" AP asked himself every day when he was alone there, there were never more than 3 or 4 people there at the same time when this started to happen

Two months ago, the clan was officially closed, and no one talked about it anymore, but there are stories saying that AP, Red and Saphire still go there, in the dark, cold room with the Round Table, which seems to be totally abandoned. Only they know what happens there nowadays.

This is how the Sunny Story of Happiness ends...


armorplayergc: the ever-present competitive shadow which is excited about everything!
@Saphire24 : Ninja heroine who loves animals a lot
@red303: The order's first hero. Pirate-Parties a lot. Obsessed with the color red!

once again, sorry for that, everyone, I hope you don't get sad/angry/upset at me

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