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Do you have enough Slaughtering of Robots in your diet?

How about Aliens? Badass Lizard Bikers? Zombies!? Ok, you’ve probably killed a fair few zombies recently if I know you guys, but Lizard Bikers? THAT’S EXTREME!
Also I hear there’s Ninja in there somewhere as well, but they move so fast I must have missed them, since I lack lightning reflexes. You may have better luck, however.

So why am I bringing up this supposed lack of action on your part? Well I’ve been hard at work the past couple of months on a game designed by a rather awesome individual, who goes by the name of Chandler.

Chandler had drawn up a design document for a rather amazing game. You can customise your character, buy weapon upgrades, compete in Dancing competitions with Master Ninja Grovers, blast through roadblocks on a motorcycle and explode a whole load of crazy stuff!

The game is known as JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE MIND. And here’s some screenshots of this upcoming blastathon.




The fantastic realisations of Chandlers sketches were by Michael Swain, the MASTERMIND behind the Blockhead series of cartoons and a game about conquering the world who’s name I can’t recall at the moment.

“But when can I expect to see it!?” I hear you cry…well hold on, you’ll have to wait, A WHOLE 5 MINUTES! ‘Cause this games going up right now! (6th of May 2009 for you future readers, with your fancy flying cars and world peace.)

So, I hope you enjoy and have fun!


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