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A traditional, house-hold favorite of my clan's forum games, the up, side, down, game. Here are the rules:

Rule #1:

^ = Answering someone's question

< = What you are currently doing now, or what you have done recently

V = Your very own question that the user below you will answer

Rule #2: Do NOT post "also" questions! This means that: e.g. You are
drinking a glass of tea, so you would ask the question,
"also drinking tea?" This is a giant no-no among my people.
Be creative!

Rule #3: This is not a truth-or-dare game! Do not post questions that
will make the user uncomfortable, such as sexual questions,
or those that the below user deems inappropriate. So don't
ask these questions please.

Rule #4: Of course, do not flame, spam, or abuse. Typical
rule in every thread.

Since I'm the starter, I cannot ask a question, so...

<: Posting this thread

V: Are you going to watch the new movie Twilight at 12:00 AM, or when
the crowd is smaller?

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^ I have been watching South Park and random movies recently.

< Watching youtube and on the forums.

v What is your favorite thing to do when you are sad?

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^ Video games

< Reporting a post to the mods.

v Found any new songs recently that you like?

@HahiHa I'm pretty sure the post 2 above is just an ad for an online casino, and not an actual forum post.

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^ Fun thing is, I've been spending most of my free time this year seeking to break from the prison of classical music and exploring the wonderful diversity of rock. From the Beatles to ACDC to Radiohead to Coldplay. And over my countless hours listening and trying varying bands and genres, I have figured out one thing.

I don't like rock. Well, most of it. I like its sound, but I'd leave the rest. So far the only genres I liked seem to be prog (When it's not trying to go too overboard) and post-rock, both of which are about breaking free of &quotopular" rock constraints. In the end, prog loves using romantic harmony and post-rock loves creating texture and atmosphere, and picks its chords for that purpose. Just like Debussy and his god-forsaken impressionists. AAAAAAAAAAAA!

I fear I'll never be free of this curse. My brain circuits are stuck!

*sigh* Specifically the first four albums of Muse and Mogwai - CODY. If anyone cares, go try Map of the Problematique ('cause I sure as... dirt won't recommend Micro Cuts) and "Mogwai Fear Satan". Mogwai in general have some... wonderful song names.

< Talking and helping people on forums while listening to CODY. I may or may not have been waiting for months to release all this info onto some poor, unsuspecting fool.

V How did you become interested in the work you currently do/ are studying/ wish to do?

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^ I don't know what I'm doing/wish to do right now

< Learning about the mongols

v Favorite thing you haven't done in a while?

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