25th Game, Coming Soon


I have been with Armor Games for quite a while, but never really stepped back to see where I have been through all these years. I just realized that Mr. Walters Grand Excursion was my 24th game, and that I am currently working on my 25th title for Armor Games.

I am really quite astonished, actually. I always viewed games as single-bodied works, but never my entire portfolio as a single collection. But recently I realized that I am out of college now, and I started Flash in my early years of high school. When you realize you’ve been toying with Flash for nearly 6 years, you realize how much work you have actually done.

I also realized how much money In-n-out has probably accumulated from my releases. I celebrate every release with a trip to In-n-out, a fast food restaurant that cooks up an amazing double cheeseburger with grilled onions on it. I would always grab one of those and a large Dr. Pepper. Tradition is strong, as I would immediately go after a game launches, even if that meant 10 in the morning (as it usually did, because I pulled all-nighters during college to finish titles). 17-18k calories later, I am still skinny somehow.

My next title is all about gameplay, and it is all about getting the player to actively manipulate the level design to continue on to the next level. More on that coming soon. But until then, I’ll keep my eye on the prize, and start to work towards an even greater library of work. – John