5 Seriously Spooky Games

The second best part about Halloween (after eating loads of candy) is getting frightened by your favorite scary games and movies.  Here are our top five spooky games, sure to make you jump from your seat.  See if you can make your way through all five, then post below and share your experiences and other favorite scary games! 

#5 – Urbex

A mighty good friend of yours invites you to a desolate abandoned factory, who are you to say no? Urbex is a Point & Click adventure that has you exploring an increasingly creepy complex, and it quickly becomes apparent that something very sinister and alien is happening here.  Will you make it out alive?


#4 – The Last Door – Chapter 1: The Letter

Apparently friends love sending you to spooky places, because this time it’s an sprawling abandoned estate.  Certainly, you know better.  Soon you start rooting through the closets for skeletons to try and figure out what’s happened here.  The Last Door is a point & click horror game steeped in murder (a murder of crows, that is).


#3 – Ghostscape / Ghostscape 2

Oh, how you just love checking out haunted houses.  Is there paranormal activity going on in this spooky old building? Find diary pages and reveal secrets behind an occult ceremony with red candles in hopes of escaping this place.  Ghostscape and Ghostscape 2 are both point & click adventures guaranteed to give you chills.


#2 – Orchestrated Death / Orchestrated Death 2

A slightly different type of game then the rest on the list, you play as Death unleashing fatalities on people in everyday life.  A morbid point & click puzzle game, you must figure out each element of the death before the ultimately gruesome finish is executed.  Orchestrated Death and Orchestrated Death 2 are truly evil titles.


#1 – Killer Escape / Killer Escape 2

A brutal game series that’s bound to make you jump a bit in your chair, these point & click escape games start you in a cold dark cell where a mysterious serial killer is holding you.  Can you escape with your life? Not for the faint of heart, Killer Escape and Killer Escape 2 both have blood and gore. You’ve been warned!

2013-08-08 18_02_38-Killer Escape 2_ The Surgery

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