We calculated the games that had the most players this year. Who do you think is #1?
Hordes of monsters surging forward in single-file, with only you and your building powers to destroy them.
The second best part about Halloween (besides loads of candy) is getting spooked by your favorite scary games and movies.
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1,700 Old Games are BACK!
I'm back with another Flash Game update in the "I'm Not Dead Yet" world of Ruffle emulation. The team there has continued to make insane strides, and we're happy to bring back over 1,700 games!
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Warfare Legacy Collection
Relive Warfare 1917 and Warfare 1944 when we bring these beloved web classics from Con Artist Games to Steam, bundled together in the Warfare Legacy Collection.
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Hundreds of Old Games are BACK!
We're bringing back an additional 300+ games that haven't been playable since 2020. This includes favorites like Warfare 1917, Warfare 1944, Sonny, Sonny 2, Warlords 2, Gun Mayhem...
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The Last Stand: Aftermath is Coming to Console!
The next installment of this action-adventure series will release on Playstation and Xbox consoles later this year—and a collection of the original three games is available now on Steam.
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Solas 128 Now Available!
We are pleased to announce that the kaleidoscopic puzzle game SOLAS 128 is now available for purchase on both Nintendo Switch and PC. SOLAS 128 takes place within a neon clockwork mechanism that is under attack. A strange external force has taken over, leaving disarray in its wake. Players must carefully repair the machine by […]
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Solas 128 Flashes into View
We are pleased to announce that the kaleidoscopic puzzle game SOLAS 128 will launch on January 25th on both Nintendo Switch and PC! SOLAS 128 takes place within a neon clockwork mechanism that is under attack. A strange external force has taken over, leaving disarray in its wake. Players must carefully repair the machine by […]
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The Future of Flash on Armor Games
Flash’s end-of-life is fast approaching in January of 2021. Read about upcoming changes to the Armor Games website and our Flash titles.
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The Last Stand: Kickstarter
From Con Artist Games, creators of the wildly popular Last Stand series of games, comes an all-new premium title. The end of the world has come and gone, but humanity is still scraping out an existence. What would you do if you knew your days were numbered in the single digits? Would you give up, […]
Kickstarter, New Game, The Last Stand: Aftermath, The Last Stand: Kickstarter
Soda Dungeon 2 available today!
Armor Games Studios is excited to announce that Soda Dungeon 2 is now available on Android, iOS, and Steam! Developed by AN Productions and artist Pox Power, the sequel of Soda Dungeon features the qualities that existing fans love, and also new content that shakes up the world of soda-lovers and adventure-goers. Laid-back and with […]
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Coming Soon - The Last Stand: Aftermath
What would you do if you knew your days were numbered? I mean, really numbered, in the single digits. Would you give up? Or would you keep fighting, even if it seemed hopeless, on the chance that you could make a difference for those who came after you? Now available for wish-listing on Steam, The […]
ConArtistGames, The Last Stand, The Last Stand: Aftermath
ITTA, is Now Available!
Armor Games Studios is proud to announce that ITTA – the highly anticipated boss-rush, atmospheric journey is now available for PC and Nintendo Switch! Beautifully created by indie game developer Glass Revolver, this bullet-hell shooter sends you to a mysterious world filled with danger and secrets alike. Check out the trailer down below and get […]
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Top 5 New Games
With the days beginning to blur together, a few of our new titles may have slipped pass your radar during their time on the front page. We wanted to gather some of the crowd favorites and shed some light on some of the gems you may have missed. #5: Aspiring Artist 2 The second installment […]
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Top 10 Games of 2019
It’s that time again you fine folks, where we look back at the games we’ve released across the past year that you all enjoyed the most. We’ve collected the highest rated games released across 2019 and compiled them here for all to see. Note: This list reflects the current user ratings on the site at […]
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Epic Battle Fantasy 5
A passion project seven years in the making, kupo707 delivers the next installment in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. The Monster Catching, Anime fan-servicing, video-game referencing sequel finally makes its triumphant return to Armor Games. Check out the game here! If you are looking for more information about our next games please take a look […]
Lords of the Arena Starter Guide
Hello young Lords and Ladies! Have you embarked on your first mission to become ruler of The Arena? Are you looking to uncover the skills and techniques to up your game to the next level? Or are you just starting out and you’re looking for the best way to dive right in? We have gathered […]
LofA Starter Guide, Lords of the Arena
Top 10 Puzzle Games
Its been over a year since we last released our Top 10 Puzzle games for Armor Games, and we wanted to revisit the list to see what may have changed over the past year. Did last years favorites manage to hold their position against the test of time, or have a litany of new contenders […]
Top 10 Puzzle Games, Top Puzzle games of 2019
Top 10 Fantasy Games
Take a romp into high-fantasy with this slew of fantasy titles new and old. We’ve gathered five of the best received Fantasy Game titles in Armor Game’s history, as well as five of the highest rated titles in the past year. Come take a dive into fantasies new and old, all resting at the tips […]
Top 10 Fantasy Games
Top 5 Games of October
The month of haunting may be well behind us, but there’s nothing scary about the fun you’ll have with these top performing games from the month of October. Criteria here were simple, the highest rated games published or released on Armor Games during the month of October. Take a look at the best the spooky-season […]
Top 5 October Games, Top games of October
Sushi Cat is up for Adoption...?!
Earlier this month, we received a letter from our longtime pal Sushi Cat! And so the die was cast! We waited eagerly for the arrival of the soft and squishy new slew of sushi loving felines, and as we marked the days off our calendars, it appears were aligned for their arrival. Early today, October […]
Cat Day Sale!, Sushi Cat
Deep Sleep Trilogy on Steam!
Looking for something spooky? Craving a reason to turn down the lights, put on your headphones, and sit on the edge of your seat? Now available Steam, Deep Sleep Trilogy is an anthology of the original three standalone games in scriptwelder’s cult classic series, preserved on Steam. Learn more about Deep Sleep Trilogy and get […]
Deep Sleep Trilogy, Steam
Top 5 Zombie Games
Undead. The Living Dead? Necrotic Abominations? The pale lads with poor hygiene and exotic food taste! With the haunting season shambling towards us, what better way to get into the spirit than with these brain-seeking, freshly risen Zombie titles! #5: Zombidle As the song says, the good guys finish last. And in Zombidle by Berzerk […]
Undead, Zombie Games, Zombies
Top 5 RPG Games
Role Playing adventure games, where your imagination is a powerful tool working alongside the game itself. Suspend your disbelief and leave your imagination free to wander in these fantastical RPG adventures! Break free from this reality and let your imagination take the whee; which world do you want to visit first? #5: A SHARD OF […]
RPG, Top 5 RPG
Void Tyrant available on Android!
Since its release on iOS earlier this year, Quite Fresh Games Void Tyrant has been a hit, and now it’s finally landed on Android, complete with a beefy new update for users of both platforms to enjoy. Battle your way across the galaxy to go toe-to-toe with a seemingly unstoppable force, with over 500 cards […]
Top 5 Sci-Fi Games
Much like their narrative counterparts, the games of this genre often find themselves focusing on an imagined future of scientific or technological marvel. We’ve compiled some of our highest rated and top performing Sci-Fi titles here for you, to enjoy. Take a look when you get a moment! #5: HEART OF GALAXY: HORIZONS In this […]
Puzlogic Walk-through
Interested in Puzlogic but haven’t had time to take a crack at it? Take a look at Keith Ballards first impressions of the game, and his walk-through for the first 16 levels. You can find more of Keith’s work over on his Twitter. If you are looking for more information about our next games feel […]
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