Big Pixel Studios on the Rise!

Armor Games would like to take a moment to congratulate and thank Big Pixel Studios for all the amazing games that have been developed and played on Armor Games. You have done nothing but entertained our users!

Armor Games would also like to announce that Big Pixel Studios has just released a new game for the iPhone by the name of  Land-a Panda. This is a highly innovative puzzle game. With a unique gameplay mechanic, a wide variety of levels, and beautiful High Definition graphics, Land-a Panda is one App Store title you won’t want to miss!




This game currently has a rating of 4.5/5 stars in the app store. Click here to buy  Land-a Panda Today! Make sure to stop by their profile page on Armor Games and congratulate them!

Big Pixel Studios

For more information on Land-a Panda like walkthroughs, in depth description, etc click here.