Born to Edit

The game I’m working on at the moment is a game concept of Daniels, involving a Bull being catapulted around a china shop, smashing dishes/otherthings. Its going really quite well, today I’ll be working on the Level editor, and it just felt right. A while back I made a game for Newgrounds called Expgen, which allowed the player to make their ownplatform game levels. My lack of skill at the time shows through slightly, by the way I perform simple tasks with a sledgehammer, but I’m still quite proud that I managed such a complex level editor in such a stable, almost bug free way. It made me feel good. I’m getting the same feeling right now with this editor – as my first proper AS3 project, I know I’ll be making some major errors with the way things are done, but in the end I’ll have it working. For people to be able to expand on the original content of the games I release is an amazing feeling. Level editors just add so much to a game for me, I hope the players feel the same. It also means I can share level design duties with other people, to speed up the production process.

Fun times 😀

Also, I’m hoping to call the game CattlePult – as you may have noticed, I love cheesy game names 🙂