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The title makes it clear enough.

Posting the story parts here so they don't take up space in CT100/we don't have to scramble CT100 to find all the parts.

Dotted lines = separate posts, conjoined because they were posted by the same person, or joining some shorter posts or a shorter + longer post.

Separate posts are there if a post gets ungodly long or if there's a big difference in style (Ap's and abcdragon's posts are more role-play-ie, while mine and PLGuy's posts are more literary-ie)

Note to self: This is a much, much longer story than I thought it was.

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*I can see everything going on inside me, and so can the void.*

Me: I am so confused...There's a city inside of me, and it's being attacked. By the Void's soldiers, maybe?

Void: Of course there's a city inside you. Nobody's ever figured out why there are cities inside people I possessed, but of course I stole the soul of everyone who came close to me.

Me: Wow, that makes me feel better.

Void: It's not like I'm trying to support you! I want your soul! I want your friends' souls!

Me: Well as you can see my soul hasn't given up just yet. And neither will I. You know what, I can't just stay here and let my soul be battled for. You can take control of my body for now. *I lose control of my body and gain control of my soul. I look around and see everyone else.* I know that I'm not as strong in this form since the Void has attacked my soul, but I'm going to fight with you. I guess that since I am my soul now, all I have to do is stay alive until I get to my brain.

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The city door quickly closes.

Elder: Uh-uh. Okay. This makes sense. So, we're in a city, inside abcdragon? OK. Sure. Now I just hope there's a marketplace here or something.

The group arrive at a marketplace.

- ALRIGHT! We haven't much time. Let's split up! We MUST find something useful. And no matter what happens, see that chapel over there? If everything goes smoothly, or if everything bad that can happen happens, I want us to meet there, OK? Now quickly!

The group gets split up into two smaller groups: abcdragon's soul, armorplayer, Aezullya and the robot and Elder and the knight. As Elder and the knight enter the marketplace, they are blinded by a myriad of scents and colours. Colourful, patterned, Arabic carpets decorated each stall. Despite the city being under siege, the market was flourishing, albeit, in a frenzy. People bartering their most precious valuables for simple foods and even weapons to defend themselves when the city falls. The morale of the people was completely broken.

The knight stops himself at a stand selling weapons and armour.

- Come on, knight! I think I see something that may be even more useful!

- What could possibly be more useful than armaments right now?

- You'll see.

The knight hesitantly follows Elder, who comes at a stand with hundreds of bells, all containing spices. Everything up to the most exotic scents and spices: salt, pepper, sugar, rosemary, lavender, vegeta, za'tar, baharat...

- "You want to spice up your last meal, I see." The shopkeeper says.

- No, sir, we've come for you dyes.

- "WHAT DO DYES HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING!?!" The knight shouted out.

- Just trust me.

- "Oh, alright. Dyes it is!" The shopkeeper says, as he rolls around a panel containing a whole assortment of dyes of all shades of colour.

- What about your brightest, whitest white?

- Ah, yes, powdered fog! This is the finest white you will ever see. I travel to the other end of the Earth just so I could get my hands on it! That said, it costs a fortune!

- "Oh, no" thought Elder "I forgot we don't have any money!"

- That's a bit too expensi- What?

The whole marketplace turned silent and the shopkeeper disappeared. Another look and no one was there. Suddenly blackness started pouring from the city walls. The city had succumbed to the darkness. Elder quickly grabbed the powdered fog and with the knight, grabbed hold of some of the weapons. The two men sprinted towards the chapel. Nearing the chapel, they heard a voice from the chapel's tower.

- Who's down there!?

- Calm down! We're friendlies!

- Prove i- Is that a lantern?

- YES!

- Alright. Come in, quickly!

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(I'm going 3rd person because it sounds cooler)

Dragon looked outside the market to see the darkness. She had been looking at the animals, thinking some might have been of use. Panicking, her eyes darted around, and she got sight of something extremely important. A jar of fireflies. She picked up the fireflies and ran.
"Come on, armorplayer, come on, Aezullya! Grab something important and run!"

Dragon flew to the chapel.
"Hey! Who are you?!"
"All you need to know is that I have a jar of fireflies."
"Alright, you're not from the void. Come in."
Dragon soon saw Elder and the knight.
"Guys, guess what I got! Some backup fireflies, in case we're split up and I need light or if your lantern breaks!"
She saw Elder holding the dye and grinned.


Me: something important? What can be important in a situation like this? *thinks* AAAAH! *a random guy from the city, who heard me thinking out loud, gets close to me, and starts talking*

Guy: Something important you say, one thing that is important when fighting unknown enemies, my friend, is knowing whom you're fighting against, I, as an adventurer, learned it.

Me: Wh- what? Do you know anything important about those guys?

Adventurer: Yes, young traveller, I have seen some very weird, crazy, and some pretty powerful foes in my journeys!


Adventurer: Well, you already know those soldiers from that army well, at least you know they're weak to light, the Sunbird however, is an absolute nightmare, but he does have a weakness!


Adventurer: He, is made of the stars, he is made of Sun, as a result, all his power and strength rely on one, just ONE thing: heat. The higher his temperature, the stronger and deadlier he gets!

Me: but...

Adventurer: So, what you have to do is lower his temperature, you have to make him colder, right now, he's hotter than a blaze, hotter than fire, hotter than LAVA! Keep cooling him, eventually, he will become grey and slow and weak, as soon as that happens, he will be VERY weak, he will literally be a winged piece of stone, when that happens, you just have to break him apart.

*the Sunbird, flying high up in the sky dives right into the sand, just like it's water, leaving a trail of molten glass below the ground, then, he very quickly flies straight up again, melting a part of the walls of the city, which becomes a fluid similar to lava, but that doesn't hurt anyone, then, he screams like a very angry and powerful bird*

Aezullya: How can we cool that thing?

Adventurer: Well, the best and fastest way to do it is hitting him with... cold things, water would be good, but it's dangerous to go alone, so take this *he gives us a bucket with cold water, and a remote thermometer* When this number here says "200°C (392°F)" or lower, the bird will be super weak and kill-able, right now, it's at *measures his temperature. 5391°C (9736°F)* Good luck.

*the Sunbird sees Aezullya and I, with the cold water, he quickly understands we're going to try to kill him, so, he rushes towards both of us, very quickly, but then, a very long, strong and giant shock attack hits him, which makes him retreat and go close to the army again... he'll be back soon*

Me: well... *we run to the chapel...* let's make a strategy!

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The Sunbird attacks Armorplayer and Aezullya, but just before it struck them, the priest rang the bell of the chapel, as the shock wave pulsated across the city, it pushed back the Sunbird. The three get to the chapel, show them the robot and entered the chapel.

The inside of the chapel was cool and bright, or at least, will be bright after the impending darkness outside. The rope used to ring the bell got sliced off, the presence realized that it's a threat.
- A few minutes beforehand -
-"So, pastor" Elder said "You said something about a lighthouse?"

- "Yes, but it was abandoned after the sea dried out. If you plan on finding that door of yours, you'll need light!" Replied the pastor.

- So how do we get there?

- Well, the safest way would be through the sewers, but if you light the lighthouse, the soldiers will probably hide in the sewers.

- How can we get there?

- Well, all the manholes were closed shut. The only way in you could use would be the dungeon. We'd have gone along, but we only have torches.

- Wait, we?

A group of pastors all holding torches go out of hiding.

- Alright, you'll lead us to it once armorplayer and Aezu-

- "Pastor!" The guard said "Some new people have come here! They said they were Armorplayer and Azulya"

- Great! Let them in! Now, TO THE LIGHTHOUSE!

The group head on into the sewers...

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