5 Bloody Zombie Games

Have a problem with zombies begging for brains? Time to dispatch them with a brutal rifle blast to the cranium. These hand-selected bloody zombie games are sure to get your pulse pounding as you play the hero trying to free the world from a plague of undead.  Here our four of our favorites, in no particular order…

#5 – Shotgun vs. Zombies

Speaking of zombies and guns, prepare for a world of them to crash down on you in Shotgun vs. Zombies.  It’s just you with your trusty shotgun against the ravaging (and slightly adorable) undead horde. Upgrade your shotgun both in power, speed and look – and why not add in some rockets and grenades for good measure?


#4 – Road of the Dead 2 / Road of the Dead

While you may be armed with a pistol or SMG, the real weapon here is your vehicle.  In the Road of the Dead series you are trying to run away (or through?) the zombie menace by dodging obstacles and corpses.  Your car will inevitably turns into a bloody mess as you ram it through walking dead.  There goes that brand new paint job.


#3 – Earn to Die 2012

So you can’t get enough of running over zombies eh? How about a physics-based title that allows you upgrade vehicles, including a giant yellow school bus. Earn to Die 2012‘s gameplay itself is simple and you’ll quickly find that blowing through undead flesh and obstacles is addicting fun that will keep you entertained for hours on end.


#2 – Zombotron 2 / Zombotron 2: Time Machine

Less brutal violence and more roleplaying, attempt to escape an undead-ridden planet.  That isn’t to say your escape won’t require zombie limbs to be severed and guts to be spilled, but you can count on some good puzzles and story-line in Zombotron 2. This full series is worth your time, we highly recommend!

Zombotron 2 screenshot

#1 – Decision 2 / Decision

There is no question FlyAnvil knows how to make a wicked action shooter, and the destruction and slaying in the Decision series proves this with gusto.  Conquer cities and their sinister undead hordes one metropolis at a time. Gather cash and upgrade your weapons and abilities to prepare for blasting zombies in mass quantities.


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