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There are two really prominent faiths that are &quoticked on" by lots of people: Mormonism and Scientology. Many people believe that it's because these faiths present ridiculous arguments are ideals, but I would like to suggest an alternative.
With both of these faiths, people were able to watch the religion actually being created. We have enough evidence to show the motivations behind the creators and to understand why the religion itself advanced. All religion is really quite ridiculous when you look at it; is an evil space alien controlling the galaxy or Jesus appearing in America really that silly compared to a magical creature that doesn't have to follow physical laws but gets to physically interact with the universe?
Looking at these different religions at face value, they're all incredibly silly - we just have the ability to critically analyze recent faiths like Mormonism and Scientology. If people turned this critique inward, I think more people would realize how improbable and silly belief in a god is. Thoughts?

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