And... Action!

I just got internet in my new flat, so I’m sorry if I hadn’t been in touch lately. John’s sent me an email to be a bit more active on the blog so I thought I’d drop a line or two. Anyway, just in case you were wondering why the Sonny 2 patches are taking so long to get done, I thought I’d just show you a little bit about the other half of my work.

Apart from making Flash games, I also like making films (even though I’m still learning, and am not very good at it yet). Just about to finish the second term of the first year of a film degree, and they teach us stuff like how to use the cameras, and how to write scripts and all that jazz. The script writing lessons are actually very useful, because I’ve had so many people complain to me about how awful the Sonny storyline and dialogue is, so maybe for the next RPG, I can make it a little bit more exciting 😀

Well I’ve got to run down to buy some eggs now, and Tesco is about to close, so I’ll just wrap it up here. Below you can watch a short film I just finished. We also submitted it to a contest. You can find it here. Would appreciate it if you drop us a vote! 😉

Anyway… Eggs, then back to work.