Call of Duty zombies inspired by The Last Stand.


Very cool post by a developer who worked on Call of Duty: World at War about the development of the Zombie Nazi defence minigame that’s unlocked once you finish the campaign. As it turns out, The Last Stand was one of the primary influences!

“A few hours after talking to the producer about doing the extra content, I was talking to one of our designers about tower defense games and the proposal to make one. He mentioned a game called “The Last Stand“, which is a flash game where you play as a survivor fighting off zombies…. So, I played a few rounds and had a huge epiphany. “Zombie Nazis!” I thought to myself. You could do a lot of the same stuff here, but make it more interactive and more intense in the first person.”

Read the whole post here – Nazi Zombies, Ray Guns and Magic Chests

It’s cool that casual games are influencing the mainstream “hardcore” games as I’ve always felt that we’ve been piggy backing off their side of the industry. Thanks to Victory over at Newgrounds for the heads up.