5 Color-Changing Games

Autumn is here for the Northern Hemisphere, so let’s put summer behind us and change change colors with the leaves this season with these five color-changing games. Test your reflexes and defeat colorful enemies or beat personal records.


5. Color Strike Down

Strike down enemies the same color as your comet. Earn shields and max combos to get further and score higher.



4. Marvin Spectrum

Test your reflexes and earn hats while running through the lab as Marvin Spectrum. Change your suit to match the gates. If the normal stages are too easy, test your mettle with Endless Mode and beat personal records.



3. Minute Hardcore

Cycle through colors in this vertical scrolling shooter. Rack up combos to level up and last longer. The longer you last, the more medals you earn and the higher your score. Compare your high score with friends and other users on the high score table.



2. Neon RiderNeon Rider World

Ride the lights with a color-changing bike. Collect bonuses and perform stunts for a better score. Not enough levels? Create your own levels to share in Neon Rider World.



1. Primary

Save the Hueman Race from the Void and restore color to the world. Jump, dodge, and use the powers of the primary colors to fight your way through Prizim Tower and stop the Void in this action platformer.



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