A 'Sign' of things to come...

2007 was the best year yet for Armor Games, and 2008 is expected to be even bigger. With the growth of the casual game market, and the increased budgets for companies to advertise online; there should be no slowing down.

The new website is less than 1-month old and we already have over 20,000 registered users! A few months back we got an official office; and Me and John (Jmtb02) have been plugging away @ exciting new games, and brainstorming new ways to bring the most amount of entertainment to the web.

For Christmas this year, My older brother Tim got me an Office Sign made of our brand new Logo. The sign took 3-weeks to get done, but they finally came and installed it today. Below are pictures and links for everyone to see.


The new Sign (All Boxed Up)
New Sign All boxed up

Being installed on the wall
Wall Installation

Armor Games Office Sign

Complete Photo gallery (Click Here)

Make sure to check our Blog daily. We have some EXCITING stuff coming soon, and they will be posted here as soon as the News is made public. Until then, let your imaginations run wild!


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