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I have seen many of people complaining about RAZE's 26th level. I still have yet to beat it myself, but I have gotten 1-3 kill left many of times. Below are hints that will help you if you can't get close to winning.

~Aim for the human, unless you see a robot with little health.
~Don't chase a robot with a Railgun.
~Try to get the 2x damage modifier at the top.
~Don't die because I notice that most of my team's deaths are from me.
~Keep the Railguns away from the enemy because they kill you in one shot.
~Keep your cursor near your player because you will get less lag.
~Pick up the health packs on the top corners in the elevators, even if you don't need them because the enemy will use them.
~Try to dodge grenades because these kill you in one shot 95% of the time.
~Try to combine the Grenade launcher or the Railgun with the 2x damage multiplayer.
~Try to back up teammates with low health if they are being shot at by an Uzi.
~Use your best weapon.
Note: You also need to have good aim to.

If you have, any other hints feel free to add them to the list. I will add more if I find some. Last, add feedback about hints for level 26.

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SURVIVE. Given the choice between finishing off an enemy and running, RUN. Shoot while running, but run away. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, if you see a Robot. RUN. It's just not worth it. Hang around the corners of the map (i.e the elevators) [*] If you see an enemy, immediately start bobbing and weaving. It'll often buy you enough time to run away, which is the whole point.

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