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Here is the merged version of all of the stickied topics that have been made for these topics. It is quite a large list of things, but has just about everything in it that you need to know about the site and the Support & Suggestions forum. Please see the Table of Contents below for easier navigation.

Please review the rules before posting in this forum. Before you make a new topic, be sure to check the common site suggestions area to make sure it hasn't already been suggested, or your question answered. If you have general questions about the site, chances are they can be answered by the Help page.


1. Support and Suggestions Forum Rules
2. About Armor Games, and Helpful Information
3. FAQs
4. All About Spam!
5. Common Site Suggestions



1) No spam. Please make your thread relevant, and your replies to a topic related to the discussion. Posts must be more than 5-7 words long. Make sure your question or suggestion has not already been addressed before posting it. Your topic will be locked if it is a duplicate.
2) Questions. Questions are allow in this topic and anyone is free to answer them if you can.
3) Courtesy. Do not flame anyone for asking a question, even if it seems obvious to you. Be courteous to other members of the community.
4) Relevancy. Before you make a topic, please make sure it belongs in this forum. This forum is only for support and suggestions.

Also, before you make a new thread, please make sure to review the Common Site Suggestions and the Glitches thread, to make sure that it is an issue that we are not already aware of.

(Thanks to Asherlee for the original version of this section)

About Armor Games

Daniel McNeely
is the founder of Armor Games. Starting as Games of Gondor, it grew and with the help of beta testers, became the Armor Games we all know and love. This new site went live on January 8th 2008. Here you can play games, leave reviews, talk with people in the forums, make new friends, and much more.
Helpful Information

All the Links to All the Rules You'll Ever Need
General Site Rules
Forum and Commenting Rules
Game Comment Rules:
In addition to the above mentioned rules, game comments should have something important to say, and be at least a full sentence long. "Good game" or "this game ***" is considered spam, and will be deleted. Try to give the creator of the game some sort of critique that would be helpful in a sequel.
Administrators and Moderators
Administrators are the people that keep the website running, from the programming to the introduction of new games, to the general well-being of the community. Much of their work is done behind the scenes but they are always watching!
Moderators are the people that keep the community safe and relatively drama-free. Moderators are in charge of watching out for spam and inappropriate activities, as well as giving out merits and commending people on being great in the community! These are the people to contact if you are having an issue with another user, or have a general question or comment.
Links to all of the pages of the Admins and Mods are here!

Armor Points

Rating games (2 AP) - This is when you rate the game you have played from .5-10, depending on what you think it deserves. I want to stress again that you should have played the game for a while and really thought about your decision before rating it. This is a one-time rating you can give.

Comments (2 AP) - These are both Game Review comments and Profile comments. I would like to stress here that spamming in the Game Review section, or on other people's profiles, will not be tolerated. Please make sure any comment you make is important, and has some sort of relevant information in it ("hi" is spam.)

Forum Posts (1 AP) - These are comments that are put in the forum section! Please make sure you read the rules at the beginning of this section before posting in the forums, and make sure to use appropriate language (this site is 13+).

Games Submitted (20 AP) - Have a game that you made and wish to submit it? Go here and share it with the community! Make sure *you* made the game though! If you want to get a game here that is *not* yours, you need to contact the actual creator and bribe him/her to put it here.

Merits (25 AP) - These are the ultimate reward for writing great reviews! Make sure to read the Heightened Merit Standards to make sure that each post you make is a possibility for an additional 25 AP!

Why do I want to earn AP?
~To unlock cool Armatars (and possible other upcoming unlockables!)
~To gain Rank Badges! Each rank you go up, you get a new title here! Titles come at certain intervals:


Stickies are at the top of all of the forum sections, and give you information that EVERYONE is expected to know! Do not expect sympathy if you do not read stickies (though if you are reading this one, I would hope you read the rest!) It is your responsibility here to know the rules that are given in these, though, of course, you will be given a warning if you are venturing into error.
(Thanks to DragonMistress and GregWeeler for the original version of this section)


1. What is considered spam and how do I report it?
Posting for the sake of forum post count... your posts will be removed if we see you posting multiple 5-7 word posts just for points. Posting on your own profile multiple times is also spam. All comments and posts need to offer some insight or something constructive. To report spam, simply click on the red flag in the upper right corner of the post or inform a moderator. Examples of spam:
- "Hey r u on?"
- "Wuts up?"
- "Wow u've got lyk 1000 APS!"
- "Add me plz"

2. Why were the referrals removed?
They were abused by members creating fake e-mail addresses.

3. What is a merit?
Merits are earned by writing constructive, thoughtful comments in the Games section. We reward those who take the time to think out a good comment, as it contributes a lot to the website and sets a good example for others. The post does not have to be a book in length, but should be interesting enough to grab our attention. Proper grammar and spelling also helps. For each merit you receive, you will earn 25 AP and your post will stand out. Only moderators and administrators give out merits. You can help us choose who gets the merits by hitting the "up-vote" arrow next to comments on the game pages. Please see the sticky about merits in this section of the forum to help write a comment worth a merit.
To see more about our merit standards, please see this thread.

4. What are the rank guidelines?
As you earn points, you will rise through the Ranks. The ranks you achieve appear in your user profile, and will show your commitment and time to the Armor Games website! Each Rank has a different point value, and here are the current baseline rank levels (1/16/07):

Wood Serf: 10 AP
Silver Serf: 25 AP
Gold Serf: 100 AP

Wood Squire: 225 AP
Silver Squire: 400 AP
Gold Squire: 625 AP

Wood Knight: 1200 AP
Silver Knight: 1750 AP
Gold Knight: 2250 AP

Wood Lord/Lady: 3000 AP
Silver Lord/Lady: 3500 AP
Gold Lord/Lady: 4000 AP

Wood Duke/Duchess: 4500 AP
Silver Duke/Duchess: 5200 AP
Gold Duke/Duchess: 6000 AP

Wood Prince/Princess: 7250 AP
Silver Prince/Princess: 8500 AP
Gold Prince/Princess: 10000 AP

Wood King/Queen: 12000 AP
Silver King/Queen: 14500 AP
Gold King/Queen: 17500 AP

5.How do I submit a game?
We would love to host your games! Just make sure that you are uploading a game that you worked on. We will review your game and make sure it is acceptable for Armor Games. This process may take up to 3-4 business days. You can submit via the Submit form. Games can be of all shapes and sizes, and we would love to see what you are doing! If you want a game that you saw somewhere else on a different website contact the creator of that game and ask them to submit it to the site. You can also use the contact page to request a game to be added.

6. Why can't I see any of the games?
To run the games, you must have the Flash Player plugin. If you do not have this plugin, or a game is not appearing correctly, you should install the Flash Plugin, available here. If you Flash plugin is current and the games are still not working, make sure you do not have a firewall or spyware programming blocking the site. Also try using another browser such as Firefox, Safari, or IE. Resetting the cache on your browser has also known to work. If this doesn't help then make a topic to get further assistance.

7. How do I become a moderator and who are the current moderators?
If you would like to become a moderator, you first need to show that you are responsible on the site; show a good posting record and maturity and you may be granted these exclusive rights! We will usually hand pick moderators, but if you feel you have what it take, contact us on the Contact page... we are really, really picky though! It is best to not make a topic about becoming a moderator. Remember that with these exclusive rights comes responsibility. It isn't all fun and games. To view the list of staff for the site see the About.
To see more information on how to become a moderator, please see this thread.

8. How do I create a game?
See the Programming section of the forums and read the stickies: Here

9. How long does it take for my submitted game to be reviewed?
It generally takes a few days for the Administrators to review a game and give you the word if it will be added to the site. Just give them some time!

10. Where can I see site news?
The best place is to read the blog located: Here

11. How do I add a game to my favorites?
When on the game screen of your favorite game(s) there is a set of small icons in the upper right corner just below the ArmorGames site map. In that set of icons is a heart with a plus sign.

12. What are these weird messages/glitches I see on some of the AG pages?
This glitches usually appear at the top of the page and start with a "Warning: blah blah blah." Do not be alarmed. This happens from time to time. It could be due to a number of things (updating, fixing an issue, or server problems). The best thing to do is try refreshing your browser. If this doesn't work, close your browser and try again in a bit.

13. How do I post a picture?
[i m g]url of the picture[/i m g] Just delete the spaces. You can also use the BB Code buttons located just above the box where you enter text to post. Just remember to press the button again to close the code.

14. How do I use the BB Code buttons?
Press the desired button, enter the text, press the button again. For instance, if you are making bold text you should follow these instructions: Press the "bold" button and this will appear - [ b ]. Enter your text which will look like [ b ]hello. After the text is typed, press the /BOLD button again.

15. How do I change my armatar?
Located in your Control Panel there are a set of tabs. See the armatar one? VIOLA!

16. Where did all my points go?!?
You spammed.

17. I found a glitch, what do I do?
Check out the sticky about glitches and post it there.

18. I came to a page that reads: "Oops! We can't find the page!" What do I do?
It most likely means that profile was removed from the site or you have entered the wrong URL.

19. Why was my topic locked?
We lock topics that are duplicates of other topics or they do not encourage constructive posts. When you create a topic it needs to offer incentive to post more than a few words.

20. There is a game on another website I would like to play on AG, how can that be added?
Contact the creator of that game and ask him/her to add it to the site!

21. I've gained a lot of AP this month. Why am I not on the current leader board?
The easiest answer to this is the currently leader board is glitchy. Don't worry about it.

22. Can I have more than one account?
You are allowed to have more than one account on AG. You must NOT try to deceive by posting under a false identity. When you create a second or third account you mustn't hide who you are. However, if you have created an account after being banned you will be banned again for a longer period of time. This is a no-no.
Sources: Rules & Guidelines, John's FAQ/Help

(Thanks to Asherlee for putting this section together!)

What to Do if You See Spam and What Exactly is Spam Guide
The original spam thread by Kingryan can be found here.

1. Spam Topics

If you find a topic in the Forums that is either:

a) A Topic created just for people to spam in.
b) A topic that has turned into spam.

Please don't tell the person that the topic is spam. This just makes things worse and you end up with 10+ people spamming by telling the Original poster that it is spam.

If you are the first person to see this thread, then you can tell them that it is spam, and then flag the original comment.

However, if someone has already posted a comment like this, just flag the original comment and leave it at that. As I said before, don't tell them that the topic is spam because then you will just be spamming yourself.

Remember...Don't Post - Just Flag

Spam to Look For:
a) People continuously saying that the topic is spam.
b) A topic where the original poster has not explained properly what the topic is about.
c) If the topic is title something like Spam Here or Only Spammers Here (No Mods).
d) If the original message is SpamSpamSpam or something similar.

2. Spam in a Forum Topic

If you see that someone has spammed in a forum topic (such as The Guess the Picture Game or Destroy BOB) then just flag the comment. Don't tell them that it is spam, just flag it so that a mod can see it and delete it when they get the chance. That way no extra fuss is made.

Spam to Look For:
a) Comments like wtf?, idk or I don't know, ya mum, wow, kinda easy, etc...
b) Comments that don't have anything to do with the game such as I think it is a piece of cheese in Destroy BOB - You get the picture!

3. Spamming under Games
If you see someone who has spammed under a game by saying Good or 10/10 or bad, etc, then once again just flag the comment. Every comment that you flag is shown to the mods and then they can delete it or take further action when they are online.
Don't tell someone off on their page, as this can just make the situation worse.

Spam to Look For:
a) Things like Good or 10/10 or bad - Basically a comment that doesn't explain what a user likes or doesn't like about the game.
b) Copied Merit Comments - If you see these it may be best to alert a mod as well as flagging it.
c) Repeated comments - I once saw a comment repeated four times one after the other.
d) Comment that are reposted on different games. For example if someone wrote about how the game had good graphics and cool sounds (Approx 2-3 lines) and then they copied that and posted it on another game. This is a sneakier way of spamming that is harder to detect.

4. Spamming on Profiles
Once again, if you see people who have spammed on either their own or someone else's Profiles, then flag the comment and leave it at that. If it is a lot, then collect links for the pages where they have spammed and post them on their page with a detailed explanation.

Spam to Look For:
a) Comments such as hello, hi, you're cool, single letters such as A, B, C.
b) Comments that have been repeated on lots of different profiles.

5. What to do in a BIG Emergency
If you find something that is very Bad spamming or very explicit then flag the comment and alert a mod immediately. This includes things like Pornography, excessive swearing and bad racist or sexist comments.

6. What Not To Do
- Don't tell the spammer that they are spamming.
- Don't just tell a mod that someone is spamming; Give links and an explanation.
- Don't get into an argument with the spammer.
- Don't spam yourself!

There is a Group on ArmorGames called SHOPS. This stands for the Spammer and Hacker Organisation Prevention Society. It has a form that you can fill out to report Spammers. The Mods visit this page often so it is reasonably helpful. [I Myself am a SHOPS Member from WAY back when you had to be a member to report people. This idea was taken out a while back!] You can use this if you want to.

The Golden Rule

Don't retaliate, just FLAG the comment.

By flagging comment you are helping the mods out a lot. It makes dealing with spam very easy for them.

By KingRyan

Common Site Suggestions
For an ongoing list of site suggestions, please see this thread.

1. Post editing
2. Emoticons -- For example, would turn into an actually smiley face.
3. Less Stickies
4. Sports Forum
5. Newbie Forum
6. Signatures
7. AP for posts in your topic
8. Bulletin Board to post announcements
9. Community search
10. Funny forum
11. Forum Reputation system
12. Spelling/Grammar check
13. Polls
14. Thread Subscriptions
15. Hot Topics -- popular topics marked differently
16. Who is viewing what forum
17. Post preview
18. Forum Merits

1. Upgraded User Interface -- Change timezone, options for viewing forum, background colors, etc. please see this topic.
2. Number of games played
3. Notifications -- friend requests, merits, etc
4. Private Messaging
5. Member search
6. Ignore member
7. Full body armatars with customizable accessories
8. Add Xfire and skype
9. More amatars
10. Last login
11. Badges
12. Delete all comments and select all comments
13. Rearrange Friend's list
14. View all own posts
15. Ability to see if a profile is banned
16. Status -- I will be gone for XX days, I have stepped out for 10 minutes, I am busy playing Shift 2, etc
17. Censors in profile abouts
18. Count down til next rank

--Game related--
1. More options for viewing games -- view all games
2. Re-rate games
3. AP for playing games
4. Armor Games MMORPG
5. MMORPGs (out sourced)
6. Suggestion Games System
7. 5 minute games/Games on the the go
8. Game timer

1. Flash videos
2. ArmorFilms - animations
3. Remove the ads
4. Video Tutorials
5. Bring back Armor Chat
6. Delete inactive profiles after a given amount of time
7. Remove pop-ups
8. Rate game comments
9. More unlockable goodies
10. Official AG clubs
11. More contests and prizes!
12. More ways to gain AP
13. Full list of member ranking
14. Spambot
15. Armor Games Awards -- Most Improved Member, Nicest, etc

(Thanks to Asherlee and Klaushouse for this section)

Special thanks to Asherlee, DragonMistress, kingryan, Klaushouse, and GregWeeler for writing the sections.

Last updated by Carlie on July 22, 2008

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I am very pleased with this Carlie! Awesome guide for everyone!

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Yes I know this is awesome Arax isn't?I think its great Carlie good job!

139 posts

If you are the first person to see this thread, then you can tell them that it is spam, and then flag the original comment.

I guess I just don't understand that. What is the point of saying it it spam? A normal user doesn't have any grounds to forbid people from posting or the ability to lock the thread. What is gained by saying "this is spam"?

Back to the guide: Way to consolidate!
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Wow, a lot more organized!

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This is great Carlie!

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Glad you guys approve! And remember, I didn't write the majority of this, just consolidated the other topics and did some editing. So props to Asherlee, DragonMistress, kingryan, Klaushouse, and GregWeeler for the original sections

139 posts

Er--I understand you didn't write a lot of this, but you still posted it. So what is your stance on my question? What do you think of replying to a spam thread just to say "this is spam"?

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What do you think of replying to a spam thread just to say "this is spam"?

I consider that spam. Most moderators will delete those comments when they lock a thread because they are spam.
139 posts

Ok, I thought so. It just confused me because one section says that and another says "Don't tell the spammer that they are spamming."

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Lol it looks more fun to read in green....

Also what happened to the Glitches sticky?

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Also what happened to the Glitches sticky?

It is linked to in the Rules section.
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Oh the sad thing is I was going to update the glitches list.

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If you update it, I will put the new link in when this thread is next updated.

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Ok I don't think I would finish it, tell me when your updating it and I'll finish it up. Unless your going to update when Im done?

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I wasn't planning on updating it right away, so I will let you know when I plan on it.

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