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As we all may know, sonny is a game that practically beats sinjid except for a few faults.

Sonny needs more stat points. Only 1 stat point practically makes leveling up pointless if not for the abilities. Another problem is that Sonny has idiotic AI.
EX: I have 0 focus while my AI has 100, AI casts re-energize on himself
At the haunted beach if you go to the training area, I ended up fighting a samurai with 400 health on my first time there. Seem fair?
End of Sonny cons.
Sinjid IS the best game I have played. Everything has flaws though.
Sinjid is WAY too easy. It has a steady income source which allows you buy that "Z0MG S0 P0W3RFU11!!!!11!1ONE!!!" armor without leveling up, in most RPG's your supposed to be torn weather to buy the best you can now, or save for later. In sinjid, you dont...makes it too easy. The wards are another story. I was able to beat the game at...I believe level 18. I still found no use for the "advanced" ward. It did too much damage for my taste. The last problem is actually 2 things. Self sufficient healing was incredibly easy to achieve. With mana and health upgrades, you were able to heal yourself AND gain mana in a matter of turns.
Thats it for sinjid.

Now you decide, which is better?

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